Rate Danes: 20 Years of Denmark's Best Music (according to me)

Oh Land – “Sun Of A Gun”

Average: 8.2083

Charts: DK #31
Popjustice History: 26th in @soratami Quirky Pop Rate: Sophomore Side B

Always love a cute little chorus that floats on effortlessly. Sounds like she would fit well in a Quirky Pop setlist.

She really deserved to have more songs in this rate.

Oh Land’s music never really had much impact on me, but it’s always enjoyable while it is on at least



Medina – “Velkommen til Medina”

Average: 8.2182

Charts: DK #1 (5 weeks)

I always liked this live performance:

Transitioned from sexy to kind of a mess.

One of my favourites by her.

Love it in both versions, and she is definitely someone who deserves a formal introduction through an absolute banger

Chaos Bop!


Alphabeat – “I Don’t Know What’s Cool Anymore”

Average: 8.2333

Thanks for reminding me that I’m officially middle-aged now, making this so relateable.

Shame the rest of the album is a dud...

Something at last to bring up the Alphabeat average

Nice but a little samey!


Infernal – “Downtown Boys”

Average: 8.2417
11: @WowWowWowWow

Charts: DK #2

The first 45 seconds of this song are a distillation of everything that I love about Infernal. The theatrics, the intensity, the drama of it all.

MuuMuse said it best: “Infernal just doesn’t know when to quit…Thank God.”

And yet...

Pretty clunky and unremarkable as a result. I know this will probably be #unpopularopinion.thread

There are better downtown/uptown songs

At least a 9 on all the Paw content ddd​
Svenstrup & Vendelboe feat. Nadia Malm – “Dybt vand”

Average: 8.2545

Charts: DK #1 (1 week)

Sexy woman singing over killer house beats? Okay, serve.

Wish it went more balls out like Medina/Infernal. But still bops

FL Boppiness!


Sukkerchok – “Det det”

Average: 8.2636

Charts: DK #5
Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2009: Top 4, but lost semi-final duel
Popjustice History: 24th in PJ00s 8

Almost a bit too cutesy for its own good and the repeated “det det” becomes annoying which obviously wasn’t the goal.

BOP! Can’t believe Denmark chose that walnut over this (well, Hera Björk). And Sukkerchok got me my best PJ00s result <3

Boppy Sugababes Version Quatro!


Infernal – “Can’t Go Back”

Average: 8.275

Charts: DK #29

The biggest new discovery for Infernal here. Just sets the needle to ‘slay’ on the word go and never lets up.

Possibly their weakest in this selection. It isn’t bad, but it doesn’t hit their greatest heights

Nice but not up there with their best!


Alphabeat – “Fascination”

Average: 8.2833

Charts: BE/VL #2; UK #6; NL #8; SE #38

Another soundtracky one that’s extremely fun.

I barely listen to this, but doing now for the rate really showcases how I underappreciated this.

I know this is a classic but it ain’t all that

When this song came out it just really annoyed me, and was super overplayed. I used to leave the dancefloor when it came on even ddd. While it’s aged ok, the ‘the word is on your lips bit’ still makes my skin crawl.

Mega bop!


Electric Lady Lab – “You & Me”

Average: 8.3167

Charts: DK #2

Their only misstep here. I like the Culture Beat sample of course; I just expected more would be done with it.

Turning that dance banger into a Robyn-esque sad banger is quite an achiever.

Way to ruin a great sample...

The first track of theirs I ever heard, and still the best.

Another iconic sample, with not quite enough done with it?​
'Dybt Vand' is my favourite Danish language song in the rate (10), and 'Det Det' is fourth favourite Danish (9.2).

'Can't Go Back' is my least favourite Infernal song in the rate, but got 8.5.

'Fascination' is so effervescent and makes me smile. Love the video (Troels the drummer looks so cute).

I see that the usage of the sample in 'You & Me' is quite divisive, but I think it's great. I really like the lyrics, and the vibe reminds me of 'Missing' by Everything But The Girl.
#30 (TIE)
Medina – “In And Out Of Love”

Average: 8.3333

Popjustice History: #5 in PJSC 100

Songs to Make You Wigless - The Soundtrack

Killer verses and prechorus are slightly let down by the chorus, but a retrun to form from her and I’m surprised I haven’t hammered this more

Nice stuff


#30 (TIE)
Sannie – “Boys On Girls”

Average: 8.3333

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018: Result unknown, but not among the top 3 finalists

Iconic live performance:

Call me, any/all male dancers!

