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Random TV Stuff

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. The student nurse in This Is Going to Hurt is literally the type of straight girl I was friends with at Uni and early on in my corporate career. That sardonic type of humour where you bounce off another due to shared contempt for your peers and colleagues.
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  2. Yes, Shruti is my favourite character.
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  3. The way This Is Going To Hurt makes me laugh/cringe and tugs at my heartstrings in equal measure. I know this is a surprise to nobody, but it begs repeating: Ben Whishaw is a phenomenal actor.
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  4. Finished Hannibal and bloody loved it, but the first half of S3 changed tone way too much... thankfully the second returned it to it's best. Still gutted we got no kiss.

    Now watching The Exorcist series, Geena Davis is not that great in it thus far.
  5. Really happy The Bridge is back on Channel 4. A great cast of characters, and I love the idea of two teams competing.
    Let them fight
  6. Maybe I am biased because I also loved the book v. v. much, but I am currently obsessed with Everything I Know About Love. The way I cringe at everything « Street » says yet know - not that deep down - that I would have also fallen for his BS in a not so distant past …
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  7. I read the book a few months ago and adored, but had no clue a TV adaptation existed!
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  8. Has anyone seen Ellie and Natasia on iPlayer? It's a sketch show on iPlayer that reminds me of Smack The Pony!
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  9. It’s a little hit and miss for me, despite the short run times. Some of its very funny though, I especially enjoyed the Saturday Kitchen sketch where they just clapped for what felt like 5 minutes. On the other hand, the song parody at the end of the first episode was abysmal TV.
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  10. Song parodies are always the worst. I remember that being the case with Smack The Pony too.

    You're right, it is a bit hit and miss (and some sketches far too long - the pomodoro brothers are the worst!), but when it's good it's very good. I only have one episode left.
  11. It airs on the BBC and it's really, really good!
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  12. Finished this yesterday. I really enjoyed it but honestly, Birdie is the worst.
  13. I love how no one is talking about BBC’s Glow Up, not even in this random thread ddd.
    What a boring season and a weak cast. Massive step down from the previous seasons which weren’t great to begin with.
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  14. Just started The Newsreader on iPlayer. I love it already.
  15. Currently watching Witness Number 3 on channel 5! It’s so scary!!!
    The lead actress is pretty terrible though
  16. This goes for tv and film.
    Why is every characters phone NOT on the charger at night! Or when they wake up and check their phone, it's never plugged into the charger!
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  17. So Gladiators is apparently coming back on BBC next year. The 8 year old in me is screaming.

    But the 37 year old in me is thinking it'll never be as good as the original, so why bother?
  18. Started Paper Girls on Amazon -loving it so far. People basically say it’s an all-female stranger things which I’m fine with. I’m not familiar with the book but so far it’s great!

    Under The Banner of Heaven on Disney + here in the UK is a lot. Andrew Garfield is amazing as usual. It’s such a scary and sad fucking story. The people who watched the Keep Sweet doc on Netflix I’m sure will get a lot out of this.
  19. Enjoyed watching an episode of the Generation Game from 1993 on BBC Four this evening, hope they show more of them!
  20. I am in love with The Chase. Gameshows have been in the dark ages for 15 years, I swear to God. It's just so fun to watch and Sara seems like she'd be a hoot on a night out. When they actually win, oof, you don't get that palpable joy in many places anymore.
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