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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. That was the wildest story I’ve read in forever. He has fucked his career for sure now. Who would hire that liability?!
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  2. Dumb, arrogant and white, he'll probably be fine!!!! UGH!

    It's absurd, and if any paper let's him try and sell his "story", in the face of the tragedies occurring over there as I type....
  3. The picture of him casually posing with a gun truck like it’s a cute tourist attraction. Absolute trash.
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  4. What in the hell??
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Get uBlock Origin STAT.

  7. I ranted a lot about Spectrum 10K tonight, the UK's biggest study on autistic people, promoted across breakfast television with Paddy McGuinness being a martyr parent as usual, with Simon Baron Cohen, and on Facebook and Twitter, with actual autistic Chris Packham being an ambassador for them, that seems to be rooted in American-style autism research. Paddy, I'm sick of, Chris Packham, wasn't expecting to be so angry at tonight.

    I hate autism research with a passion, led by neurotypicals whom I rather I didn't know, like Daniel Geschwind, involved in this research with UCLA, and is mentioned on this tweet.

    If you look at tweets on the #ActuallyAutistic hashtag, or on Chris Packham's rubbish replies to other autistic people's concerns, 'I like science', 'I'm a conspiracy theorist', many feelings of autistic people will be made clearer to you, than from me. In fact, this tweet is perfect.

    Plus, parents taking from their children DNA samples, to potentially cause damage to autistic adults and find a cure, is not on. It's not a great night to forget taking my mirtazapine, until a half-hour before posting this tweet of mine here. I may repost this on the UK politics thread tomorrow, but I need sleep before I decide. Goodnight.
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  8. Theres this delivery guy who always leaves the stuff I order online at my sister's place, (which is on the same road, just a few houses away) and never at mine. NEVER! It's s driving me insane.
  9. I appreciate that there are still restrictions in place, but it's starting to feel that it's getting beyond a joke now.

    Three weeks I've been trying to get an appointment and it's always "the doctor will phone you", even when I explain that there's nowhere in my house or garden with a good signal - and the receptionist can hear it because she always says she can't hear me. So it's an endless loop of trying to get an appointment, getting a phone call, the phone call failing because of a very poor signal and repeat.

    If you know how bad this signal is and you know how persistent I'm being with the issue, why not just give me an in-person appointment and save us all the hassle of me phoning constantly?
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  10. Thought I was being so good and booked my pre-sale tickets for a concert in 2022.
    Checked my account, and guess who has double-booked themselves... (my previous booking has been cancelled twice due to the pandemic)
    I'm so annoyed at myself that I didn't even bother to think about checking before hand.
    (I'm trying to use the Ticketmaster Fan Guarantee but I fear that I will not be able to as it was a VIP ticket. Perhaps they will look at my buying history and see I've spent thousands with them over the years, so they will be kind to me!)
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  11. For the second day in a row, the post office claims my ABBA record was undeliverable as they couldn't access the delivery location. Which is bullshit because the delivery location is my porch, and they've delivered other packages yesterday and today.

    I finally put in a support ticket with Universal because a month later, they still haven't shipped my Wannabe 25 tape. I got a response saying "We aim to respond to requests within a few business days, but due to a higher than normal volume of inquiries our response may be delayed." Delayed past "a few business days"? That's fucking bullshit. (I realize this may be a staffing issue, but after a month of waiting I don't really give a fuck.)

    I got a fucking $200 parking ticket yesterday because I forgot to put my disabled parking permit on my mirror.

    My turntable went loopy (started playing everything too fast and didn't have any way to adjust the speed), and the one I got to replace it sounded like crap because you could hear the motor whirring whenever it was turning, so now I'm waiting for another one.

    My work is continuing to gaslight us all to get us to think everything's hunky-dory and we definitely aren't wildly understaffed.

    One of my work friends made another girl at our work cry and I feel really bad about it.

    I have to wake up early tomorrow and the next day for doctor's appointments. Tomorrow is at least one I'm looking forward to because I'm getting an annoying skin thing removed. Thursday is a pre-op for an exam under anesthesia with surgeons who I'm probably not even going to go through with because I like the other hospital/surgery team better, but I feel like I have to go through with the exam so I can have a second opinion. Also I've been waiting for it since literally January. Even in Boston, the healthcare capital of the country (which is literally part of why I moved here), healthcare is seriously borked, and for trans and disabled people? Doubly and triply.

    Basically I really am in an "I hate everything" frame of mind, and I think justifiably so! I finally broke down and cried for a little bit last night, but I barely even felt better. I'm really starting to think I should just stay at work for as long as possible every day, because gaslighting notwithstanding, I've been much happier there both of the past two days than I have been once I got home!
  12. Trying to drive somewhere but thwarted by huge long lines of cars desperate to fill up with gas*. I wonder how many hours of their Saturday people wrote off driving around looking for fuel.

    *I really detest the word 'petrol' for some unknown reason
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  13. My follow up email usually reads

    “Good morning, please find attached many thanks”
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  14. I often specifically use the word "attached" literally so that Gmail or Outlook will catch it when I try to send it without an attachment.
  15. I was seconds away from sending an email with a YouTube link to Gina G on TOTP earlier rather than some boring corporate site.
  16. You should have!
  17. I'm so fucking cold.

    Two days ago it was 75F. Today it's... 52. And Facilities hasn't turned the heat on yet, which is actually understandable because it's kind of a big undertaking for some reason.
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  18. Any comment along the lines of "xxx looks AMAZING" when it's a photoshoot where the person in question has been airbrushed so much it looks fuck all like the real person.
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  19. Teenage girls in cinemas. Like there’s literally whole adverts about shutting the eff up and not looking at your phone!
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