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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Billie Eilish

    Literally turning the volume up to ridiculously loud to still not be able to hear a single word she’s mumbling
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  2. this post
  3. Most of what I post to be fair...
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  4. But seriously Billie is great. Why do you NEED to make out what she's saying so bad? When the bops are bops.
  5. Kind of this though.. I’ve gone from ‘urgh why is this so popular? to “.....duh!” In about a week
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  6. Annoyance : coworkers using “n**ga” casually
  7. My aunt sent me a post it note IN THE MAIL that they won’t be helping me with student loans anymore (only been out a year) when they just got back from Paris.
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  8. My flatmates keep ignoring hygiene.

    So I just sent an email to the woman who acts as our landlady explaining the situation and with like 16 before & after pictures of the place.

    [​IMG] indeed

    watch her ignore the email and just tell me it's a personal issue I should solve with them even though I explained in the email that any attempt at a conversation about it has been answered with indifference and/or laughter ñññ
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    I hiked into work like I was going deep sea fishing today.
  10. Did some copywriting for a well known train company for Pride and the angle was advising straight people on how they can enjoy pride respectfully.

    Today I get an email saying the client have decided to pass on the piece because they’re worried it will “OFFEND AND PUT OFF STRAIGHT PEOPLE FROM ATTENDING PRIDE EVENTS.” They also said that in their experience straight people have only ever been respectful towards the LGBTQ+.

    Jesus give me fucking strength.
  11. My life in the last 6 years.
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  12. A presentation during an interview? Okay but if you want me to feel very self conscious and on the verge of crying that’s up to you
  13. ADHD can be fun sometimes. Not today. I just want to see what it's like to have a "normal" brain at least once.
  14. One of my housemates, a stupid person who has managed to contract bed bugs THREE TIMES in the space of a month, is currently arguing with our landlord via the group chat over the bulb in the fridge not working. She claims her milk has gone warm as a result.

    God, I need to move out.
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  15. Just... mood. The never ending success of people like Chris will forever haunt me.
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  16. My name is not James and I cannot stand when people decide that my actual name is just a nickname for James.
  17. A colleague at work the other day decided to fully have a go at me because I asked them to work on a different part of the department in 3 weeks time (because the last time we changed it on the day due to a sick call, they moaned that they weren't told. So now I tell them in plenty of time and they say 'Why bother asking me')
    And the same colleague on the same day demanding they have time off that I was quite prepared to approve as holiday with 3 days notice if they'd of actually been patient and came to me without such an attitude (making me look a right idiot as they went straight to the HR manager, who didn't know any of the circumstances around it)

    Unfortunately I can hold a grudge sometimes, and this incident occurred on Thursday, and they've been lucky I've not seem them since, because even looking at the person made my blood boil the following day. I've only just got over their attitude.
  18. SO she answered and said that the state of the flat was not acceptable (duh).

    The head of facilities sent us three an email saying he needed to visit the flat, so I said Wednesday morning because I have it free.

    *cue to my flatmates cleaning like crazy last night to Roman Holiday while I do nothing because none of the mess is mine*

    I can’t wait for tomorrow for them to try and throw me under the bus and I tell them that I was four steps ahead of them all this time and that the school knows of the mess pre-cleaning, pictures and all.

  19. pdf


    You know that thing when you can't take/can't defend the criticism so you go after the criticiser instead? That's this board right now. It's so dispiriting.
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