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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. I feel personally attacked.
  2. So I posted adverts online to try and attract people who wanted to join me in setting up a new charity or non profit in Glasgow. I was hustling for weeks posting those adverts everywhere every single day and got responses from around 30 people which I was very surprised and pleased about. After carefully going between everyone and checking their availability, the majority agreed to finally meet up yesterday evening. I was expecting around 12 people and the rest were going to be updated afterwards. I paid for a room for one hour in the city centre, bought notepads and pens and snacks etc for everyone and sat and waited...

    Two people showed up.

    One of them was someone I already knew anyway and I expected her to come, meanwhile the other guy was a business management student and was very cold and calculated with his speech and seemed like he just wanted to make a profit and had no interest in the people or charity side of things. I checked my emails afterwards and literally saw a guy say they couldn't come because they "couldn't park there" (a city centre location next to multiple public transport links with an address you've known about for a week?) and someone else said they "already feed the homeless so don't need to do this xx" complete with patronising kisses. The rest of them didn't bother responding to my emails and now I'm back to square one.

    People are fucking trash and I've never felt so let down in my life.
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  3. I have this friend visiting and after four days I hate her.

    She sees a bin? She giggles.
    She sees me taking my cap off? She giggles.
    She sees a random sign in Spanish? She giggles.

  4. So my arm is in a sling atm because I had an operation and clearly people really don’t give a fuck, especially on the underground.

    Yesterday a man saw me slowly getting up from my seat, it takes me a bit longer because I’m only able to use one arm, and he literally pushes me out of the seat so he can sit down. I glare at and say what the fuck? And he replies “oh you were getting up anyway!”

    Then an old woman decided to push right into my arm that’s in a sling to get on the train before me, yet I was already on the train and had to get off temporarily to allow other people to get off easily. The entire journey she kept jabbing my arm until I turned around and shouted “what the fuck is your goddamn problem?!” To which she tutted and rolled her eyes.

    Two men barged into me when I was walking and one man literally walked into my arm because he was staring at his phone and wasn’t looking at where he was going. He didn’t even fucking say sorry either. I’m having to walk so slowly and cautiously because my stitches could very easily come undone at any minute and it’s making commuting very stressful.

    All because dickheads can’t seem to WAIT for someone who is clearly in a sling to manoeuvre around this fucking city called London.
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  5. Instagram and Twitter users basically bullied Ramz for his live performances and he posted a caption on Instagram saying "suicide" with a picture of a man hanging himself. Thankfully he's fine and being looked after however the same people who are expressing sympathy for him and telling everyone to "be kind to one another" are literally harassing Fredo with homophobic slurs and saying they'll never be able to listen to him again.

    Again, people are trash. He's just removed the comment function from his posts.
  6. Double post, yikes.

    I'm really uncomfortable with the idea of gatherings of people at graveyards to release balloons as a tribute to the recently passed. I realize that visually it's very nice and it can help bring some sense of comfort but it's terrible for nature and wildlife. Where do they think these balloons end up? They land in the oceans or they burst and animals choke on them. They've also been known to get caught in power cables and cause issues and to put it simply they're LITTERING.

    I dared say this to someone who is attending the gathering and got called insensitive. Sorry for looking out for the fucking planet.
  7. I mean, I get where you're coming from with the whole balloon thing because I agree but what did you expect when you approached grieving people and told them they shouldn't be doing what they're doing to cope with the loss of a loved one?
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  8. My boyfriend works in banking and has been put through the ringer with staff cuts and general poor support from upper management. He applied for a lateral position in bank support that would be perfect for him: auditing branches and maintaining policies, doing a lot of local traveling but with more consistent hours than he has right now. He’s been with the company for over 5 years now and has been in management at his current branch for nearly 3 without a blemish on his record.

