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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Did anyone try Apple TV's Lisey's Story? I watched 20 minutes of the first episode and found it unbearable. The dialogue is terrible, the pacing is weird and the reviews are not favorable at all.
  2. I want to echo the Motherland love. It's literally perfect. I mean, how can an episode that takes place primarily on a stranded bus still be so hilarious, witty and perfectly paced? Genius. Amanda's dancing to the Dutch song "Drank en drugs" (!!! of all the songs in the world, iconique) in the series 3 finale will live rent free in my mind forever. Fingers crossed there will be a fourth series.
  3. Not to mention the way they beautifully handled the aspect of racism in it too without making a mockery of it or losing the pace.
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  4. Yes! It was beautifully and subtly done. Meg has been such a great addition to the cast. I feel like she almost acts as a kind of stand-in for us as the viewers, in that she calls out the other characters on their bullshit (or at the very least, ostentatiously rolls her eyes at it) whenever I would.
  5. So after 15 seasons of Stargate (finished Atlantis today) I’m completely hooked and can’t believe I missed it first time round and have only just gotten to it

    Starting Stargate Universe tomorrow, husband has told me to be cautiously excited
  6. I hate watched this because I was so curious about what the fuck was going on. I'm surprised at the violence and gore... but yeah, for such a stacked cast and story with tons of potential, this was baaad.
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  7. I just finished the finale and it’s definitely the worst show I’ve watched in 2021. It is STUNNING and the production value is incredible, but it is horribly, horribly written.
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  8. Has anyone else started Schmigadoon on AppleTV+ yet? The first two episodes are absolute delights! Hilarious, incredible cast and genuinely great songs.

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  9. I didn’t see a thread for it but I started the Rugrats reboot and I love it, it took a bit to get over the new voice actors and I think the minimal changes they have made to certain characters have been good. Deedee totally would be an Etsy queen with her little she-shed crafting room out back.
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  10. Julie Klausner wrote for it, so I'm in.
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  11. Is anyone else watching Physical on AppleTV? I love it so much! The soundtrack slaps so hard.
  12. On today's Homes Under The Hammer, a husband disappeared between them buying the house, and the few months later the cameras went back.
    It's left me utterly perplexed.
  13. Literally nothing about This Is My House should appeal to me, and yet it's my favourite thing at the moment.
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