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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Not so much an annoyance, but we got this weird letter hand delivered yesterday with 'Dear Neighbour' written on it. Worried it was some "we don't like your garden/dog/van/sexuality" thing (as we've only been here a year), but was a letter from a couple looking to buy a house on our street and would we consider leaving so they can live here instead?

    I get that finding the right place is important, but it was so crammed full of aren't-we-relatable heterosexual whiteness that it was almost offensively saying that they deserved to live on this road more than anyone who is already here so we should sell to them because they're obviously better than us.

    Into the trash it went.
  2. I know this is absolutely not the point but it's a bit of a misnomer to address it 'Dear neighbour' if they're actively asking you to leave so they can move in.
  3. That is so bizarre. Do they seriously think they'll be able to make anyone move out as a favour to them?
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  4. White audacity knows no bounds!

    And I'm saying this as an alabaster white.
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  5. Wow. That is outrageous. Who is the fuck is about to go through the difficult process of moving just so some randos can move in? The fuck?
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  6. It said they used to live here before, they might be renting nearby I guess also...

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Who knows!? There was blah about them having a chain-free cash buyer.

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  7. If this stunt actually worked I could actually imagine vomit-inducing headlines about the "perky couple who bucked the treacherous housing system by leveraging their unchecked white privilege asking nicely". Ugh.

    Maybe they've been playing too much Animal Crossing.
  8. Oh my god, the sheer caucasity!!! White people gonna white no matter what!
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  9. I'd have fully replied telling them to fuck off.
  10. Everyone in my neighbourhood and the people living close to my job have decided to renovate their houses. Everywhere I go I hear hammers and drills.
  11. And I couldn't help but wonder... when would it finally be my turn to get hammered and drilled?

  12. People who go to the cinema and talk throughout the film. It boils my blood. The concentration level is just insane. Why have you paid to be here and why are you so unaware that you're disturbing people?

    My partner rarely likes to go to the cinema as he hates people making noise when watching a movie. I'd already been twice since they reopened and reassured him that both times everyone was deadly silent and it was empty so it should be fine. Of course, we go to watch Black Widow and a couple sits RIGHT behind us and spend the whole movie chatting, making out loudly and rustling for food in a giant plastic bag that they'd brought with them.

    I got the impression that she had no idea what she was watching, as every few minutes she'd ask him what was happening or say that she was bored. I turned around about 30 mins in and shouted at her to shut up or get out. She stared at me, mouth on the floor, in complete shock that I'd dared to confront them.

  13. Me and a couple of friends still laugh about the time we got a group of people who wouldn't shut the fuck up, kicked out of Chamber Of Secrets
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  14. 8:30AM: I receive a message from the post office app saying my delivery is on the way to my house.
    3PM: the package still isn't here and I need to leave for work.
    3:15, when I arrive at work: "your package hasn't been delivered because the mail man hasn't been answered"

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  15. The absolute worst is when you wait at home for a delivery that's set to happen that day, the carrier never shows up, and later on you get a message saying it wasn't delivered because there wasn't anyone home to receive it

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  16. Forum member's I should probably block u'sing apostrophe's incorrectly.
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  17. Me and my friend have entire conversations about this on messenger I don’t know why I’m so judgy about it
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  18. *My friend and I
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  19. I once watched a courier delivery man drive up to my neighbour's house and leave a very large parcel on their driveway and drive off. Didn't even attempt to knock the door or anything. I took the box until I saw them arrive home.
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  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ugh it's maybe the tiniest thing but it's been really bothering me dd. Last week I was in London volunteering at a film festival and everyone's great and we're all having fun and I love it, but there was this one middle aged woman who was just a complete sour grapes all the way through. One particular moment she asked for some help to reserve seats in a particular screening, and I offered. She looked dead at me and said 'no, I don't trust you.' And I....didn't get it? I replied 'wow, thanks' and sometimes you can tell when people are joking and when they are serious, and she was really serious and it was just so, so rude. I was fuming so much because a) we'd never spoken before so she knew nothing about me, and b) I was trying to help her???!! Maybe I'm really sensitive but...........it's not that hard to not be a dick, right?
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