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Random TV Stuff

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. I was thinking of rewatching Hot In Cleveland, I keep seeing clips on facebook.
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  2. Veep was a brilliant show with a perfectly tragic finale.
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  4. Watching Kyle XY for the first time on the husbands request.. the acting is clunky as hell but she’s a cute pop girl
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  5. Holy shizzle, out of the blue I just remembered this and how I loved it to bits! Does anyone else remember it?

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  6. Do y'all know about PlutoTV?
    It's a free streaming TV service. It's honestly kind of nice if you like REALLY want to watch a show but there's nothing on normal TV.

    There's a lot of 24/7 Marathon channels... Star Trek, Hell's Kitchen, CSI, Unsolved Mysteries.
    Then there's a bunch of themed channels. News channels, sports channels, MTV music video channels (And my personal fave: MTV Dating and MTV Teen shows that show marathons of My Super Sweet 16 and whatnot). There's a few gameshow channels which I love to watch when I wake up in the morning.

    I dunno, I feel like no one talks about Pluto or knows about it.
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  7. My boyfriend watches the Drag Race channel constantly & I’ll use The Hills channel as background noise occasionally. I also use it for streaming movie more than anything because I find they have TOO many channels to scroll through.
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  8. Grand Designs New Zealand laughing at regular ‘Grand’ Designs

    “yeah we went over budget, it was about 3.5 - 4 million.. oh well lol”

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  9. I’m finally watching The Act
    (StarzPlay is £1.99 a month at the moment on Prime UK)
  10. Anyone else watched Adult Material on Channel 4?
    Hayley Squires is amazing.
  11. Yes - actually “everyone else give up because she’s already won the BAFTA” levels of amazing...
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  12. Giri/Haji: yay or nay? Not sure whether to bother.
  13. A nah from me, but my Mum really enjoyed it, and she has better taste in tv dramas than me.
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  14. I've finished Adult Material and it might be one of the best dramas I have seen in years.
    Please everyone watch it.
  15. Rewatching Flavor of Love - Charm School, and it's probably peak reality television
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  16. I mean, it's basically the peak of television as an entire medium. I need to do a rewatch stat.
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  17. I have become addicted to Taskmaster

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  18. I loved Adult Material and agree that Hayley Squires was amazing. I did laugh, however, at how many times they gave her an extended monologue about something harrowing to perform (always flawlessly of course):

    “when I was thirteen...”
    “Is your mother still alive...?”
    “I was flown out to LA...”

    I don’t blame them for showcasing her talents but no one else in it got any monologues!
  19. Adult Material was brilliant but I feel like they didn't tie up some of the loose ends such as (off the top of my head):

    • Amy giving Hayley's son her porn name
    • Hayley's Cirrhosis diagnosis
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  20. I feel Amy's karma came from her experiences we saw.

    Me and the housemate are giving Us a watch, from the BBC. I could watch Tom Hollander in anything, but we're both feeling ancient as it flashes back to the couple meeting... in the 90's.
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