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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Email me or message me.
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  2. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    My (anxiety driven) feeling when I get an unexpected call is either a disaster has happened (family) or nuisance. Send it in writing and let the other person decide when and how they respond!
  3. Bullies as work.. even if they you calling you out correctly because you forgot to do something there’s still a way of doing it without being patronising and condescending

    I’m a 34 year old man, I shouldn’t be crying at work
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  4. ^ I don't think those kind of people ever change, they were probably the same in school. Unsurprisingly they also probably see nothing wrong with their behaviour!

    My rant isn't anything serious, on the walk to work I cut through Debenhams and they had some aftershave testers ready so I thought I'd spray some CK Obsessions on myself... it's fucking awful. I'm tempted to go to the bathroom and wash it off.
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  5. This sucks but they need you more than you need them.
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  6. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I’ve been read but not had a response - and have found out from my boss that she’s been trying to get in touch with loads of different people over the weekend/Monday/yesterday including her, and everyone who’s spoken to her has told her to stop worrying about work and to focus on getting better. Feeling less guilty now!
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  7. Okay, bit of a depressing one here.

    So my service provider's been Three for a few years now, and the contract's in my dad's name since I was a kid back when it was started. And I've been wanting to switch to O2 for a while, mainly so I can actually get a signal during the hours you have to wait for artists at O2 venues, but I also wanna keep my super convenient and easy-to-remember number.

    Buuut because the contract's in the name of someone who's legally a missing person, I can't cancel it or change it in any way. Apparently I have to get bloody lawyers involved if I want to get access to it, which I don't know how I'd even initiate. It's just so infuriating to me that something as mundane as changing my service provider has been made into such an ordeal for me specifically.
  8. I was at the IKEA Food Court after shopping for something for my room and I was seated by myself with another empty table to my right (it was connected). This couple came and sat next to my table and because some idiots couldn't be bothered to clean up their own mess, the boyfriend of this straight couple, who could've actually helped the workers there to clean up the stuff on the table that they were gonna sit on, walked over to the food court staff and told them to clean up that table instead.

    The staff who was of foreign descent (it matters to the context of the story that's why I'm bringing it up) was attempting to clean the table, and I saw the girlfriend making disgusted and 'he stinks' faces to her boyfriend and then eventually saying loudly 'ASK HIM TO GO AWAY' (she was saying this in her mother tongue obviously so that the foreign staff could not understand). The boyfriend, instead of telling her grow up and stop being fucking rude when this person is just doing his job, quickly made gestures to ask the staff to go away.

    HONEY WHEN I TELL YOU, I wanted to fucking cuss her out, BOTH OF THEM actually, for being motherfucking jackasses. But since I was alone, I called my bestie and then ranted to her about HOW RUDE AND ENTITLED SOME PEOPLE ARE IN THIS WORLD - loudly - just so they could actually hear it was about THEM. This is fucking IKEA FOOD COURT, for goodness sake, if you're that special - go to the Four Seasons, even then you shouldn't be treating other human beings this way.
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  9. You should have confronted them directly. People need to realise how shit they are and be publicly shamed for it.
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  10. Why have a nude twitter account if all the pics of you are cutting out your head. Do these fellas think we’re into decapitation porn?

    I miss tumblr porn.
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  11. I really dread this time of year because of fireworks. I don’t mind going to see an organised fireworks show but I hate how careless people are with setting them off literally every fucking day in their back garden for the sake of it. Seeing my cat all shaky and stressed is horrible.
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  12. We're in the middle of discussing sociocultural factors in a marketing lecture and the discussion of gender neutral and "the man who identifies as a piece of broccoli" broke out. Shocked that I'm the only one who interrupted to say what she was spouting was wrong. One of the class representatives just sat laughing.

    Maybe I can actually use the role of class rep that I had thrust upon me to try and change the Piers Morgan-esque attitudes I've seen this morning.
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  13. So now the new employers are saying I never provided with contact details for a character reference... which is bullshit because I have given them my boyfriend’s mothers details!

    I’m literally GAGGED at how incompetent these morons are.
  14. Ok but I’m not sure I would accept a boyfriends mother as a character reference. An old boss, teacher, landlord maybe. Im not sure someone’s who’s son has a vested interest in you earning coin counts hen.
    Can you think of anyone else?
    I once had a CV that said. “my mom said I’m good” and “Oh and I will not handle meat”
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  15. I assume it's sarcastic?
  16. On a job application?
    This ain’t your insta bio.
    CVs have certainly become more like social media bios in the last decade.
    Very odd and very unprofessional. I’ve been told on multiple occasions by younger employees that school work advisors actually encourage you to lie. Great start to a professional career.
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  17. Why do straight people walk so damn slowly and take up the entire space on the pavement?
  18. Poster I saw today in the lobby of my friend's flats advertising a kids' party which was quite specific detailing that girls were invited to come as 'LOL Dolls' while boys would be superheroes. It was behind perspex otherwise I'd have ripped it down.

    Silver lining might be that the last time they tried to throw one, it had 'cancelled due to lack of interest' scribbled over it a week later.
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  19. This unbelievably obnoxious and pretentious white woman made a massive fuss on the tube because this couple, a brown man and woman, were talking as they got on the tube that they didn't see that she was going to sit in one of the two seats they ended up occupying. She ended up sitting opposite them and berated them because they didn't see her coming. The couple looked at me like wtf if she talking about? And then she went on saying how she wished people would talk more on the tube instead of just ignoring people exisit. The woman in the couple was trying to reason with her and tell her she didn't mean anything by it and it was just an accident to which then the white woman screams "THIS ISN'T ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL" IT'S ABOUT ME AND HOW YOU MADE ME FEEL!!!"


    It was 7:41am. Like, was any of this necessary???? After that the couple just gave up trying to reason with her and ignored her.
  20. I wanna be a LOL Doll.
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