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My family is making a stupid fucking deal about Easter because some of my family is not orthodox and invited people to celebrate it next week, but the ones that are orthodox are so fucking offended that they literally refused to go, so now it's cancelled.

Like what a fucking joke. The people that aren't orthodox still go to the orthodox Easter every other year, but ask the opposite and it's such an attack on their religion. I'm fuming right now. They better believe that I will celebrate non-orthodox Easter (when the rest of the world gets a public holiday/long weekend!!) while they enjoy going to work the day after Easter.
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I have to go with my parents to my aunt's for Easter, if I don't I'll never hear the end of it. I'd rather not waste the gas, but at least I get free food and booze.
People actually still do stuff for Easter?
I was in M&S last week and they had this massive display of various bunny-emblazoned 'Happy Easter' cards. I didn't realise people sent cards for the occasion or actually wished people a happy Easter?! It's just basically just a bank holiday with added chocolate.
I remember easter being a thing when we were kids, but only because we had 2 weeks off school. Since growing up and working its really not been a thing.


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I'm not doing anything on Easter... And I'm not going to be with my parents either so that's sort of a plus.


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It's okay, I make do with Jamie Lee Curtis trying to not be slain by Michael Myers. It's more fun.

I'm pretending you're reenacting scenes from Halloween on Halloween alone in your home.

It's so fun though! I've been a slutty runner, a slutty boyscout, a slutty bunny, a slutty sailor, and a dalmatian in recent years.

Also that one year when I was kind of chubby I was Mario.
My boss is wanting to hire an apprentice and wants me to train them.

I spent 4 years at University learning this shit, racking up a £10k student loan in the process and he thinks I'll just pass it all on free of charge to a 16 year old. Just no.