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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.


    God, it's so annoying.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Someone is really out here trying to tell me that Jade Thirlwall, of all people, is homophobic for calling herself a fag hag.

    The same person unironically stans Kylie Jenner.
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  4. That person sounds like they're about 15.
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  5. People who press the button for the traffic lights over and over and over. It won't make them change any quicker you fucking idiot now STOP.
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  6. kal


    When you're waiting for the elevator and someone comes along in the same direction as you and they can see the correct button is pressed but they go and press the button for the other fucking direction. Makes me wanna slap them in the back of the neck.
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  7. That happened in a hotel the other week, however, the light had just gone out because the lift was arriving, so as they pressed the unlit button the lift arrived and they looked all smug, I wanted to punch them!
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  8. Tonight I discovered my local Red Robin closed & now the nearest one is at least 15-20 miles away. I am livid!
  9. It’s worse when there’s a crowd of people waiting to cross at traffic lights and none of them have pressed the button to actually stop traffic.
  10. Or people who tut and shake their head because no-one has pressed the button ... that’s because the light/traffic sequence means that the traffic has to stop and the walk signal runs automatically, not because I don’t know how a crossing works (also, I cross the road when I can, not when I’m told) …
  11. People who twist the little stick underneath the button thinking it speeds things up unaware of it's actual purpose.
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  12. I probably should have quoted the previous posts so that made sense, haha.

    On pedestrian crossings here we have little sticks beneath the button pedestrians press when they want to cross. It's purpose is to show blind / deaf people when to cross if the lights or sound isn't something they can rely on safely (it spins when when it's safe to cross) but people stand there twisting it thinking it'll speed up the lights.
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  13. I ate some cookie crumbs on my golden caramel coffee not knowing it ain't caramel, and my insides are in flames for 8 hours now. so angry I wanna burn my house down
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  14. Wow I have never seen little sticks on these before, will actually find one to fiddle when I go into town later!
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  15. Try uBlock Origin.

    From the original creators of AdBlock. Better, no whitelists, etc.

  16. I find it's such a turn off when guys on instagram "chat" to their "audience" in their stories. Especially one's who truly don't have that much of a following and talk about the most mundane things such as how messy their hair looks today.

    I find it kind of sad to be honest?
  17. ??
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  18. kal


    Lorde, how much I hate writing lengthy courseworks on practical subjects that should not require any of that at all...
  19. I am celiac. Forgot to add
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