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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. I’m so tired of being sad and missing online friends.
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  2. Working weekends and working shifts.

    I’ve done it for 7 1/2 years but it’s nearly 7am on a Saturday and I just can’t today
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  3. Two friends of mine have developed this really intense co-dependency, which manifests in unrelenting back and forths of "You're so amazing!", "No you're so amazing!" and a disconcerting level of bragging about their respective career perks in front of other people.
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  4. You know those days when you're off work that kinda float along nicely?

    Well, this one isn't the tea.
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  5. The ePassport Gates at Heathrow never seem to work with me. The police officer's solution was to cut off my beard. Not happening.
  6. Why am I screaming? I have a beard on my passport pic tho.
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  7. Me too! That’s what’s making me mad! I look exactly the same but it still doesn’t work.
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  8. This old family friend of my mom that I haven't seen in years popped in for a visit and all she said to me was something like... How fat have you got?! Do you just eat burgers!??! Your mom is probably struggling to find enough food for you!1

    I had to get up and leave the room or else I would've busted out reminding her that, in the decades we've known her, she's never weighted less than 200 kg. And that she spent weeks in a coma due to complications with a (useless, apparently) gastric balloon. And that while she was at it, her two sons were burning away her credit card buying designer clothes with the excuse of taking a break from the hospital.

    And go the fuck home, it's past ten.
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  9. Fucking screaming, It's never too late whatsapp the rude binch immediately.
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  10. dd nah, when she left I told my mom that I didn't go to people's houses to insult them and I didn't expect that here and she got angry with me. So I'm done with that.
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  11. I'm trapped in my parents' house for Easter and my PC isn't working so I can't even turn off my brain binge watching my TV series. It's a looong weekend.
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  12. This is kinda petty shit but pissed me off anyway.

    My ex who is a music nerd like me but stans mostly boring acts (for my taste) have this annoying habit of going to Rate Your Music and giving scores to every album he had listened to. Duting our relationship I tried to broaden his horizons with chatismatic/interesting/unique artists - he gave some of my recommendations a shot, usually claiming that the he liked the stuff I sent him straight away/will give it another listen because it has a potential to grow on him. Yesterday I was reminded of the fact he has a profile on Rate Your Music and out of curiosity I went to his page to check out whether I left any musical impact on him after our breakup. And what do I find out there? He rated some of the albums I was raving about surprisingly low. Like the works that are universally critically acclaimed/were groundbreaking for the artists who created them. So he's still a total bore in that respect. Fuck him and his lack of taste!

    I guess it's a double offender because I despise numerical scores in general when it comes rating music. I love reading thorough, analytical reviews that discuss the records in depth, but giving them stars or whatever always feels highly subjective imo
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  13. Cinema website literally won't let me choose anything other than the fucking Avengers. Just die already.
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  14. Your ex giving Saints & Sinners a deserved 5.5/10

  15. The relationship didn't last long enough for me to indocrinate him with my relentless love of this album despite all the criticism it receives x

    (also he favoured bland singer-songwriters over girl groups)
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  16. I hate commercial law, and it's the fourth fucking exam I have to do for it. I can't do this anymore.
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  17. kal


    Honestly, fuck my procrastinating lazy ass. I have to write a 12,000 word dissertation in 4 days.

    Cilmi now. xxx
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  18. Facebook telling me I’m on Facebook by having ‘Facebook’ in big blue text at the top of my Facebook page
  19. Someone sent us a CV entirely presented in Comic Sans.
  20. Well you don't even have to make the effort to read it then. It's a win for you but a loss for humanity.
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