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RATE IN THE AM: One Direction Discography Rate - #90-88 REVEALED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Sam, Feb 9, 2016.

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  1. Sam



    Well well well. Look who it is.






    (yaaaaaaas, slay me queen, yaaaaaaas, serve bitch, pose bitch, work bitch etc)


    So ermmmm, yeah. Anyway.gif as they say these days. We all know how this works by now, surely?

    Fighting for your love and attention, our competitors are!

    1. What Makes You Beautiful
    2. Gotta Be You
    3. One Thing
    4. More Than This
    5. Up All Night
    6. I Wish
    7. Tell Me A Lie
    8. Taken
    9. I Want
    10. Everything About You
    11. Same Mistakes
    12. Save You Tonight
    13. Stole My Heart

    14. Stand Up
    15. Moments
    16. Another World
    17. Na Na Na
    18. I Should Have Kissed You


    1. Live While We're Young
    2. Kiss You
    3. Little Things
    4. C'mon, C'mon
    5. Last First Kiss
    6. Heart Attack
    7. Rock Me
    8. Change My Mind
    9. I Would
    10. Over Again
    11. Back For You
    12. They Don't Know About Us
    13. Summer Love

    14. She's Not Afraid
    15. Loved You First
    16. Nobody Compares
    17. Still The One
    18. Truly Madly Deeply
    19. Magic
    20. Irresistible


    1. Best Song Ever
    2. Story of My Life
    3. Diana
    4. Midnight Memories
    5. You & I
    6. Don't Forget Where You Belong
    7. Strong
    8. Happily
    9. Right Now
    10. Little Black Dress
    11. Through The Dark
    12. Something Great
    13. Little White Lies
    14. Better Than Words

    15. Why Don't We Go There?
    16. Does He Know?
    17. Alive
    18. Half A Heart
    19. One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)


    1. Steal My Girl
    2. Ready to Run
    3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
    4. 18
    5. Girl Almighty
    6. Fool's Gold
    7. Night Changes
    8. No Control
    9. Fireproof
    10. Spaces
    11. Stockholm Syndrome
    12. Clouds

    13. Change Your Ticket
    14. Illusion
    15. Once in a Lifetime
    16. Act My Age


    1. Hey Angel
    2. Drag Me Down
    3. Perfect
    4. Infinity
    5. End of the Day
    6. If I Could Fly
    7. Long Way Down
    8. Never Enough
    9. Olivia
    10. What A Feeling
    11. Love You Goodbye
    12. I Want to Write You a Song
    13. History

    14. Temporary Fix
    15. Walking in the Wind
    16. Wolves
    17. A.M.

    Aaaaand there we have it.

    Now. You're all big enough and ugly enough to find the songs to listen to yourselves, so go ahead and get streaming on Tidal or whatever it is you losers use. Bonus tracks, denoted above by a line break from the standard tracklist, are optional. However, I do strongly advise you give the bonus songs from the latter two albums a go as they range from downright incredible to downright hilarious, and also a few from Take Me Home, too. But as I said, optional. Which means it's entirely up to you. Everyone got that yeah? Sound.

    Now, scoring. Points to one decimal place are allowed, so don't fucking send me a score the length of pi or we will have some issues. This one-11-point shite is getting a bit run of the mill, so no 11s. You are allowed to score one song per album 10 points. The rest, you rate from 1-9. No troll scoring either, as your votes may (will) not be counted and you may (will) be disqualified.

    Let me reiterate. You are scoring each song from 0-9. For each album, you can award ONE 10-pointer. So that's FIVE 10 pointers in the whole rate.

    65 songs, with an optional 25 songs on top of that.
    You have ONE MONTH. Good luck.
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  2. Sam


  3. Sam


  4. So who wants to help me send 'Kiss You' straight to first place where it belongs?
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  5. I would like to give Change Your Ticket an eleven, please.
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  6. Sam


  7. KAG


    I'm looking forward to this. Although it's going to be tough awarding one 10 per album, especially when Take Me Home and FOUR are packed with so many good songs.
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  8. I'll do this, and make it my solemn vow to not give any 10's to singles.
  9. What Makes You Beautiful best be an early exit.
  10. Thank God the bonus tracks are optional.

    I'm ready to give Little Things the 1 it deserves.
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  11. Sam, dear - since they are optional, do we have to limit our 10 giving to the bonus tracks as well?
  12. I'd give it a 0 if we had them!
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  13. "Little Things" is the definition of a 0.
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  14. I would have 0'd SO many songs from their first albums. But since you mentioned only 1-9, I'll go with that.
  15. Sam


    You can give a 10 to one song per album, bonus track or otherwise. So if you choose a bonus track for your 10, you won't be able to give it to a standard track from the same album.

    Also the 1-9 rule was a typing error. You can deal out as many 0s as you please. I'll update the original post.
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  16. I am so ready. But why on earth is Louis tormenting me in the first post? I DO NOT DESERVE THIS.
  17. Finally sent in my votes, left me a little bit nostalgic. But I've realised they didn't have much diversity, did they? I wish they did something more R&B, or that Naughty Boy collabo that was in the works, it would've charted the same but would've given them more credibility than another arena-rock inspired pop album. Also, Liam remains a babe and the reason I got into this band in the first place. Heh.
  18. I will help. I'm also going to be campaigning for Fireproof.
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  19. Who wants to help decimate Made in the A.M.? I've only been raging about it for three months now.
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  20. Also, I'd just like to point out that Once in a Lifetime would've been my 11, were the rule applicable for this rate. I will always feel emotional listening to it, remains a soft spot for me as I was going through some issues at the time when it came out and it was on repeat everyday.

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