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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Meant to be going to a friend's leaving drinks tonight, I'm 99% sure I'm getting COVID even though I'm currently testing negative (my entire family have it and I'm losing my voice). So I messaged the friend I was going with telling her I'm staying home.

    Her reply: "I have a sore throat too but I'm still going, everyone's going to get it anyway haha".

    Hm, okay. This virus really has made me realise how selfish some people are.
  2. We can't isolate every time we have a sore throat though.

    I would never put others at risk but we can't say it's wrong to make the most of getting our normal lives back. If you test negative then that should give you peace of mind to continue to go on with your life.

    But similarly, if you are more risk averse that's ok to take a more conscious approach.

    What really gets to me is the finger pointing from each side saying the other is wrong.
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  3. I saw a guy on an electric scooter crash into an old man from behind on a pedestrian only street, then start hurling abuse at this entirely oblivious man who was just toddling along. People can be such assholes.
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  4. I started life modelling a few months back and have done it in-person once as an introductory, unpaid session. Tonight is my first paid session however the communication has been dreadful. Every query I email to the organiser has went unanswered and I hadn’t had any confirmation to say whether or not I was actually supposed to appear tonight. I tried DM’ing the organisation on insta, no response, so I DM’d the organiser directly, apologising for reaching out via her personal account and she sent me back this fucking cheeky message like “This is an absolute NO for me. ESPECIALLY ON A SUNDAY. Email me in future.”

    I’m livid. What a horrific way to speak to your clients. I messaged her back politely explaining that I had sent five separate queries to her via email in the last 3 months and she hadn’t responded to a single one of them, I explained that I understand she’s busy but that she also needs to understand that I am new to this so I will naturally have questions. She’s left it on read and as it goes I am doing it tonight after all but I really can’t be arsed now, the interaction has totally put me off her and her organisation but I need the extra money. Cost of living babes.

    What a fucking carry on.
  5. Sat on a work call listening to a colleague tell us about how wonderful and talented Ed Sheeran is.
  6. Ed definitely is talented. He chooses to be mediocre - that's what really gets to me.
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  7. How have I just heard every bit of *d Sh**ran’s show at Hampden clear as day? I live in THE BARRAS.
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  8. I hit a fucking deer coming back from my friends' last night during twilight. The stupid thing decided it just had to dart out in front of my car at that moment in time. Gawwwd. Thankfully it appeared to have made it almost past my car and I just struck it on the driver's side (left), and I just have some bumper damage. Deer was nowhere to be seen. I hate cars.
  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It ain't the car baby!

    Deer are...stupid.

    My dad was driving my stepmom's cars (each of them!) coming home from the town over TWICE and got hit TWICE by deer. It really ain't you or the car. It's how fucking stupid deer are.

    Even moving to NYC, I saw packs of deer just chilling as my friend drove the U-Haul from PA into the city. Deer should be glad we enjoy venison.
  10. Ahah I can feel the rage. Amazing. I'm honestly surprised this is my first collision with one, as I've clocked thousands of miles on the freeways of Idaho and Montana over the years. I've had a few close calls but uh... yeah, fucking stupid sums the poor critter up.
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  11. Sister went into Karen overdrive because a Jack Wills voucher I gave my niece two years ago has expired before she could spend it. Me not replacing it with cash is apparently 'so selfish'.

    I chose not to remind her that she forgot several of mine entirely and gave me a single bag of Malteasers for my 18th.
  12. I don’t exchange familial gifts period and this reminds me why!
  13. "If you're blonde, step to the front of the queue"

    Just say White, Hen
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  14. Creepy dudes compiling boybands in the 90s
  15. Why are 90% of University admin teams completely and utterly useless?
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  16. I know it's the way the world works, but I really hate the importance and priority given to those who are wealthy or famous.

    We all are born into this world the same way, we eat, drink, shit, piss and die the same way, why is anybody else treated in a superior way to another?
  17. Those stupid reels that I keep being served on Instagram of cute dogs with baby human voices over the top. Freaky!
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  18. “ExacTly”

    don’t ask me why it bothers me
  19. Whenever there's a tragic or strange accident/tragedy in the news that results in a death, these people who feel the need to comment in a way that suggests the person was stupid and they would never be so stupid.

    "Well of course this could have been easily avoided if they weren't swimming/walking/sitting there."

    I get the pull of Darwinian instincts, but damn it if these bores want to let their lives pass by without ever doing anything in case a one in ten million freak accident befalls them. Like they've never slipped getting out of the shower or some shit.
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  20. A friend and I agreed to go to a club night that was totally our thing, anyway as the weeks went by I get invited into a WhatsApp group for the night ,it turns out he’d invited a load of people I’d never heard of before, so I was already a bit on the fence whether I still wanted to go, anyway yesterday came and I woke up with the worst cramp in my leg I have ever had, I could barely walk for the rest of the day.
    I messaged my friend early in the day letting him know about my leg and that I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, but I’ll confirm later.

    Later comes, he asks what my decision is, I sent a reply saying I couldn’t come, and then it turns out the messages hadn’t sent due to no internet, I got an angry message from him, to which I replied apologising about the message not sending but confirming I couldn’t come. No reply from that, I woke up this morning to see her removed me from the WhatsApp group in the early hours of the morning.

    I’m just like, how petty? I’m actually really kind of done with him?
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