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Random TV Stuff

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. I'm watching The Magicians at the minute. It's cheesy as fuck, but I'm shocked at how decent it is and how adult a lot of the subject matter is. I was expecting a teen drama, but it's more mature?
  2. I've always wanted to watch this show, but I tried a few episodes and it really bothered me that the main character , the actor just looked so much older than his character was supposed to. And his long hair was not doing him any favors. It really just distracted me in every scene.
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  3. Haha this is so true!!! I do appreciate though that he's not the conventional lead male.
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  5. SBK


    Shitting shit on it!

    Awful news. I'm surprised how much it has bummed me out. I love Friday Night Dinner. Will have to rewatch.
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  6. Made In Italy is enjoyable fluff. Available outside Italy on... Prime, I think? So fond of Margherita Buy, even though her wig in this is criminal. But love a show with a BUDGET to make it look period (Milan in the seventies).
  7. I’m watching HBO/BBC’s ‘Industry’. It’s an interesting run, grads working in finance, or something, no idea what they’re selling.

    The White grads are horny horny, the Black grads are lashing out under actual workplace pressure. Everyone is far too comfortable engaging in sex acts on other people’s furniture.

    Though I do wonder if I would enjoy this more or less if I actually knew how their industry worked.

    There’s some surprising empathy underpinning it all. It’s not Wolf of Wall Street.
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  8. Oh yes I did enjoy it all, I believe it has a S2 coming eventually, and a thread if you want to see more opinions

    Also, the latest Line Of Duty is going from strength to strength. Kelly MacDonald, amazing
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  9. How does Line of Duty not have a thread though. Iconic.
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  10. I search for one everytime before I post. I mean how sapphic it is this year should be catnip to the cigs
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  12. Following up on my earlier post of watching Stargate SG-1 for the first time and.. I’m half way through season 3 and Daniel Jackson is making me... feel a lot of things
  13. The full WB 2000 upfront presentation is just Iconic 2000 show after iconic 2000 show. Truly the best Network of it’s time!

    ‘Charmed’ being the 2nd Highest rated WB show and outrating ‘Buffy’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Dawson’s Creek’ was always quite a shock to me.
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  14. Shit....I have binged every single one of those except "7th heaven" and "Jack and Jill" and "Grosse Pointe" and the Sunday "comedies" which didn't look particularly funny to non-US audiences.
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  15. Please fix it and watch Grosse Pointe immediately. One of the best ever TV comedies.
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  16. I don't understand how Irene Molloy hasn't worked more. She would be perfect in a Ryan Murphy show.
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  17. I have now watched a few episodes. Episode 2 I was cackling at the obvious spoofs of shots I'd seen in Dawson's Creek and Young Americans. Episode 5 where it's Halloween and they keep blaming Sarah Michelle Gellar for making Buffy a smash so they have to do a knock-off, and the line "They're not making Dawson's Creek go supernatural are they?"

    Lindsay Sloane is a great comic actress - I loved her on Sabrina and she's perfect in this.
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  18. Where are you finding episodes? I use Stremio but there are no current streams for Grosse Pointe on it.
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