    He interviewed for the position three weeks ago and found out this week from one of the women on the support team that another assistant manager at a different branch is ‘on the fence’ about it and the VP decided to go over to his branch and ‘talk him through it’. It just seems like such shitty practice to keep my guy up in the air for nearly a month and then roll out the red carpet for someone who is essentially his peer and who doesn’t even want to commit to the change. On top of that, he emailed the hiring manager two days ago and she said he would for sure have an answer yesterday, only to email him that they wouldn’t make a decision until next week at 3 PM yesterday. So basically a month has gone by since he interviewed and he was the front runner (these words from the woman he knows in bank support) but now they want to switch the rules for someone who isn’t even fully committed. I don’t know, I’ve gotten really heated about it and I’m trying to be supportive but I just feel like it’s a shitty thing to do to an employee. He manages one of the busiest branches with one of the smallest staff and his branch manager is over two branches so he’s almost never there. I’ve encouraged him to apply elsewhere if this doesn’t pan out but I don’t know girls, am I just naive to the corporate game? I’m at a local company now and I just can’t imagine the indecisiveness and kind of...underhanded way they’re handling this.
  9. I mean, the person who is going wasn't close to them and is only going because they got invited on Facebook (along with 100 others) and they want to show support which is understandable. I used to think it was a beautiful idea and loved seeing it happen before I found out how dangerous it was. I showed the person an article about it and said that I wished there were other ways of doing these celebrations and that I was uncomfortable that everyone was encouraging it and that's when I was called insensitive.

    It's such an awkward subject and I would never dare say anything to a member of the family but I feel some awareness needs to be made.
  10. Lily Allen, Rosalia, Katy Perry were/are in Sicily... And the Carters usually come every summer. IF ONLY they could stop coming only for their holidays and start making a damn tour from time to time I would really appreciate it.
  11. I keep being left on my own at work with no management or support to watch over a site where we have 200+ guests, and I don't mean I'm just here while someone has a break, I'm here for 7 hours on my own. I'm not trained for this and I haven't signed any kind of lone worker policy. Our security team are useless. It's just giving me anxiety.
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  12. My brother: *goes on a trip to the very same city where he spends the rest of the school year studying*
    My mom: At what time is your flight? Here's some money!

    Me: *is going on a trip for the first time in years*
    My mom: Why are you going anywhere? If you stayed home you wouldn't spend anything. You should be saving money. Always travelling. Always spending. Money doesn't grow on trees. SAVE. MONEY.

    I am so pissed off I think I'm gonna go stay at my sister's until my flight on Friday.
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  13. Those videos on Facebook of people you’ve never heard of singing slow versions of songs that are filmed in silly ways to make them look ‘artistic’... on stools facing but not looking at each other.. in a church but both facing forward and sitting on different rows etc
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  14. burn it
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  15. Everyone buying American-sized cars because they have one child and then struggling down roads built for British cars in the 1960s.

    Shitty Porsche I see most days that has a print across its windscreen that reads MOVE OVER in reverse (with an arrow showing you where to move!) so anyone in front of it on the motorway sees it in their rearview. Waiting for the day someone scrawls TWAT over the top of it.
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  16. My brother in law knowing since Tuesday he was moving house and only sending out a group text asking for help at 10 this morning...

    Also, despite knowing since Tuesday it looked like he woke up this morning and though “oh yeah, best start packing” like you don’t do little bits in the week
  17. Sound like me before I fucked off travelling for a year
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  18. I went to my usual salon to get my haircut on the weekend. I was met with a woman who I hadn’t seen before who clearly didn’t want to be there. When I politely asked if I could wait around until someone was free she huffed and puffed and said “fine, whatever take a seat.” Mind you, I got to the salon at 10 mins after they opened and they’re usually good with walk ins early in the day.

    So I sat down and waited, 15 mins later the same woman mumbles something to me. Apparently she was the one who was gonna cut my hair. I told her what I wanted and she tutted. Why? I don’t know. I wear glasses so I have to take them off when I get my hair cut so I wasn’t able to see what she was doing but she decided to shave my sides shorter than I asked and keep the top shaggy. Why? I DON’T KNOW.

    I spoke to another staff member and told them if they could kindly shorten the top to blend it as the woman herself didn’t believe she did anything wrong. The staff member said he was happy to, and I quote, BLEND IT PROPERLY AND SORT IT ALL OUT. He did what he could and my hair was cut shorter than I hoped.

    It came to pay and the fucking manager charged me double because according to him I used the services of TWO of his staff for my haircut. According to him what the woman did wasn’t bad and the haircut looked okay, I said yes, to you it looks okay. But to me who has to live with said haircut I wasn’t happy with it so your other staff member stepped in.

    Long story short, I was told I wasn’t allowed to leave until I paid double for a shit haircut. A different staff member literally stood in the door way to block me from leaving like I was going to make a run for it for fucks sake. So yeah, £40 for a £20 haircut that isn’t what I even asked for. The name of the salon is Splash in Soho if anyone was wondering!

    All this and I get to now celebrate my 30th birthday with a shit haircut!
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  19. Sue the fuckers
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