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Rants and annoyances

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by P'NutButter, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. It's not just a youth thing, either. When my parents visit, I often struggle to get their attention for more than a few seconds because they are so utterly fixated on their phones. Sometimes, friends and workmates will ignore me mid-conversation to switch to their phone. It's so rude! I just try to look past these things because they're clearly only going to get worse.
  2. I can't stress enough how little I care about your Spotify wrapepd
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  3. Me sharing my Spotify Wrapped on every social media platform I have
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  4. I try to make it a point to literally turn off my phone when dining out with friends or whatever. Eliminate the temptation.
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  6. Me: is quiet and just wanting to be on their own for some solace.
    Everyone around me: "WHY ARE YOU IN A BAD MOOD? CHEER UP"

    Like, sometimes I just want some peace and quiet and don't feel like chatting. I'm in a perfectly fine mood. Or I was until I got pestered for ages. Go away.

  7. I'm starting to feel a little hypoxic from my life situation. I miss life being divided into neat segments that ended predictably. I keep thinking something new is going to crop up but I can't seem to get out of this "room" of life, and I'm starting to think this might actually be the way I feel and the way the rest of my life is going to go from hereon out.

    Alexa play "Change Your Mind" by Sister Hazel and help me not fall back into old vices to cope.
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  8. I think I’ve seen theirs - Carlo is the hot Italo-hun, right?

    Something something serve me salami.
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  9. These days it feels like there’s less boundary pushing in pop.
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  10. I wish that when movies/TV shows feature scenes of animal cruelty they would come up with a warning beforehand, I really can't handle watching anything where animals get hurt even if it isn't real.

    (It's a bit of a kii that I can watch horror movie scenes where humans get murdered and just be like "oh okay" but if a dog so much as yelps I want to turn the movie off)
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  11. I wish I could super like a post. I’ve straight up walked out of a room/ screamed at my husband to turn it off when it happens (whilst similarly cackling when Becky gets what’s coming to her)

    animated also counts, if you saw the sandman you’ll know what I mean
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  12. Yeah, I just see it as such an unnecessary addition. I watched something last night that featured it in a flashback to show that a now murderer had serious issues as a child. But do we need to see it?!

    Another example is The Butterfly Effect, literally traumatised me and not one warning about it
  13. The Butterfly Effect fucked me up more than any other movie I've seen. I was 14. I took a very depressed shower after watching it on, like, Starz. Awful. Great movie, will never watch again.
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  14. All my childhood trauma (that isn’t gender related) is linked to animal cruelty so it’s the biggest trigger for me.
  15. Had to tell two teenagers to stop talking through a movie - I have crossed the line into the grumpy old man years.

    The look on their faces was priceless though, they honestly had zero idea how much they were pissing people off, especially when another couple shouted "Oh My God Yes!"
  16. I once stopped seeing a guy because he was a movie talker.* It kinda goes beyond interrupting my enjoyment of the film, and just becomes embarrassing because other people can hear you, man. Disrespectful.

    *OK, not the only reason. But that really made my mind up nn.
  17. Also huns your instagram and Snapchat stories can wait the 2 and a bit hours the film is on so NO LIGHTING UP SCREENS! please x
  18. Oh my God, literally every time I go to the movies there are people talking and using their phones (usually full brightness held up to their face level). My boyfriend thinks someone will attack me and doesn't want me to, but I always go up to them and tell them to stop. It's very distracting! I don't know if people forgot how to act after COVID or if it's a young people not knowing movie theater etiquette thing or what but it drives me insane.
  19. People getting fired for being dumbasses on the job and refusing to take accountability and instead blaming people like me who had nothing to do with the situation at all for snitching, GROW UP.
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  20. Adults complaining about teenagers at gigs, almost like years of moderate wine drinking, occasional cocaine use, and the slog of the nine to five has eroded their memories of the shite they used to get up to as Little Monsters
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