A new subgenre: Orgybeat.

New to me, a bit more vibey/Annie than most Danish pop which goes more all-out. And it is better for it, especially with the cute whistle hook

Basic AF lyrics but what a hook it creates!


Sukkerchok – “Kæmper for kærlighed”

Average: 8.3364

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2010: Result unknown, but not among the top 4 finalists

Hey, a proper girl group moment...even has the drumlines to live their Little Mix lives!

If my translation skills are up to scratch: Cheryl Cole wishes. Again cruelly overlooked in MGP in favour of a song I absolutely despise (hopefully it does better here but can’t see it :( ).



Emmelie DeForest – “Only Teardrops”

Average: 8.3667

Charts: DK #1 (2 weeks); CH #3; SE #3; NL #4; DE #5; AT #7; ES #8; NO #9; BE/VL #11; UK #15; FI #17; BE/WA #26
Winner of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013
Winner of Eurovision 2013
Popjustice History: 22nd in Eurovision Song Contest Winners Rate (1956-2018); 40th place in Ultimate Eurovision Justice 2010-2019

Makes me think Danish Celine Dion or Delta Goodrem delivering an upbeat hook.

The worst Eurovision winner of the 10s. It feels like mash of several other Eurovision songs but without a clear own signature and all the elements feel very disjointed.

A deserved winner bringing the contest to Denmark!

I remember watching DMGP that year, and this stood out as a clear winner. I got a little bored of it as it became obvious it was going to win ESC easily, but it has held the test of time better than other winners and gave us the excellent ESC 2014 to boot

Empty sentimentality isn’t a plus for me, soz!​
#30 (TIE)
Sannie – “Boys On Girls”

Iconic live performance:

Call me, any/all male dancers!

I always love it when the main performer is seemingly committed to doing as little choreography as possible while just standing in the same place. I haven't seen something this constrained since Marie Serneholt in 2012

Girl, you are allowed to move more than 4 steps away from where you were before.
I would love to hear 'In And Out Of Love' in a club setting because it is such a Bop.

Sorry but I'm just not a fan of 'Boys On Girls,' and have been waiting for it to leave for a while.

I'm surprised that 'Kæmper for kærlighed' was the last Danish language song standing, but I do like it a lot.

The studio version of Only Teardrops was getting a 9, but after watching the Eurovision performance again, which is so great, I bumped it up to a 9.5 (the very handsome piper helps).
Another whole bunch of reactions...

- Yay for my score bringing down the Fascination average, but Junior Senior is seriously still in??
- Boo @ Electric Lady Lab You & Me. And it samples Snap! not Culture Beat @DJHazey
- Sukkerchok performed well, but I was hoping they'd make it a bit higher and get a bit more spotlight, one of the best girlbands of the 2010s.
- Also Emelie deserved a bit better from one of her 2 bops
- Salt and Pepper (Marie Serneholt) BOP! Best MF song of that year
- Is there anything DGMP left in?
- Y'all really doing Medina dirty with Velkommen specifically.
- Infernal finally losing some, and it was the right ones I think (sorry @WowWowWowWow !)
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And on we go!

MØ – “Final Song”

Average: 8.4333
11: @saviodxl

Charts: DK #4; NO #9; AT #11; AU #12; UK #14; DE #16; BE/WA #18; NL #19; NZ #20; CH #26; BE/VL #37; IT #38

I tend to recall other songs by her being far more enjoyable. I fear her name carries song like this further than they deserve to.

Pre-gaming for Beychella to MØ is a forever-memory. This is deservedly her defining moment, and I was sad that it was her final song.

Sounds really dated somehow but BOP!


Medina – “The One” / “Vi to”

Average: 8.45

Charts: “Vi to”: DK #2

When the chorus kicks in, I’m sent to Jupiter.

We’ll ignore the English version of this for our purposes, this is one of the rare occasions where the translation didn’t work. In Danish it’s a great ode to eating your favourite sashimi.

Better in FL


Electric Lady Lab – “Taking Off”

Average: 8.4667

Charts: DK #31

The kind of beat that saves lives.

ELL do Paulini. The lack of sample means it’s one of their more basic bops.

Nice stuff!


Infernal – “Whenever You Need Me”

Average: 8.4917

Charts: DK #8

Oh geez, I forgot how much I wore this out back in the day. A tune. This back-to-back with Fragma’s “Everytime You Need Me”? *chefs kiss*

Solid, but far from their best, most memorable from stealing the Cry for You hook

Paw is great!​
This page's eliminations are mostly a disaster!

