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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Spot on. Right down to the boobs.
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  2. You should’ve had them clamped or towed, she’d be delighted then
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  3. This is going to sound... petty, but I'm sure many of us have experienced something similar. When are you broke as a damn joke, and people keep insisting on going out every weekend and drinking/dining/whatever, how do you get the point across that you're legitimately serious about not wanting to spend $10 on a mixed drink? That $10 is potential food. I've tried the direct, "Seriously I can't go out this weekend, I'm skint as." That doesn't really seem to work, and then I'm indirectly made to feel guilty when I can't/won't go out a week or three in a row.

    I'm also really uncomfortable with the idea of friends always floating for me. I've gone out a couple times where people have insisted I come and that they'll pay for me. Which is wonderful and lovely, and perhaps I have my own hangups about it, but it just doesn't feel right when they're dropping the cash on me.
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  4. I rang the police and the council and they both told me it was the others juristication (this has been going on for a while). I tried to convince my boyfriend to block it in with the massive plant pots in the square...he wasn’t as up for it as I was.
  5. What a joke! We get the same where I am. It’s meant to be 2 hour parking at most but most people park wherever the fuck they want, for however long they like.
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  6. I hate weed.

    I hate the smell of it, I hate the way people act when they're high and I hate the whole 'stoner' culture. I've tried it a few times and never got the appeal and while I don't mind other people smoking it in my presence, I just can't stand it when everything has to revolve around buying it from someone and smoking it.

    Last night was a good example. Me and my best friend (who I've argued with ALOT lately mostly because of how he acts when he's high and how I'm tired of our plans always being cancelled/re-arranged around him getting weed) were out together all day and had a really good day together. We were back on good terms after things had been frosty for a while, and we went for some food then I went with him so he could get a tattoo done - a four hour session- and then afterwards we agreed we would go and play some pool and have a drink to chill out. We arrive at the arcade and within minutes he starts talking to some other guys and I hear the dreaded words "do you guys smoke green?" and while I'm racking up the game for pool, I pretend not to hear them or care as they discuss plans to go outside for a joint but inside I was secretly seething. We have one game of pool with the other boys before they all grab their jackets and bags and my friend informs me that they're going out for a smoke, and obviously I have to come with them. We then leave the arcade and go to a car park and stand in the pissing rain for 30 minutes while they smoke a joint, and by the time they're finished smokign I have to leave and get my train home. My friend saw that I was pissed off cos I barely said a word and soon enough we started arguing and yelling in the street. He thinks I'm trying to tell him to stop smoking weed altogether and thinks I'm jealous that he's more social and outgoing than me (which he is) but he doesn't fucking understand that my only problem is having to cancel plans yet AGAIN so we could stand out in the cold and smoke a joint. He just can't say no. He doesn't have the awareness to just fucking say "no I'm not going to smoke now, I'm going to chill with my mate and then I'll smoke later". He's always smoking so it's not like he's really missing out.

    I've had to stop going round his house because he's made a new friend who is a complete arsehole. He shares alot of weed with my friend but he also takes him (and his brother, who is also a very close friend of mine) out for a drive alot. My two friends never really invite me round anymore because they know I don't smoke and they know that I'll just be awkward and antisocial around this other guy. It pisses me off. I have such a great, deep friendship with both of them and I help them with jobs, applying for college, debt advice, money (here and there), emotional advice, random favours etc and it seems like it doesn't matter because unless you can't provide or smoke weed with them then you're disposable.
  7. Me and two of my friends made plans around a month ago to go into Glasgow for Christmas shopping tomorrow. I messaged them to figure out when we're going to head in, now suddenly one of them dislocated her hip today (blatant lie cause she was in McDonalds 10 minutes after she was meant to have dislocated it) and the other thought we changed the day so is going out with family instead.

    If people don't want to go out, why can't they just say instead of making up bullshit?
  8. Last minute excuses annoy the fuck out of me. If you say you're going to do something, do it. Even the husband sometimes pulls a "I can't be bothered now" but I won't stand for it, if i dont want to go, I say at the start, not make some poor excuse last minute when it too late for others to make other plans. Really infuriates me!
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  9. This is relatively minor on the Rants And Annoyances scale, but, I really hate when the photo on a movie poster is out of sync with the names printed on it. I understand that there are negotiations over who gets top billing etc. But I just saw this movie poster:


    Why is Rene Russo in the middle of the photo but at the far right of the names?


    Why not just flip the photo around so that their names are aligned with their faces?

    Feel free to post after me about how annoyed you are by Rants & Annoyances posts that aren't really annoying.
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  10. I was thinking the exact same thing looking at this yesterday


    Some names are in order, some aren't, and then everyone is heavily photoshopped and wearing sunglasses, to make it even less clear who's who.
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  11. I doesn't matter when that movie saved my life. xx
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  12. Queen of Rap Awkwafina getting ha big break as an actress though @sexercise
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  13. Little flies you don't know are in the room until they buzz real fucking close to your ear.

    It's happening to me right now while trying to sleep, I want to die.
  14. People who don't send Christmas cards but claim they're giving the money to charity.

    I dont uphold with giving cards for the sake of it (say to colleagues at work) but it's good to reach out to friends who you might not see over the festive period and wish then a good Christmas. So to say I'm going to give the money to charity instead is missing the point entirely and I think is just laziness on their behalf. Just be honest and say you're not sending cards, don't try and make it a noble thing you're doing. Bet the money never gets to the charity either!
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  15. Surly mechanics who bombard you with names of car parts because they think you're stupid.
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  16. Not getting an Amazon order in time for Christmas, which I had ordered it well in advance, because even though the carrier has had it for over 2 days I think they figured it's best to just... hold on to it... instead of delivering it.
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  17. What about Burly ones
  18. Surly ones bombard. Burly ones cum hard.

    I’m sorry.
  19. I am so fucking tired of not having any financial stability. I'm finally making good money. I have a fantastic job. But it is ridiculous how much you can fuck yourself over before you are capable of knowing any better. I've made my peace with it, but the stress has shaved a few years off my life. Come through nothing going wrong between now and April so I can start saving money again.
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