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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Prepare for young people to become even more annoying
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  2. Don’t do @munro like that
  3. This wasn't worth clicking Show Ignored Content x
  4. See, young people!
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  6. ILY2
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  7. The ability of alpha males to ruin any fun game by getting so ridiculously competitive that they literally push people - usually women - out of the way for their moment of glory and also cheat, then accuse the other team of cheating. Sucks the fun right out of it all.
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  8. I never know how to react when someone mocks a physical feature of yours in public. I have trouble distinguishing what action would be called for and what would be taken as overreacting. Besides the obvious precautions (I'd never get physical against a child or woman mocking me, obvs), it's tough. I try to employ a general stance of stoicism in daily life, but it's much more difficult to maintain it when it's people attacking your looks, for some reason.
  9. People wishing their work colleagues’ children happy birthday on Facebook. It’s just weird
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  10. I spent a lot of time defending a work colleague who was good at their job but a bit unreliable. Provided guidance for approaching management over a pay issue, references when he finally left for another job, and was generally a cheerleader for him, only to find out he was secretly over-billing one client for our time for 3 years to the tune of 423% in excess, to basically cover up the fact he did fuck all work.
  11. Having my work colleague phone in sick but I think she was lying because of a knowing look someone else gave me when I told them..

    Just feels crap because she’s my friend but then technically I’m in a management position so she couldn’t very well tell me the truth if she was
  12. Working as a support agent for Fortnite really makes you want to scorch the earth and scream at the people on the streets for no reason
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  13. Shit pedestrians. Couples who take up a whole shopping aisle. The GP mostly having no spacial awareness... my BIGGEST peeve.
  14. Fuck yes.

    When people ask me what I want most out of life it's for other people to get out of my fucking way.
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  15. kal


    My new motto.
  16. Kylie Minogue snapp't
  17. I HATE that the only thing I got from my father was "for every hair you lose on your head you'll get five more on your body"
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  18. @nikkysan going on and on about Slayyyter like there's nothing to her artistry except sounding like Britney.
  19. Me walking down Deansgate behind slow heterosexual couples taking up the entire pavement.

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  20. People who stand side by side on the escalator.

    People who stand still on travelators.
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