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Random TV Stuff

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. I cannot believe American Dad is quite possibly hitting its peak in season 11. What kind of longevity. The Simpsons hew?

    The texting while driving episode killed me. Iconic TV family.
  2. I've been thinking about the ongoing Apu from the Simpsons controversy, and I can't help but wonder where the difference is between how the Big Bang Theory treats its Indian characters. Raj's family are beyond caricature, and the jokes they make about Indian culture really are a lot cruder than anything done on the Simpsons. The obvious differentiator is that the Big Bang Theory portrays its Indian characters with Indian characters, so there is a tacit endorsement, but in terms of content... I don't really see why one is being savaged in the press and the other is not.
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  3. I'm seven episodes into season 5, oh my fucking god - the scream (of happiness) I let out when a certain character appeared in a blonde wig!

    I can't with Nick and Adalind though, it pisses me right off.
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  4. Pretty shocked to discover that the just-cancelled-and-almost-immediately-saved Brooklyn Nine Nine doesn't have, and apparently has never had, its own thread on here. What are you all doing with your lives?
  5. I can’t with Adalind in general to be fair
  6. I love her when she is full-hexenbiest. But the fact Nick is even thinking about getting with her is just wrong.
  7. BTG


    If anyone should find where to catch the train to the remake mini series of Picnic at Hanging Rock starring Natalie Dormer which has, apparently, been up on an Australian streaming service for 10 days now, slip it in my inbox x
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  8. Supernatural's thirteenth season finished a couple of days ago. I've stuck with it through so much but it's (way overdue) time they wrap it up. Next season please be the last!
  9. I used to have such a crush on Antoine de Caunes as a kid. The efforts I made to sneak into the living room after bedtime to watch Eurotrash, what a show.

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  10. I'm watching The Demon Headmaster on DVD at the minute, for tha nostalgia. God, even the end credits are making me feel all 1996.
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  11. He was the definition of terrifying when I was a kid.

    Just watched th finale of The Middle, it was lovely and heartwarming and reminded me what a great show it is!
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  12. BTG


    Well, I finally found this and I'm at the end of episode two. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.
  13. Anyone remember this? Starring a very young Naomie Harris and using Dana Dawson's Romantic World as its theme.

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  14. Did anyone watch Bride & Prejudice on Channel 4? The parents of the gay guy were... shocking. Refusing to believe he’s gay, taking the piss out of stereotypes of gay men that he doesn’t conform to, refusing to acknowledge their son to other people. Fuck.
  15. Finished Grimm. I enjoyed it as a whole series, but so many plot holes and so many awful creative decisions ruined what could've been one of the best shows (for me).
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  16. Just watched the first episode of Ackley Bridge on All4, and I am completely sucked in. It’s giving me first season of Waterloo Road teas (ie, the only good year), and it appears to have a great cast.
    I’m gonna have to binge watch now and catch up to where it’s airing.
  17. Oh my god the pilot episode of the $100,000 Pyramid is a fucking riot. Anthony Anderson is a mess.
  18. I remember Runaway Bay. Not many others do though!
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  20. NO! What is wrong with repeats, or animating in a similar style? When I have kids, they're going to watch the original Rugrats and Hey Arnold. I don't like the aesthetics of many of the modern style cartoons. For instance, I am a huge Scooby Doo fan and tolerated many of the incarnations, but the ones from this decennia are criminally ugly.
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