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Rate Danes: 20 Years of Denmark's Best Music (according to me)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Mar 27, 2022.

  1. I will gratefully take them in any form!

    I can’t remember which rate but there was one recently where I saw someone mention that the PM-friendly list was archaic compared to giving a template so that’s why I posted the spreadsheet.
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  2. Some Danish chart-toppers for you:

    Nine weeks at #1 in 1999!

    Seven weeks at #1 in 1997!

    Nine weeks at #1 in 2001!

  3. Yas, my PJ Retro entry "Ring a Ling"!


    My dark horse pick for the 2022 World Cup is Denmark. In the 2020 European Championship (played in 2021) the team had a near-tragedy as their best player Christian Eriksen collapsed mid-game from a heart attack and had to be revived on the field by the amazing on-site medical staff, then were forced to finish the match the same day after a small delay. (They were given only the option to play later that evening or the next day and nothing else or forfeit). Eriksen sent a message for the team to play on. Of course, emotionally struck they lost 1-0 to underdog Finland. However, inspiration soon took over the squad, who made an unbelievable Semifinal run, losing 2-1 to England in extra time (a thrilling match). Since then, not only had Eriksen made a full recovery and comeback to the national team (with an implanted defibrillator) but the team has really taken off and become one of the strongest teams in the world. The bond created by rallying together in the European Championship certainly has a lot to do with it since many of the young players were asked to step up and develop really fast. Now they are considered one of the deepest teams as well.


    This has been your DJ Straightzey sportsball © moment. Carry on.
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  4. I'm not much into football (I prefer watching Rugby), but my family are Tottenham Hotspur fans (tilgiv us), so I approve this post, and I do follow their exploits. Apologies for my team not always appreciating Christian's skills, but I've always found him attractive!
  5. That all the rest/extras section was hard to finish nn. Definitely had its ups and downs.

    Alphabeat 8,19
    Infernal 8,03
    Medina 7,88
    MGP 8,33
    Christopher 7,78
    Electric Lady Lab 7,56
    Mø 9,04
    Private 8,54 (Probably my favorite artist discovery of the rate)
    Worldwide Hits 6,38
    The rest 7,26
    Extras 7,85
  6. Up to:


    Her section and Christopher's aren't exactly Berserky but I bop regardless ddd
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  7. Votes ready!

    Alphabeat: 5.35
    Infernal: 8.43
    Medina: 9.43
    MGP: 5.1
    Christopher: 5.25
    ELL: 7.6
    MØ: 8.15
    Private: 4.5
    WWH: 7.7
    AATR: 6.47
    Danish: 7.53

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  8. OMG Aura Dione - I don't know whether to 11 or 0 you with those iconic awful lyrics as your signature in your entire section! <333
  9. I wanted to post videos of the various members of our rate who competed on Vild med dans (the Danish version of Strictly), but there were no performances on YouTube, only interviews. But the list includes:

    René Dif from Aqua
    Emmelie de Forest
    Lucy Love
    Sharin Foo from The Raveonettes
    Coco O from Quadron
  10. For a second I thought you meant PJers ddd. The range
  11. We would love to see it!
  12. True to form - Berserky has a lot of time for these FL tracks ddd
  13. I'm waiting for your contest side theme.
    DanielInternational interviews the members of PopJustice.
  14. My parents invited themselves up for a visit this weekend. They are leaving on Monday morning and I will return to normal life at that time. So this is not an official extension, but if your votes happened to arrive sometime on Monday, it would probably be fine.
  15. Haha I like the idea!
  16. bless your parents (I should start this tomorrow so I'll try to send it within the official deadline)
  17. You might want to check out today’s Worldle… hmmmm
  18. I've voted and I can unequivocally say that some of these Christopher songs were choices. Especially when we could have had Monogamy.

    I also would have loved for Everchanging to be here, an experience.

    @WowWowWowWow has already given me Private as a great artist discovery previously, plus some artists I knew. So in this rate my favourite artist discovery is Rasmus Seebach.
  19. Babe - Monogamy isn’t that much better than the other stuff of Christopher’s here (IMO) - I don’t think the music is his number one appeal to be fair ddd

    My fave artist discovery is probably Private so we share that for sure!! <333

    Let’s have a PJ00s Relaxed Round that allows a year of release of their stuff here in!
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