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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. This is happening again at work tonight and I'm getting so pissed off but it's gone on for too long to correct now.
  2. A mess of your own making me if you’re letting it continue
  3. The school guys game but my flatmates weren't there, so they just went into every room and took pictures and looked horrified and disgusted.

    When they checked my room I had scented candles on and I was folding fresh laundry like the good housewife I am.

    Can't wait for the lashings.

  4. I’m so upset and annoyed. My husband went on holiday to visit his family in the States today and his tablet got stolen at the airport. It was supposed to be a treat and he only had it for a month. I feel devastated, especially because it’s a pay monthly contract so we have to keep paying for it even though it’s stolen. It might seem trivial but it’s not so much the money that’s the issue...we are pretty poor and we had been saving up for a LONG time. Was planning to buy travel insurance tomorrow as well, and now there’s no point. And I can’t even comfort my husband because he’s all the way on the other side of the world. Man. So upset.
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  5. When the vinyl inner sleeve won't fit back in the outer sleeve properly after you open it. Why?
  6. It always fits if you put it back inside like it was - with the opening looking up.
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  7. Update : Said coworker got fired for this. :)
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  8. Well done
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  9. we love a happy ending!
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  10. Went to view a house today, took time off work to fit in with their requirements. Agent turned up and had no key.

    You had one job.
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  11. One of my friends is very...sort of arrogant? Or insecure and looking for my approval non stop? Either way it's pissing me off and I'm starting to think she's just bragging about stuff to piss me off.

    I've had surgery so I'm out of work for a long time and I managed to get my friend into a job in a homeless shelter. I only just started working there and am frustrated and sad that I can't get back to work and I'm worried about being forgot about (it's a zero hour job). Anyway, my friend knows how depressed I am with this surgery and keeps sending me emails from the shelter with all her shifts and telling me how much money she's making and she's now just messaged me saying "I didn't think they wanted me back because I haven't heard from them in a few days but the agency just rang and said the shelter asked for me specifically, isn't that great?".

    Like, I'm happy for her because she's done alot for me and stuff but for fuck sake where's the self awareness? Is it necessary to show me your payslips, your personal emails from the staff praising you, your shifts etc? I'm sitting here with broken jaws on a liquid diet and haven't worked for a month, probably won't be back at work for another month and you're telling me all about the job that I'm desperately missing?

    EDIT - Also, her friend is a "psychic" (don't get me started) and she's asked him about me and apparently he's predicted I'm going to travel the world soon etc which doesn't sound like me at all as I have zero interest in travelling. I also had complications with my surgery and apparently because this "psychic" said that my surgery was going to be "a long recovery with many ups and downs" (specific), my friend is making this connection to my surgery complications and ANY TIME I mention my surgery or recovery she fucking keeps yapping on about her friend "WELL REMEMBER WHAT MY PSYCHIC FRIEND SAID, YOU'LL BE TRAVELLING THE WORLD SOON".

    Fucking shut up.
  12. She doesn’t sound like much of a friend.
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  13. She does sound insecure, especially since she's clearly avoiding allowing you any agency in your own recovery and complications, but also waving her seemingly positive news to you without fail.

    She's not your friend.
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  14. Yeah your mate sounds like a bell, ditch her. I've been friends with people like that over the years and they never change.
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  15. BTS stans mass reported my twitter to get it suspended, because I questioned whether BTS could sell out Wembley four months ago. What a bitter, petulant bunch of children.
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  16. Is BTS the best male group that Korea could inflict on the world anyway? Everything I've heard from them is awful.
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  17. aux


    They’re manic. I had a friend of mine write a lengthy post on reddit about how some BTS stans behave like a cult, down to individual steps and so forth. They took the post down because they started getting so many abusive messages. They had to put her Twitter on private, change her Facebook username... etc.

    I know someone else who used to be deep into the fandom, running an update account with nearly 300k followers, and they decided to leave everything because of how mental the hardcore stans are. Somehow, a BTS stan doxxed them for leaving the fandom and she got a bucketload of texts and calls.

    The fact that they’ve got Twitter accounts dedicated to putting people who slag off BTS on blast is next level craziness.
  18. Nope. Their fans literally spammed them everywhere to get them to where they are today because the demand for them to appear at award shows and perform became too big to ignore and not make money off it. From a k-pop fan, here's just a handful of much better male group songs from last year, in my opinion anyway.

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  19. I have so many of these...

    When people walk slowly in a group and take up the entire pavement

    When people in a group walk towards you at a crossing and you literally have nowhere to avoid them so you have to matrix it out of the way

    When people walk in front of you then immediately slow down/take a picture/change direction

    When kids have no sense of spatial awareness and just run full pelt into you without apologising

    I could go on.
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