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Rate Danes: 20 Years of Denmark's Best Music (according to me)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Mar 27, 2022.

  1. Today I made it through about 50% of the list, and it's the most productive I've been work-wise in months. Danish bangers are a great motivation!
  2. Listen to @daninternational people. Musical joys AND optimizing professional performance ?! Rate Danes!!
  3. Progress Report: Up to about 45 songs rated and commented on.
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  4. Thinking of Danish cinema, "Babette's feast" is both a fine adaptation of a literary classic and a deeply spiritual film about the nature of generosity.
  5. I... never realized how much of an Alphabeat stan I am. God.
  6. I Won't Be Crying...


  7. I had a snafu with my google docs and I've had to restart the spreadsheet copy I had. I'm back up to like 40% of the songs rated/commented.

    Here's a forgotten Danish pop "star" with a song I entered in PJSC many moons ago.

  8. So far we have one voter!!! And it’s not even me!
  9. Ah I love Tivoli, its so beautiful there! I went to Denmark a few years ago, its a stunning country and so easy to navigate. We stayed outside of Copenhagen by a beautiful lake and visited Roskilde and Hillerød as well. I love the ribs they do over there, we went to a lovely rib house and it was great fun. Highly recommend visiting to anyone who hasn't been and has the chance to.

    Anyway, back to the rate... I'm definitely in, just trying to catch up on rates that have a closing date before this one.
  10. I promise I will be there well before the end. Alot of the songs are growers on the second and third listen.
  11. After listening to all the songs I didn't know already, I only have 20 songs below 8! I'm going to have to recalibrate my scoring.
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  12. The male vocalists have actually been pretty split with me, some of them were never really going to do anything for me, but a lot of it has either been growing or surprisingly great on arrival. (I only knew like 10% of the whole list)
  13. I'm still doing this, but why isn't this in 2 parts?
  14. I (perhaps incorrectly) assumed that a large enough amount of the songs would be already familiar to the voters such that it would end up being a normal size rate. Sorry!
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