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Rate Danes: 20 Years of Denmark's Best Music (according to me)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Mar 27, 2022.

  1. I just want you to have 2 winners at least as other rate hosts can recently to put into the winners rate.
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  2. I'm down to finalizing "And the All the Rest", so it won't be much longer.
  3. Although she is not represented in the rate, Denmark's Gitta is represented in our hearts.

  4. I should probably do participation tags, huh?
  5. Give me something to do when I finish up jury duty and send in those votes please!!
  6. This is a monster of a rate, I will have to this week's assignment for online study while listening to the rate and trying to score.
  7. My Averages Per Section:

    Alphabeat | 8.85 | 10x3
    Infernal | 8.50 | 10x3
    Medina | 7.60 | 10x2
    Melodi Grand Prix | 7.95 | 10x2
    Christopher | 5.00 | 6.5x1
    Electric Lady Lab | 8.80 | 10x2
    MØ | 7.30 | 10x1
    Private | 7.90 | 10x1
    Worldwide Hits | 6.90 | 10x1
    And All the Rest... | 6.60 | 10x7
    Extras! | 5.60 | 9.5x2

    After confirming with Rate Queue HQ, I can now reveal that voting will be extended until Sunday, June 12th 11:59pm final time zone.
  9. Did you know?

    Denmark has the world's oldest flag still in use by an independent nation (first acknowledged in 1219)
    Denmark was the first country to legalize pornography (in 1969)
    Denmark was the first country to permit same-sex unions in the form of registered partnerships (in 1989)
    Denmark prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation in 1996
    Denmark legalized same-sex sexual activity in 1933
    Denmark is home to the world's two oldest amusement parks still in operation - Bakken opened in 1583 and Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843
    The highest point in Denmark is the Yding Skovhøj hill at a mere 172 meters above sea level
    Denmark's Constitution Day is June 5th
  10. I’ve been staring at Paw that long??
  11. The extension is helpful, means I have the upcoming jubilee weekend to listen and re-listen to songs.
  12. What else has Denmark given us?

    And because of that, we got to have this:

  13. I had forgotten about this absolute BAWP
  14. The dancing boys in the MGP performance… mercy!

    Here is another Danish moment from my youth that I never realized was a Danish moment at the time

    well… Danish, Greek, you get the idea.
  15. Finally finished, maybe my averages might inspire some voters dd. Great selection of songs and made some fun discoveries.

    Alphabeat: 8.8
    Infernal: 7.65
    Medina: 7.95
    Melodi Grand Prix: 7.65
    Christopher: 7.6
    Electric Lady Lab: 7.9
    MØ: 9.7
    Private: 5.8
    Worldwide Hits: 4.8
    The Rest: 7.3
  16. Just to check - how do you want our votes? I copied the spreadsheet and have been filling it out. Do you want me to copy and paste it into a PM?
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