I don't know why I thought it was Culture Beat instead of Snap! but I definitely didn't do a typo, it's what I thought for some reason.

In and Out of Love is losing one Medina's best songs, not the others we've lost.

It's funny that I forgot Oh Land was in the Quirky Pop Side B and just felt like it belonged in that rate. Just means its selection for that rate was merited.

Feel bad to have tanked @WowWowWowWow's 11.
All remaining 11 scores are safe in this cut!

Infernal – “Redefinition”

Average: 8.5

Presentation is key. This is presented as an anthem and pops off because of it. Pair this with a number of Alcazar disco flag-bearers and Kylie’s Your Disco Needs You and you’re injecting life into any setting.

A defining song. I assumed they would be an act that would have one life-changing song. Yet this song has to settle as not even the best of Infernal while at the same time it has destroyed many other careers.

Bold opening statement that is delivered to in a pure drama, meta BOP

Excellence! Giving Your Disco Needs You vibes too!


Alphabeat – “Hole In My Heart”

Average: 8.5167

Charts: UK #29

That “youuuu, you turn me me upside down” is hypnotizing; what a shame this isn’t on Spotify for me.

There’s a decent song hidden in here

Bop still!


Ditte Marie – “Overflow”

Average: 8.5292

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2012: Ranking unknown, but not among the top 3 finalists

Later covered by Man Meadow

In case you did not already know, Ditte Marie was the lead singer for Le Freak (“25 Hours A Day”)

For fucks sake, please tell me this swept the Grand Prix and made noise in the main contest. If Agnes competed in one of these at the time, I imagine it would be like this.

How come Denmark gets this for Eurovision and the UK gets....well, what we get.

Blatant Robyn rip off but still a bop

Missed the love for this in that MGP, but it has had staying power in ESC fan circles and I’ve come to appreciate it

Robyn is that you??​
Top 20 & Recap

Still in contention:

Alphabeat (3/10)
“Boyfriend” / Pete Hammond Remix
“The Spell”

Infernal (6/10)
“From Paris To Berlin”
“I Won’t Be Crying”
“Love Is All”
“Self Control”
“Ten Miles”

Medina (4/10)
“Forever” / “For altid”
“We Survive”
“You & I” / “Kun for mig”

Melodi Grand Prix (0/10)

Christopher (0/5)

Electric Lady Lab (2/5)
“Open Doors”

MØ (2/5)
“Live To Survive”
“New Moon”

Private (0/5)

Worldwide Hits (1/5)
Junior Senior – “Move Your Feet”

And All The Rest (2/35)
Christine Milton – “Superstar”
Kato feat. Electric Lady Lab – “Alive”

Extras (0/15)


We’ve said goodbye to:

