Random TV Stuff

Anyone catch the first Late Night Lycett on Friday?
The sort of absolutely hilarious, mad, and utterly chaotic live TV show of the kind I didn't think we'd ever see again.
The best moment...
The barge the guests used as a waiting room becoming unmoored and Katherin Ryan being stuck on it.
I'll be watching every week
Hnnnnnng ALBERT LIN IS SO FUCKING HOT. I am loving this Broken Sword shit, his Lost Cities on Disney+. We're going to find the Templar command center so we can have some privacy xx.
I just saw promo for The Eric Andre Show's sixth season and Natasha Lyonne is going to be on. Match made in heaven.

I can only stand it in small doses but I'm sure she'll be a natural.
From (yes it's called From) season 2 has been so slow but I gotta say episode 6 was very very strong. Hoping it stays like this until the end.
Just an early heads up, TV land. Your Popjustice host of 'Ultimate Rates' such as Ultimate Popstars 2019, Ultimate Albumjustice, and Ultimate Moviejustice will be back this fall to do a modified version of Ultimate TVJustice with a nomination round and then a Eurovision-styled ballot voting round based on the shows that get nominated most. In an effort to chart a Popjustice-voted who's who list of television programs.

Stay tuned.
Currently watching Don't Worry Darling and my disdain for him may be clouding this judgement, but I don't know who told Harry Styles he could act ddd

He's probably the worst part of the film
I really, really quite liked Don't Worry Darling. I kii'd a lot and enjoyed the way it felt very... focused? I can't describe it but it held my attention extremely well. Harry made my brain stretch to its limit of suspending disbelief a time or two heh.

I'm watching "The Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls" on Adult Swim right now. I will never not feel my heart swell just a bit during the "I Gotta Feeling" bits. Iconic American Daddery.
Just watching the first episode of The Sixth Commandment on iPlayer...

And I'm hooked
The first episode was excellent and very sad! I listened to an interview with the show creator last week and she had access to all of his diaries. Apparently she left a lot of detail out because it was too distresssing! Poor Peter.