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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. When I introduce my friends to dealers they're like
    But when they introduce me to dealers they're like
  2. I hate the term "porn star." The way people use it, it's just so dehumanizing, like it can account for somebody's whole existence. While people in more "respectable" careers have more space to be a multi-faceted human. While I do think the porn industry is very problematic and dark, I can't stand the way we treat pornographic actors and actresses.
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  3. Uno


    I knew braces would hurt my teeth, but no one warned me how painful the continual slashing the braces do to my inner lip & mouth. Every single time I eat I either bite my inner cheek or get a new cut from the braces cutting my bottom lip.

    RIP enjoying food for the next 3yrs.
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  4. Take Zinc and B12 supplements. This will reduce the chance of them turning into ulcers/canker sores.
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  5. Couples holding hands on narrow pavements.

    Actually, anybody walking in a group that doesn't naturally go single file so that everyone can enjoy a safe passage!
  6. My left headphone has decided it can’t be arsed naturally. Anyone suggest a good pair?
  7. Try being on nightshift for 8 weeks. Trying to sleep through all this plus a heatwave (when you can't leave your windows open cos of said noise). Surviving on 4 hours sleep a day max until August ain't fun.
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  8. Liberals who would go to battle for the gays, but still use the word "paki" and don't see any problem with it.
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  9. Not Beats or Bose.
  10. The annual English summertime commentary:

    2 weeks ago: "Yay! Summer is finally here!"
    1 week ago: "It's too hot. I can't sleep. Ugh."
    Yesterday: "It's raining. Well that was our summer!"
  11. old post I know but this has just reminded me of the time about 10 years ago when I was 19… minor drama with my friends that night (which turned out to be a misunderstanding that was nothing to do with me!) led to them signing me up to do karaoke (which I hate doing anyway but would do whilst drunk and socialising if I had to). Then as soon as I got up to sing they all left without me and went on to the next place, leaving me nervously singing to a pub full of strangers and wondering where everyone was.

    Good for you for being strong enough to move on from them. Looking back now that’s exactly what I should have done, although we have been able to keep some form of friendship going up until now.
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  12. A nightmare. No more excuses to dodge calls or emails.
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  13. I’m now into my second week of my 2 weeks annual leave and work have already made contact on 4 separate occasions telling me they’re short and asking if I can come in

    my phone spends most days on do not disturb and I almost just can’t wait to go back so they stop calling dd
  14. Fucking lawn mowers in general, any time of any day! Where is the need to be so loud?
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  15. Someone I'd consider a friend really threw me under the bus at work today. She sent an email to several people who'd had a call - without inviting me to it - and decided I was to blame for issues way above and beyond my paygrade and technical remit.

    I refused to take it so penned an eloquent rebuttal and now she's trying to be all apologetic (you know when people say "I'm sorry that you got upset" because they still think you're at fault and refuse to accept personal accountability) but only getting one word answers out of me.
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  16. Ice her out till she has hypothermia sis!
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  17. Uno


    Had 8 teeth pulled out on Wednesday and literally haven’t eaten anything but yogurt and mashed potatoes for 6 days. Someone kill me!
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  18. I hate being an adult. I'm sick of it.
  19. EIGHT TEETH!! Why!
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