Rants & Annoyances

I have been awaiting a delivery that was scheduled for today, I was told it was in my town at 8am, yet still it hasn't been delivered?!
Pet Peeves under a different name ? ....okay.

I'm really annoyed by the fucking cold. Where is that damn summer.
The sun is shining but it's -14. Not cool.
I am a major clutz. I drove over a 2 inch curb stone and somehow managed to completely mangle up some of the under side of my car.

Now I'll have to deal with insurance companies and repair shops again which is my absolute nightmare.

Having a car is a blessing and a curse.
My major annoyance of today is teachers who are so disgustingly patronising that they have a pupil (me) in tears. Teachers always demand you be more mature - in behaviour and in decision making - yet when you try to be they throw it back in your face and talk down to you as if you can't make the best decision which I did as my decision was going to classes where nothing is due in or going to the music department to finish a project which is due tomorrow and is 60% of my overall grade. I made the latter and was berated for it.
Disappointed to see Logo throwing Zoe Saldana under the bus for the sake of click-bait.

The LGBT community can be a right bunch of arseholes at times.
My Mac is essentially senile and irrelevant. It is so slow - I want a new one. i bought a damn lotto ticket today...gimme the money.


I never really make any career or life plans because I fully expect to win the Euromillions at some point.

I ought to start playing it, really.