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Ranking Roger has died

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Damn, we could have done with him doing 'Stand down Teresa' in these troubled times.

    RIP Roger. One of my earliest singles was said single.
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  2. I absolutely adore The (English/UK) Beat and General Public - 56 is so young to go!
    RIP Ranking Roger - he was such a lovely person as well - a true gentleman!
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  3. Love The Beat and General Public.
    Way too young, very sad for his family.
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  4. My fave "The Beat" songs - ten for a starters' playlist:

    1 I confess
    2 Save it for later
    3 Can't get used to losing you
    4 Drowning
    5 Mirror in the bathroom
    6 Best Friend
    7 Tears of a clown
    8 All out to get you
    9 Monkey Murders
    10 Stand down Margaret - Dub Version

    Bonus song is "Tenderness" by General Public!
  5. Now that is a list. Their music has aged so well.
  6. I was impressed by him on that (maybe not quite so) recent revamp of BBC's Pop Quiz, when he was a guest. And then last year one of his solo tracks from the Noughties was in a song contest (probably an PJ00s one, I guess) and I liked it so much I bought the download on QoBuz.

    56 is no age, and it sounds like he suffered a lot towards the end.
  7. It's 'too nice to talk to' you again @Eric Generic
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  8. Same here. I was wondering about our dear Eric!!
  9. Thanks guys, it's been an horrendous month, but hopefully some light may appear at the end of the tunnel.... #soon!
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