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Rate Danes: 20 Years of Denmark's Best Music (according to me)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Mar 27, 2022.

  1. If 'You & I' had only gotten one 11, 'Boyfriend' would've been in the Top 10 (as it should be). I hope that 'Forever' is in the next elimination round (I don't mind 'We Survive' and 'Addiction' making the Top 5)
  2. You & I should win rates it's not even participating in tbh
  3. $5 says when they wanted to do a cover they were thinking about and discussing covering Laura Branigan.
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  4. Laura is a carbon copy of this just with her vocals added on, mon Ami <3

    Infernal at least changed a little in the production <3

    (All great by the way - though I do personally rate the three as Infernal, RAF, Laura)
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  5. Solace regrettably not found.

    Infernal – “Ten Miles”

    Average: 8.9083
    11: @DJHazey

    The Infernal song I will be rooting for. This is one of the gems I was hoping to see. “How we’ll puuull throuugh” and that damn piano. Goodnight competition!

    In the zeroes I made my own “trailer music” as I called it, which is using only 30 seconds of a song and sticking it to other song snippets. I have over 20 of these “snippet trailers” and this track is in many of them. Simply because that divine chorus really takes of so well.

    To me the true measure of a good dance act is whether they can do a good ballad. And Infernal definitely can!

    Quite different for them, but here for it!


    Medina – “Forever” / “For altid”

    Average: 8.925

    “Forever”: CH #15; AT #19; DE #21
    “For altid”: DK #1 (3 weeks)

    What an explosive chorus. That’s all there really is to say.

    “Forever” is a 9.5, “For altid” is a solid 10

    Medina is the BPG that got away. So much of her stuff is just top tier pop/dance excellence in multiple languages.

    That hottie! I am moving to Denmark!! / As usual everything sounds better in FL

    The top 5:
    Alphabeat – “The Spell”
    Christine Milton – “Superstar”
    Infernal – “From Paris To Berlin”
    Medina – “Addiction”
    Medina – “We Survive”
  6. Lol at Jamelia gearing up to win a Danish Rate by proxy ddd
  7. Superstar is out of her depth (though not my lowest score)
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  8. Hmmm....if I deliberately created the "totally random rate" consisting of some songs picked off random playlists, in the voting rules hid in small print "and the winner will be completely random" and then revealed the shock #1 was a song that wasn't even in the rate, would it be comedy gold or would I get insta-banned from PJ?
  9. Well, you'd have at least finished the rate, which is more than we can say for a lot of contests around here...
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  10. #4 (TIE)
    Medina – “Addiction”

    Average: 9.0125

    Charts: DK #1 (1 week)

    Undeniable because of the vibe, mood, and/or atmosphere created. The stacked vocals really work.

    Giving me massive Margaret Berger vibes and I am HERE for it.

    A bit softer than her big dance hits, but still a really pretty song

    Nice moment for Medina!


    #4 (TIE)
    Medina – “We Survive”

    Average: 9.0125

    Though it’s pretty basic, it knocks my socks off like most basic things do. That “why-y-y” is pure evil.

    Both English and Danish versions are solid 11 material. This song appearing on the PJ front page is what made me a Medina fan.

    Interesting choice... not my favourite cut from the album

    Even when she doesn’t come up with something groundbreaking, it’s still really good pop

    One of her better songs so far!


    Will the winner be

    The person who didn’t win their series of Popstars and whose second single was entitled “Whicketywhack (I Ain’t Coming Back)”
    Find out tomorrow!
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  11. Watch Medina crush my soul when she says that serving as a juror for Eurovision in 2009 was “really terrible”!

  12. How interesting that the two best Medina songs in the rate have tied; I gave both 10's but I do slightly prefer 'We Survive,' which is my biggest rate discovery. I adore that chorus melody.

    'Ten Miles' shows the emotional range that Lina has in her voice, and I'm always here for a piano-led, melancholic mid-tempo dance balled.
  13. So my 11 made the Top 3, but I'm happy for 'The Spell' or 'From Paris To Berlin' to win. Which one is my 11?; you'll have to wait and see tomorrow!
  14. The bronze medalist!

    Christine Milton – “Superstar”

    Average: 9.1083

    Charts: DK #1 (7 weeks); NO #15

    No offense to Christine, but if this song won the rate, I would’ve been a little pissed off. I legit thought it would be first out in the “why tf is this in here” result.

    Early 00s pop throwback done to perfection. So effortless too.

    It’s so jarring to hear different lyrics. Very hard to rate this, but Jamelia would have been a 10

    Jamelia ate but the song is such a bop, this is still greysh!

    Who will win?


    Find out ...
  15. I don't know who it is on the voting panel who is tasteless enough for Medina to not make the top 3 at all, she really is the perfect popstar for me.

    Glad Superstar didn't make top 2 at least, what a weird group we are.
  16. Enjoy some … wildly different cover versions of our Top 2!

  17. Scroll on down for your runner-up and victor!

    Alphabeat – “The Spell”

    Average: 9.1333
    11: @Untouchable Ace

    Charts: DK #1 (4 weeks); UK #20; NL #30

    *Shaking my fist towards the camera* Fuck you geo-blocking.

    One of my SongJustice choices. A magical bop

    Nice vibe to it, feeling a bit 90s and 80s at the same time

    This is a great way to progress their sound for sure!


    Infernal – “From Paris To Berlin”

    Average: 9.3167
    #11: @Ana Raquel, @MilesAngel

    Charts: UK #2; FI #2; NO #6; BL/WA #10; NL #12; FR #14; ES #20; AU #20; IT #28; DE #32
    Popjustice History:
    #9 in @DJHazey and @iheartpoptarts 00s Eurodance Party rate (8.583)
    #22 in @Doodvid and @Ezz Mixed Pop Groups & Duos Rate (8.264)
    #106 in my UK #2’s of the 2000s rate (6.6328)

    The 2022 remake featuring Branco & Jimilian appears to be the first time the song charted in Denmark, opening at #6 in February.

    Like everyone this was the first song I ever heard by them, capturing my heart on arrival. Still a classic, but my love for many other songs in the rate feels a bit more...spicy right now.

    An 11 contender. As a Eurovision fan I’ve always been a sucker for songs mentioning place names. What is on the surface a pretty basic dance bop has something extra that just elevates it into a driving, incessant tour de force. When I lived in Berlin I quite often had to take the flight route for business, and always gave this song a listen on my way home.

    One of my favourite dance tracks ever and an easy 11. I used to travel around Europe a lot and would always listen to this, singing along and replacing ‘Paris’ with the name of the place I was visiting.

    @Ana Raquel
    After 4672372463 rates where this entry took part, was a contender for my 11 and never got it because of 1/2 songs being better, I think it’s about time to grant the score it deserves (it nearly lost here as well dddddddd)

    Let me guess there’ll be some weirdo who somehow hates this and prevents yet another rate win?

    Not this time, friend! Thank you again to all the voters who participated and a special thanks to @berserkboi for hosting eight zillion contests and still being willing to be my backup host.

    Full results here!

    På gensyn!
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  18. Yassss God!! We finally get this in the Winners Rate after so many trials!! Thank you Jesus aka @WowWowWowWow !!! <333
  19. Having my favourite Infernal song, and my 11, and my favourite Alphabeat song at #1 and #2 is fantastisk
    and fabelagtig.

    To be honest, I copied my 11 commentary from when I 11'd 'From Paris To Berlin' in the Mixed Pop Groups And Duos Rate, where some weirdos did hate it and prevent it from reaching the Top 20! But it's all true (except when I visited Copenhagen and sang 'From Copenhagen To Berlin.')
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