21) Ditte Marie – “Overflow” 8.5292
22) Alphabeat – “Hole In My Heart” 8.5167
23) Infernal – “Redefinition” 8.5
24) Infernal – “Whenever You Need Me” 8.4917
25) Electric Lady Lab – “Taking Off” 8.4667
26) Medina – “The One” / “Vi to” 8.45
27) MØ – “Final Song” 8.4333
28) Emmelie DeForest – “Only Teardrops” 8.3667
29) Sukkerchok – “Kæmper for kærlighed" 8.3364
30) Medina – “In And Out Of Love” 8.3333
30) Sannie – “Boys On Girls” 8.3333
32) Electric Lady Lab – “You & Me” 8.3167
33) Alphabeat – “Fascination” 8.2833
34) Infernal – “Can’t Go Back” 8.275
35) Sukkerchok – “Det det” 8.2636
36) Svenstrup & Vendelboe feat. Nadia Malm – “Dybt vand” 8.2545
37) Infernal – “Downtown Boys” 8.2417
38) Alphabeat – “I Don’t Know What’s Cool Anymore” 8.2333
39) Medina – “Velkommen til Medina” 8.2182
40) Oh Land – “Sun Of A Gun” 8.2083
41) Ida Corr – “Let Me Think About It (Fedde Le Grand Remix)” / Original 8.1917
41) Medina – “Gutter” 8.1917
43) Emmelie DeForest – “Rainmaker” 8.1833
43) Private – “My Secret Lover (UK Radio Edit)” / Original 8.1833
43) Stine Hjelm – “Fallen” 8.1833
46) Rasmus Seebach – “Calling (Nighthawk)” / “Natteravn” 8.1667
47) Burhan G – “Jeg vil ha’ dig for mig selv” 8.1636
48) Medina – “Happening” / “Kl. 10” 8.1083
49) Aqua – “Back To The 80s” 8.0917
50) Fyr og Flamme – “Øve os på hinanden” 8.0818
51) The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – “Heart Attack” 8.0667
52) Medina – “Har du glemt” 8.0545
53) Aqua – “How R U Doin?” 8.05
54) Kate Hall – “I’m Not Alone” 8.0167
55) Medina – “Lonely” / “Ensom” 8
56) Sisse Marie – “Kill For Your Love” 7.975
57) Alphabeat – “10,000 Nights” 7.9583
57) Electric Lady Lab – “It’s Over Now” 7.9583
59) Le Freak – “25 Hours A Day” 7.9542
60) Medina – “Synd for dig” 7.9273
61) Medina – “Junkie” (feat. Svenstrup & Vendelboe) 7.8875
62) Quadron – “Hey Love” 7.8667
63) Rasmus Seebach – “Så længe vi danser” 7.8636
64) Whigfield – “As I Go” 7.8083
65) Fallulah – “Out Of It” 7.7667
66) A. Hampenberg & M. Breum feat. Stine Bramsen – “I Want You To Want Me Back” 7.7125
67) Aqua – “Playmate To Jesus” 7.7
68) Trine Jepsen – “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” 7.6667
69) Private – “We Got Some Breaking Up To Do” 7.65
70) Enur feat. Natasja – “Calabria 2007” 7.625
71) Rasmus Seebach – “I mine øjne" 7.6182
72) MØ – “Kamikaze” 7.6125
73) Hampenberg feat. Jesper Nohrstedt – “Glorious” 7.5792
74) Private – “Let’s Make Love (Underneath The Apple Tree)” 7.5583
75) Carpark North – “Burn It” 7.5417
76) Christopher – “Told You So” 7.5083
77) Me & My – “Two Are Stronger Than One” 7.5
78) Martin Jensen – “Solo Dance” 7.4917
79) Thomas Holm – “Selvmord På Dansegulvet” 7.4455
80) Alphabeat – “Shadows” 7.4250
81) Anja Nissen – “Where I Am” 7.4083
81) Private – “Crucify My Heart” 7.4083
83) Martin – “Show The World” 7.4
84) Private – “Waiting For Tonight” 7.3917
85) Thomas Holm – “Byen kalder” 7.3818
86) Alphabeat – “Love Sea” 7.3583
87) Camille Jones – “The Creeps (Fedde Le Grand Remix)” / Original 7.325
88) Christopher – “Real Life” 7.3083
89) Mads Langer – “3AM” 7.2833
90) Aura Dione – “Geronimo” 7.1917
90) Daze – “Fool Me” 7.1917
92) Nabiha – “Weapon” 7.1625
93) Alphabeat – “Vacation” 7.15
94) Chanée & N’Evergreen – “Sleepless” 7.1417
95) Christopher – “The Chancer (Svidden Remix)” 7.1125
96) MØ – “Nights With You” 7.0708
97) Lucy Love – “Take Me Back” 6.8583
98) Alexander Oscar – “Bad Intentions” 6.85
99) Aura Dione – “In Love With The World” 6.775
100) Volbeat – “Lola Montez” 6.7
101) Kato feat. Infernal – “Speakers On” 6.6833
102) Medina – “Rick Ross” 6.6091
103) Scarlet Pleasure – “What A Life” 6.5917
104) Rasmus Seebach – “Olivia” 6.4727
105) Christopher – “Take Me Back” (vs. Matoma) 6.425
106) Alphabeat feat. Herrelandsholdet – “Danmarks Dynamite” 6.2727
107) Chanée & N’Evergreen – “In A Moment Like This” 6.1917
108) Linkoban – “Popgun Track” 6.125
109) Jesper Nohrstedt – “Take Our Hearts” 6.0667
110) Faustix feat. Barbara Moleko – “Don’t U Worry” 5.9917
111) The Raveonettes – “Heartbreak Stroll” 5.925
112) Christopher – “Nothing In Common” 5.8917
113) Aura Dione – “I Will Love You Monday” 5.8167
114) Kongsted – “Whine Dat” 5.7833
115) THANKS – “Dizzy” 5.4625