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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. My fucking skin just won't give me a break with these breakouts. Spots at nearly 25? Chile give me strengh'T.
  2. I know this pain. I had a mini breakout the other week, despite being on anti-acne meds. The lord is testing us.
  3. Let me light an Alejandro prayer candle, and burn my entire face with it.
  4. Any time I see the words "friend group" on here I begin zoning out. It doesn't have to be that difficult. Be friends with the people who mean something to you. Don't be friends with the people who don't actually mean anything to you. Kill trolls with kindness instead of encouraging bad behavior. And don't throw your drink at someone unless they insult your clothes.

    (This is why I can never go out for drinks with Syzygyz.)
  5. Sam


    Couldn't think of anything worse. I have literally no drama in my life.
  6. I used to hang out with a large group of lads. There was always so much drama because the group included everyone's ex-boyfriends (this notion is a mystery to me, they are called ex for a reason). It's so much easier now that I live the simple settled down life.
  7. I don't think getting a partner is the right solution.....

    I don't do big friend groups but I have a few friends who I have really strong connections with and they're all loosely linked to each other but it's not a GROUP of friends, ya'know ?

    Just invest in a few people that actually mean something to you and who are there for you etc. and an eventual partner will take his or hers place in the pantheon once they come along.
  8. If only it were that simple. If there's 7 of you who are all genuinely equally best friends with everyone else, and then there's two who don't like each other, of course problems will arise.
  9. People who ditch their friends once they get partnered up are the absolute worst kind of people.
  10. But that's what friends are for?
  11. I wasn't saying that once a partner comes along you should ditch the friends you have though. I actually said the opposite ?
  12. Where did the notion come from that you either have a friends group or a boyfriend? I have both and feel like it brings a healthy balance.
  13. I think one of the best things about dating someone new is tapping into a new social circle, and meeting new people. You just have to remember though that they're his friends first and foremost, and not to overstep your boundaries.
  14. It's nice to have mutual accquaintances that you can go for a drink with, or know some of the same people so you can ki, but having your boyfriend in the same social circle seems like a nightmare.
  15. I have a rather large friend group, but in that group there are several smaller ones.

    And the guy I'm seeing has only seen a handful of friends and I can live with that. Oceandrive's correct in that it feels right to have both in equal measures.
  16. SBK


    Just ignore him. Don't even waste energy creating drama about it with mutual friends. You'll only end up looking like the crazy if you're kicking off about not being invited to his party. If your friends are that great friends, they'll notice and decide fro themselves he's an arsehole.

    Focus on the friends that want to be with you, if others prefer to side with him. Don't make the situation worse by fighting over it. You'll only push them away further.
  17. My boyfriend always tries to mix me into outings with his friends and it does nothing for me. They're not the kind of people I'd be friends with and I don't derive much joy from meeting new people and jumping through the same hoops to build rapport - it sounds terrible, but I'm an introvert who's happy with the circle I have.
  18. RJF


    Are you twelve?
  19. Yes?
  20. I'm quite annoyed at Looking being cancelled.
    But not as annoyed as I was when Enlightened got cancelled.

    I obviously just need to stop getting behind HBO shows that have the lowest of the low ratings.
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