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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. yes yes yes, such an amazing show, I’ll never not laugh when I think about Chester. Or any scene with Victoria... with a goitre.
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  2. I don't know if anyone's watched this new FX series 'A Teacher' but it's so....weird.
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  3. Not sure if there’s a thread for it but I’m loving Love Life with Anna Kendrick. It’s on HBO Max in America and BBC IPlayer here in the UK. It’s really quite great.
  4. Zoë Chao deserves the world and more.
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  5. I know that’s right!!!
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  6. I've only just watched Humans, after it was put on Netflix, and can't believe I missed out on this show for so long. It's incredible! Gemma Chan is a goddess.
  7. Anna Kendrick normally does my head in, so I was shocked at how much I loved this series. One of my favorite viewings this year.
  8. I thought she came across as obnoxious when she said she couldn't even remember she was in the Twilight saga.
  9. I feel the exact same way! I was never a fan of Anna Kendrick but this has properly impressed me and I think I might be in the process of stanning? I know it’s been commissioned for season two. I’m 3 episodes away from the end of season one and I don’t want it to be over!
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  10. I love Anna Kendrick, I think she’s fantastic. I haven’t watched Love Life yet but I’m quite excited for it. D81679E8-7F7A-48F5-AF03-B260D892524D.gif
  11. I really enjoyed Love Life, I watched as it aired in the US. My Mum has been watching it and she likes it too.
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  12. Watched it a while back. It's much better than most stories with a predictable romance - here you actually get a feel for the characters as they grow older and change, and a feeling they've really got something.
  13. I think what I’m loving a lot about Love Life is that no one character is painted as the perfect person. Each person is flawed and complex so it doesn’t feel like like the writers are telling us who we should side with in each episode.

    It’s the same thing I loved about I May Destory You. In reality no one person is perfect and we’re all fucked up in our own way based on context and circumstance and it makes me happy more characters in TV are being portrayed as such.

    It’s weird that I saw little to no press about Love Life and only stumbled on it on BBC IPlayer when I was watching the news during the election results last week. Fast forward a week and it’s easily become one of my favourite shows of 2020.
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  14. Lesley Manville's narration is like butter.
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  15. I just came onto this thread to see if anyone was talking about Adult Material as I finished watching it last night. I started it thinking it was a comedy (which it had billed as in one newspaper) and it definitely wasn't, obviously.

    Hayley Squires was just amazing. I don't think I've seen her in anything else before, but she gave her character so much depth and warmth.

    I agree about those two loose ends.

    I also thought the cirrhosis was forgotten. It seemed like an unnecessary detail as an extra awful thing to happen. I would also have liked to know if Aimee's family knew how she got the bruises she had in the final episode. The short exchange between Hayley and Aimee's dad was such a subtle answer to Hayley's earlier questioning about abuse.

    And that scene at the grimy hotel when Aimee finds the room full of men was chilling.
  16. Supernatural had it's penultimate episode last night and even taking into account the covid restrictions and delays, it was so bad. Such a shame as the previous episode was really strong.
  17. jtm


    Anyone else watching The Undoing? I shouldn‘t be as invested in it as I am because the story is not groundbreaking, but it‘s so moody and Nicole Kidman still looks so amazing. I can hardly wait for the next episode.
  18. So I finished Love Life today. Excellent. I’m happy they’ve renewed it for a second season but wonder how exactly they’ll approach it. I read that the final scene in the last episode was filmed on March 12th, literally one day before everything shut down because of Covid, so they really managed to finished the show by the skin of their teeth.

    That scene of Sara dancing to Hold Yuh while in the middle of spiralling out was so fucking powerful to me. I don’t know, it just proper hit a nerve. Perhaps because at uni I spent many a uni night high on drugs and drunk off my head dancing to that exact song trying to suppress my own problems.
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  19. My understanding is it’s acting sort of as an anthology show, so season 2 will be about an entirely different character who exists in the same world as Anna Kendrick’s.
  20. Well Supernatural has finished.

    After watching for 14 years it's all done. It's been mostly enjoyable and I have to admit I cried so hard to the final episode. Dean Winchester will always be one of my all time favourite TV characters.

    I hated Sam's son dddddd
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