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Rate Me If You Can: SNSD Singles Rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Aug 2, 2016.

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    Girls' Generation,also known as SNSD, is a South Korean girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment. The group is composed of members: Taeyeon , Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun and also former member Jessica.
    They debuted in 2007 but they rose to fame with the single 'Gee'. They have uncountable awards and great succes and they are one of the most influential groups in South Korea. They have also the subgroup TTS.


    - Rate all the songs with a score between 0-10.
    - Decimal points (0.25) are allowed.
    - You may give one track, and only one track, an 11.
    - Send me all these scores in a PM, in the same order as they are on this page.
    - Commentary is encouraged.

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  2. Easily Pm-able list :

    Korean Singles :

    Into The New World
    Girls' Generation
    Kissing You
    Baby Baby
    Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
    Run Devil Run
    The Boys
    Dancing Queen
    I Got A Boy
    Catch Me If You Can
    Lion Heart
    You Think

    Japenese Singles :

    Mr. Taxi
    Flower Power
    Love & Girls
    Galaxy Supernova

    TTS Singles :

    Dear Santa (English Ver.)

    Promotinal Singles :
    "Chocolate Love"
    "Cabi Song" (with 2PM)
    "Visual Dreams"
    "Time Machine"
    "My Oh My"
    Bad Girl
    All My Love Is For You
    Beep Beep
    Sailing ​
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  3. My first Kpop rate! Of course I will be participating. I just have a question though. Why is All My Love is for You not included? It has a music video, right? But I don't know if it was an official single so feel free to educate me on this.
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  4. I wish we could pretend Karma Butterfly was a single.
  5. Did they even release any singles off the 3rd album Gossip Girls?
  6. So ready for this.
  7. Will you be adding their SM Station song to the rate as well? I think it's released this week, no idea whether it's technically a single or not though.
  8. No Bad Girl?
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  9. Yes Bad Girl is missing as is Beep Beep which was a promotional single for Love & Peace.
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  10. I'm in. I'm familiar with most songs, but I lost interest in them a couple of years ago so I'll no doubt come across some new faves.
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  11. The following songs are missing and should be included:

    Bad Girl
    All My Love Is For You
    Beep Beep

    Bad Girl and Beep Beep were promo singles but AMLIFY was a proper CD single in Japan. It peaked at number 1 there.
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  12. I got the list from the Wikipedia but if you know that they are single or promo single; I'll add Bad Girl; All My Love Is For You; Beep Beep.

    Karma Butterfly is an easily 10 for me but it hasn't video and it's not a single.
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  13. I'd add in Echo too. It had a video.
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  14. If it's a single or has video , yes i will.
  15. Oh yeah don't forget Echo.

    And I know it's the Korean version of Genie, but I'm scoring the Japanese version because it's so much better.
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  16. I hope y'all won't do Into The New World wrong.
  17. It's a digital single. Not sure about a video. It's out on Thursday.
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  18. The Produce 101 performances re-ignited the love for this one. Completely passed me by when I first got into K-Pop and SNSD but now it's comfortably up their amongst their best singles.
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  19. I've already rated the vast majority of singles and fallen in head over heels in love with Mr.Mr. (which I hadn't really given much attention before) and their later Japanese singles.

    I also checked out Girls & Peace again, which I was convinced I'd never listened to but had actually just forgotten. There are so many good songs on there. Paparazzi is even a potential 11! Will check out Love & Peace later as I never got round to listening to it for sure. The singles from it have me intrigued...

    Same here! I already loved it when I first discovered it years ago, but the P101 performance really turned it into an incredible song. I like most of their earlier stuff though.
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