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Rate Danes: 20 Years of Denmark's Best Music (according to me)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Mar 27, 2022.

  1. I like that all the songs have decent averages, even my lowest scorer of Whine Dat which I gave 2.5, and the devisive Denmark football song which I gave 6.3 (I may be Alphabeat's champion in the rate).

    Some songs deserved to still be here, which includes my first 10 loss, 'Speakers On,' which has the best use of bagpipes I've ever heard in a pop song.

    There is one MØ track worse than 'Nights With You.'
  2. Some are Sommer Igen and sommer not.
  3. #95
    Christopher – “The Chancer (Svidden Remix)”

    Average: 7.1125

    I love a generic Chainsmokers donk on a emosh-pop song from time to time, but this ain’t it.

    OOh. Quite the discovery!

    Fun, but a bit dance-music-by-numbers

    I’m not sure what to make of it. Nice verses, with a chrous that feels quite disjointed from them, yet also not beefed up enough with that tacky beat bolted onto it

    Basic Pop Idol Single


    Chanée & N’Evergreen – “Sleepless”

    Average: 7.1417

    Oh yeah this chorus crushes it on the back of “still waiting for your call” alone.

    Were they... sleepless when they recorded this? dd

    Oh wow almost as horrible as their ESC abomination

    Look - they have a bop!


    Alphabeat – “Vacation”

    Average: 7.15

    Charts: DK #15

    GRL > The Gos Gos > even Ingrid Witt > but still pleasant.

    Good example of how lightweight and forgettable Danish pop can be

    Bop! Slightly mindless


    Nabiha – “Weapon”

    Average: 7.1625

    Wish it did go ‘bang bang’ a little more.

    Very good chorus

    I didn’t expect new discoveries because in the 00ies my Scandipop fandom was at its highest and I followed the Danish charts as closely as the Swedish scene. But this is a good one I’d missed

    The vocal tone makes this a lot more appealing than it usually would be
  4. #90 (TIE)
    Aura Dione – “Geronimo”

    Average: 7.1917

    Charts: DK #1 (3 weeks); AT #1 (1 week); DE #1 (1 week); CH #7

    An attempt at going for something ultra catchy. Instead it falls well short and vaguely sounds like it’s trying to sound Native American based on the title. *cringe*

    A big hit in Germany, very Eurovision, but gets tired quickly

    These lyrics! Dddd


    #90 (TIE)
    Daze – “Fool Me!”

    Average: 7.1917

    Summer hit! Let’s not point out how that phrase could be shortened...

    Sorry to say it, kind of hurts my soul. However it’s a rather lukewarm comeback single.

    New to me, more basic than bop

    I do enjoy these songs that almost sound like they belong to Alexandra Stan ddd​
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  5. I don't like that I read preventing Alphabeat from being first out like they would have deserved it. No way, their section is amazing.
  6. I think I was referring to the football song but I hate most of their section dd
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  7. On another note: Eurovision 2010 in Oslo is the only one I attended in person.
    As a member of 'the press' I had access to the parties and rehearsals, and made myself a checklist of things to do, one of which was to tell somebody whose song I hated that I loved their song. When I saw Chanee I seized my opportunity.
  8. The erasure of these

  9. For a moment I thought they were quoting Spice Up Your Life here.

    I gave this a 10 and I regret nothing.
  10. My averages for the artists (hiding my 11), in ascending order -
    Christopher 7.9
    Private 8
    MØ 8.5
    Medina 9.1
    Electric Lady Lab 9.4
    Alphabeat 9.45
    Infernal 9.6

    For the other sections, my lowest and highest scores -
    Eurovision 9.6x1 6.4x1
    World Hits 10x3 6.9x1
    And All The Rest 10x5 2.5x1 5x1
    Extras 10x2 6.3x1
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  11. #89
    Mads Langer – “3AM”

    Average: 7.2833

    Charts: DK #5

    “As long as I’m inside of you” is creepy as fuck lyric, but the melody is just too undeniable.

    Nice pop moment from an ‘Indie’ kinda dude

    Nice song but what an annoying voice!


    Christopher – “Real Life”

    Average: 7.3083

    Charts: DK #30

    More enjoyable than the other songs in this part, but not by much.

    New to me, and striking the right balance between the vibe and a good song, a bit Ola even

    Slightly better


    Camille Jones – “The Creeps (Fedde Le Grand Remix)” / Original

    Average: 7.325

    Charts: UK #7; DK #12; FI #12; BE/VL #14; AU #15; NL #22; BE/WA #30

    Pretty boring for a song with that crazy ghost noise in the production.

    Love the Fedde remix

    I’m rating the remix. Hadn’t heard the original version before, and I won’t be returning. The remix is just an excellent dance track that instantly transports me back to those student days.

    Bop but gets a little tedious a few years down the line ddd


    Alphabeat – “How Will I Know” “Love Sea”

    Average: 7.3583

    Charts: DK #10

    They’re certainly an upbeat group, but I’d say this is the most full-on ‘bubblegum’ I’ve heard from them so far.

    At least Fascination has nostalgia going for it

    I enjoy them trying this slightly different way to bop!​
  12. #85
    Thomas Holm – “Byen kalder”

    Average: 7.3818

    Yikes. I keep thinking to myself how he sounds like a drunk Basshunter in the verses. Then the weak attempt at capturing a moment with the “whoa” chorus.

    equality means that men can also do faceless dance bops

    Bop, I guess!


    Private – “Waiting For Tonight”

    Average: 7.3917

    Seems like it had potential to do more, yet I never find myself stanning.

    WHY ARE THEIR best songs their blocked ones???


    Martin – “Show The World”

    Average: 7.4

    Charts: DK #1 (4 weeks)

    Later adapted as SHINee’s 샤이니 '산소 같은 너 (Love like Oxygen)

    In 2008, Martin won the first series of The X Factor in Denmark (you may see a familiar face at the judges’ table):

    I hate his voice, but the chorus is a tune.

    I did not expect to be taken so much by a male vocalist and a song I never heard of before.

    Was this before or after the MJ accusations came out? Either way it’s a bit weird for this very white man to impersonate him this way

    Wants to be funky but lands on lame​
  13. Next time:
    A tie!
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  14. There are many UK and US male vocalists with more annoying voices then Mads Langer. I think the way he modulates the key changes in the chorus is fantastic, and the melody is catchy.

    I can't believe my least favourite Christopher song is the last one left.

    The Creeps Remix is a dance classic that's a 10 (but still not as good as the other Fedde track).

    Love Sea is my lowest scored Alphabeat track (besides the football team song) at an 8.
  15. My first really high score of 10 for 'Waiting For Tonight' now eliminated.

    Of course most of the guys leaving I liked.

    But for the alphabeat songs that have left, I don't know why after so long their comeback had to be so sickly sweet. Even I found it almost toxically positive. It seemed alienating and uncool.
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  16. Glad to see some of the Alphabet songs vacating already, I was worried I'd be the outlier in my dislike of most of their stuff!

    Sickly sweet is the right word!
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  17. I want the soccer song from Alphabeat to vacay now. Thanks!
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  18. Didn't it already leave us?

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  19. Suddenly I can't read idk.

    Very glad tho!
  20. I gave Byen Kalder 10. It's just my type of song, and I like the lyrics. The city does indeed call.

    Waiting For Tonight got 7.8 is in the middle of my Private scores, but my 'bottom three' are very close.

    Show The World is a good song, that would get a slightly higher score from me than 7.3 in a different rate.
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