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Random TV Stuff

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. And Melissa Joan Hart clearly said, "Get your shots of me fast because I'm here for half an hour and then I'm going home."
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  2. That was Leslie Bibb that I saw! I completely forgot about Popular and couldn’t figure out what the association was with what show. Ivan and David are quite obvious now that you pointed it out. I think I saw Beverley Mitchell from 7th Heaven pop up a couple of times as well. Then Vitamin C delivering pop excellence to top it off, it’s a moment. It’s own mini time capsule of The WB at the time and, dare I say, not only some of the best teen focused television at the time, but also some of the most iconic.

    Not to veer off, but I never watched Young Americans beyond the first episode when it was on. I really didn’t care for Ian Somerhalder then, and I still don’t, honestly. So I didn’t bother. I did have a roommate when I was in my early twenties that was a massive fan of Dawson’s Creek and she had me sit down and watch it, and Young Americans in exchange for a Buffy/Angel play through. I thought it was ok, but meh. I could live without it. She did a DIY label using Paint on Windows for the tape, and glued a printed picture from the WB website of the cast to the front of the VHS case.

    And until you mentioned the show, I forgot the magic of fitting eight hour-long episodes on one six-hour tape if you cut out the commercials. The lengths! I’d never want to do it again, but it was more than serviceable at the time.
  3. Unforgotten and Bloodlands are two UK crime dramas keeping me absolute fed at the moment.
    And with Line Of Duty back soon, I am full.
  4. Interior Design Masters is winding down (I'd be happy with either queen winning the whole thing), but coming back for a new season as well. Also READY for All That Glitters. Give me any show of this format, really. Except Pooch Perfect x
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  5. I've liked Interior Design Masters. Though I wish Alan was more sassy.

    I'm still not over this hotel room:
  6. I've enjoyed watching this so much during Lockdown. Alan and the cast have been an absolute joy to watch, however I will need queen Siobhan to snatch that crown.

    Some of the earlier rooms were a choice.
  7. Very happy in Line Of Duty's return tonight. It felt like a novel twist on the format, and of course Kelly MacDonald is an absolute youthful queen.
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  8. The repeated use of “CHIS” was very off putting.
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  9. Anybody seen Yellowstone?
    My Mother and Sister keep telling me to watch it, and they have great taste.
  10. I decided to rewatch Lost. I'm halfway through season 1, and I'm shocked at how well it holds up. It doesn't even have that dated 'network tv show from the 2000's' vibe/look about it. I really wish the ending hadn't messed up the legacy of it - because these characters are seriously amazing and the writing is so top notch.

    I do wonder if they'll ever do a reboot.
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  11. I really wish I could go back in time and watch it as it aired again.
    I stopped watching before the second to last season I think.
    There was some issues in the middle seasons where it was just a very hard show to keep up with because there'd be like one new episode, then an old one the next week, then another new one, then they'd advertise for a new one but play an old one.

    Plus I hesitate watching it now because ABC did a full blown AR Game with the series that really added to the fun.
    Like randomly during the commercial breaks, there would sometimes be a fullblown Oceanic Airlines commercial, and there'd be like websites to follow and codes to figure out to unlock like audio clips from... Some DHARMA guy or something. It felt like the show was almost real. It was so cool.
    Plus going on the fan boards at the time and see people figure out the AR secrets, or just connect the dots with the show (Even things like "oh, the TV in the background in this scene is playing a newscast about this other character getting arrested!")
    LOST was an event. And a deep mystery to uncover.
    But knowing the big bow at the end of the series is kind of... "eh." just really turns me off from ever watching it all the way through. Maybe someday.

    I'd love for them to do a reboot or something to that level of mystery but i'm not sure they'd ever be able to. Maybe like Netflix or something could do something similar though but eh, they'd probably cancel it early.
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  12. Not to quote your post again; all but the final season are now on Paramount Plus if you have it. I saw that they also added the complete series of Legends of the Hidden Temple (120 episodes), Nick Arcade, and Hey Dude; the first season of You Can’t Do That on Television; and ten randomly selected episodes from the first two seasons of Salute Your Shorts. Minus the cartoons, most of which have been available in full on DVD for some time now, I think this is the most content made available on any platform or format at one time from Nick’s pre-2000 live-action catalogue.
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  13. The last episode of Unforgotten...

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  14. The husband is getting me into Stargate SG-1 it’s very late 90’s but I’m enjoying season 1 so far.. I’m told it gets much better
  15. I wasn't expecting that!
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  16. I'm watching series 11 of Taskmaster.

    Jamali Jaddox's increasing disdain of Alex Horne is more entertaining than you think
  17. I started, but then went back and started a full rewatch of it all... just got up to S4 with Noel and Mel. I cry laughing sometimes (and so awkward with her having just left bake-off, and him about to take over).
  18. It really is. Also, as Jamali revealed on last week's episode of the official Taskmaster Podcast, he actually really hadn't seen the show before he appeared on it.
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  19. Like Doc Brown. Iconic.
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  20. Season 4 is favourite season, and the bath task is one of my favourite tasks ever. Lolly stealing the clingfilm out of Joe's hands and running away with it makes me laugh every time (I tweeted about it once and Lolly liked my tweet).
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