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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Customers that insist on trying to open all of the locked doors at work as we clean the store before we open up.

  2. God this is my biggest pet peeve. It’s always men as well who when they try to open a locked door don’t think “oh it’s locked. Okay I’ll wait” and instead pull harder and start trying to pull the door off it’s fucking hinges.

    The door to the pub I live above has been locked for ages now because they’re closed until June 21. Cut to whenever the pubs reopened last month and grown ass men were yanking at the door, banging on the windows shouting for the doors to be open. Not a nice experience at all.
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  3. Contacting the DVLA... the phone lines are automated and say 'use the webchat', the webchat is automated and just says 'we're busy now, try the phone'... I've been trying for 2 weeks now.
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  4. That person ahead of you at the checkout who forgot something or wants to swap it and the checkout operator summons someone to get get it, and the customer looks at you and goes "sorry" in a weird doesn't-mean-it voice and you have to sort of nod and smile but inside you're wishing a series of fatal injuries upon them for the extra four minutes you have to wait and trying to calculate how long it would take you to get to that aisle, grab the product and be back by now...
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  5. But we always move stuff (a regular customer complaint that irritates the fuck out of me, when we really don't as much as they say), so it would take you an age
  6. It’s raining, you have no umbrella. You decide to walk under the overhanging canopies of shops to avoid a bit of it but there are people already there who won’t move out of your way, forcing you back out into the downpour, and they have umbrellas up already. Die.
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  7. Forget Rihanna singing this bit
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  8. When your local radio station gets amalgamated into one of the bigger “fire wicked innit bruv mate sick” ‘hip and trendy’ stations (I’m 35)
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  9. Radio 2 is calling
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  10. It is literally the only thing I listen to at work.. I’m now judgy of anyone who isn’t listening plus I’m likely to still hear Kylie on the radio dd
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  11. I got an 'I hope you die!!!' comment yesterday on a film review I wrote in about 2011 from this odd man who has plagued my virtually-closed blog with bizarre rants about a really crappy straight-to-DVD film from years ago.

    Whilst blacklisting his IP, I noticed that two other accounts, who showed up and argued with him over it, are also at the same IP address, which is a tiny rural town in Washington with a population of 330 people.

    It looks like he created two other accounts to argue with himself about a film he thought was unfairly rated (by IMDb users, no less, so virtually nothing to do with me) and wished death on me over it.

    People are fucking crazy.
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  12. One of the 'other personalities' replied overnight asking why the 'first user' was being such a dickhead about it.

    I replied that seeing they're both coming from the same IP address, he goes into the next room and asks him.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Stop the world, I wanna get off! Anyone else just fucking fed up?
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  15. I want this on a T-shirt
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  16. Sunny day in UK = someone in the neighbouring area doing SOMETHING in their gardens, mowing, sawing etc, so that there is never a single peaceful day.

    Also, enduring other people's shit music.
  17. Ugh this. Also, straights driving around in their overly loud cars and blasting dreadful music.
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  18. And it’s always the old men who get their tops off first…
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  19. I've recently moved to a flat on a busy road so I have noticed a lot of this as I've been sitting in my living room with the windows open.

    That said, one car went past yesterday blasting this iconic piece of redactedtry:

    so I can't be entirely mad about it.
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  20. Exactly. Just ONCE I want someone to drive past blasting Taprobane!
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