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Rate Danes: 20 Years of Denmark's Best Music (according to me)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Mar 27, 2022.

  1. A good bunch of elims before the top 10, but Junior Senior should not have beat Self Control.

    Also the commentary for New Moon makes it surprising it did so well dd
  2. Oop there's a couple of 7s and a 6.5 left for me, and actually only two perfect songs (a 10 and my 11) - I'm hopeful one of those will take the crown, but interested to see which!

  3. Uhm. These are the worst results I have EVER seen. And only Ten Miles winning from the remaining tracks can bring some solace.
  4. That would be perfectly fine with me.
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  5. Nothing will ever top (bottom?) the time my 11 ended up in 150th place in the combined UK #2’s of the 00s rate but losing mine at #37 this time was especially devastating.
  6. Redefinition, I Won't Be Crying and Boyfriend all are a life changing songs that legit changed lives. None of them being top 10 and looking what is... is insanity.
  7. I do not think it will spoil anything if I post that the winning song had an average of 9.317 - so the range between Boyfriend and our winner is equivalent to the range between #47 and Boyfriend. Tight tight tight tight!!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Rate Conclusion Schedule

    Friday: 10th, 9th, 8th will be revealed
    Saturday morning: 7th and 6th
    Saturday night: The two songs tied at 4th
    Sunday morning: 3rd place
    Sunday night: Winner and runner-up
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  10. I love the efficiency of getting all these songs done so quickly! You need to show me your ways for the French Rate!! <3333
  11. As a Medina stan, I'm very happy with the top 10. I was hoping "Self Control" would outperform "From Paris to Berlin" but clearly the Infernal fans have spoken.
  12. From Paris To Berlin is totally winning this, isn't it?
    Not that version of Superstar making it to the top 10!
  13. There's too much Medina; I'd only have two of them. Glad that MØ has a song in. 'Superstar' is a great pop song, but I'd have it out between 11 and 15.

    'The Spell' is my favourite Alphabeat track so I'm thrilled that made it, and I also love 'DJ.' I was worried they wouldn't have any in the Top 10 at one point.

    I'm actually pleased that 'Self Control' didn't make it; I've always thought it was a bit of a pointless cover, although a very good one (but the original is a 10, and Laura Branigan's cover is an 11). I was always annoyed they released it as a single after 'From Paris...,' when it should've been 'I Won't Be Crying,' which should of course be in this Top 10.

    Surprised to see 'Ten Miles' here, but very happy that it is. I would have 4 Infernal songs in the Top 10.
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  14. Open Doors and Self Control deserved top 10.
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  15. #10
    Medina – “You & I” / “Kun for mig”

    Average: 8.7917
    11: @daninternational, @unnameable

    “Kun for mig”: DK #1 (6 weeks)
    “You & I”: DE #10; DK #23; AT #25; CH #30; UK #39

    Popjustice History: “You & I” #3 in PJ00s 13

    Not a strong enough chorus; at least not as catchy as I imagine it thinks it is.

    one of the best songs of all time. Those heartbreak lyrics combined with the beat, the panpipe (?? ddd) elements, music being the saviour

    Lovely end to her set!


    MØ – “Live To Survive”

    Average: 8.7958

    Continuing from the earlier article in The Guardian:

    Live to Survive and New Moon rail against the patriarchal attitudes of the music industry: “I work through frustrations with microaggressions I’ve experienced in studios, with producer guys who might not even know how suppressive they’re being.” MØ would sometimes feel too hesitant to speak up. “There was a constant feeling of self-doubt in those spaces. Live to Survive is a track that’s about saying: ‘Fuck that toxic energy.’”

    I’m sorry, but tell me who is surviving this onslaught?

    Somehow it’s fast-paced without feeling intense. A banger

    Similar quality to the others in this section but with added affectations


    Alphabeat – “DJ”

    Average: 8.8833

    Charts: DK #6

    Sampled in 2012 by The Knocks in “Something I Can Dance To”:

    Like most things, when the woman takes over things improve.

    Has a bit more edge than their other singles

    Am I the only one who hears a little Don’t You Want Me in this?​
  16. This aged well...
  17. Do all of you who love the Self Control "original" actually mean it? Dddd

  18. Some of these results are baffling. Quite surprised to see Live To Survive placing higher than New Moon. Both are excellent songs however.

    DJ deserved better... (The Spell to win, please and thank you)
  19. Oops! I edited my post (see below in bold). I did know Laura's was a cover, but forgot for a moment.

    'I'm actually pleased that 'Self Control' didn't make it; I've always thought it was a bit of a pointless cover, although a very good one (but the original is a 10, and Laura Branigan's cover is an 11)'
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