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Rate Me If You Can: SNSD Singles Rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Thanks for the kind words, dear. I need all of them. I am in pain.

    Now that my top 3 songs (I Got A Boy, Run Devil Run, Mr. Mr.) are eliminated, I'll just quietly cheer for my fourth fave ~Genie~. Seriously, let's not mess this up anymore. Tragic, etc.
  2. Gee should've gone a long time ago. Into The New World has outstayed its welcome too.
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  3. I Got a Boy is a pop masterpiece.
  4. Mr Taxi at 6 and I will survive a Gee/Into the New World/Flower Power/Genie/Catch Me final 5.
  5. Obviously the most deserving winner

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  7. Catch Me If You can should have gone 10 places ago.

    I don't understand what this means.
  8. It was a joke suggesting that I'd fight you over your IGAB score, don't worry I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_
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  9. All but one of my 10/11's are still in. Ya'll shittin' on PAPARAZZI is a disgrace and you should all be ashamed!

  10. 6


    Catch Me If You Can

    Average : 8.84

    Highest : 10 x 8 ( @ThighHighs , @Shockbox , @MakeYouGo , @eyeline , @ajmkv , @aaronhansome , @ryan_riot92 , @Salami )

    Lowest : 0 x 1 ( @squirrelfriend )

    Catch Me If You Can was the first song released as GG with 8 members. An EDM anthem , Critics compared it to the works of Zedd and Skrillex. But Korean version was the first GG's korean single that didn't peak at #1 in years in Gaon charts , also it was their lowest peak in Korea at the time. Maybe it was because they promoted less than others?
    I'm not sure which version is original but it sounds more like their Japanese materials. Sad that it didn't recieve any 11 but it really surprises all of us peaking at #6 .

    Commentaries , ThighHighs '' EDM smash! Having lost Jessica, Height Queen Sooyoung gets to step in a bit more and gets her share. This song is a bop and a half and I come back to it all the time. The middle 8 is life affirming. Let me go back and change my score to a 10''.

    Slice Of Life ''Girls’ Generation first single as an 8-piece group. I’d be lying if I say I didn’t find it weird to not hear Jessica’s signature chipmunk-y voice. Oh well, at least the other members have more lines now. I’m not a fan of the vocal effects used in the verses. I’m also not here for that absolutely lazy non-chorus. But I am here for that choreography and Sunny’s lack of energy in the music video''.

    ajmkv's longest commentary is for this one , ''Yesss, what a moment. Aside from the Jessica debacle, I think that this was such a moment for them. Come back without the deadweight (all shade) and do it with a bang! Too bad they didn't promote this much (or at all?) in Korea, but I'm happy they performed it at the Party comeback stages because that choreography is amazing live''.

    roux '' Songs like this without a chorus are a hit or (more often) a miss for me, but this one hits. And it hits HARD. I love the drop, and what comes after it avoids reaching the level of obnoxiousness that a lot of songs like this do (see: 4minute)''.

    Salami ''I always wanted them to come out with an EDM banger and they more than delivered, mainly because the singers just STFU and the dancers finally get their moment. I remember first hearing it/watching it and just not believing that they were putting out a song opening with Yuri then Hyoyeon then Yoona then Sooyoung. The build up to the last chorus sends it off with a bang. More like this please''.

    Mikl C ''Good to work out to''. ryan_riot92 ''I consider this a Japanese track because it sounds like one, it’s a major bop, and nothing in their Korean discography compares to it''. ThisIsRogue ''This sound doesn't really suit Girls' Generation very well, but it's not a bad tune''. Shockbox ''One of their best Japanese singles''. roblognick ''It's a pretty basic video really. Makes me think of something J-Lo might have released''.

    Squashua ''The modern incarnation of SNSD donning Ciara’s Work construction gear for a EDM monster. The chorus continues to ramp up (complete with night quarry fireballs in the video), the vocals are suitably processed to hell and ‘dancing is the way of life’ line still gets me with every listen. If we’re talking K-club bangers I still use I’m Ill more frequently, but easily their best 2015 output''.

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  11. The best thing about Catch Me If You Can is how hot they all look in the video. The rest of it leaves me a bit cold.

    Amazing top 5.
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  12. What kind of Tiffany struggle vocal hot mess top 5 is this without I Got A Boy and Catch Me If You Can?
  13. Debut single ?


    A Japnese single?


    Original Japanese debut single



    Mr Taxi

    Average : 8.96

    Highest : 11 x 1 ( @Salami )
    10 x 8 ( @roblognick , @Shockbox , @ThisIsRogue , @Aries , @squirrelfriend , @Mikl C , @elektricblue , @Alouder98 )

    Lowest : 5.25 x 1 ( @Squashua )

    Mr Taxi, GG's first original Japanese song released as a double A-Side single with Japanese version of Run Devil Run. An electropop and R&B song that is their most succesful Japanese single to the date.
    I'm glad this song makes it to the top 5 , It's one of their best and biggest bops. Also i'm happy it has received an 11 that deserves.

    ''It’s just the beginning'', Intro by ryan_riot92 . ThighHighs ''This song has such a cool production and I love the melody. It's absolutely up there with their best, but just a step below their all time greats. The autotune on Hyoyeon is really out of order. Horribly done. Sooyoung looks incredible in this video''. roblognick ''Possibly the first GG song I ever heard. It was either this or Gee. Mesmerising video, super catchy hooks.

    Slice Of Life ''YAAAASSSS this is a bop and a half! Everything works here. The memorable chorus, the nonsensical “supersonic, hypertonic” lyrics, the iconic choreography, the shimmery middle 8. The only reason I’m not giving this a full score is because I believe GG released better Japanese songs than this''. Shockbox ''The first K-Pop song I heard. This was all over Japanese TV when I was there. Still a bop. Always will be a bop''.

    Squashua the lowest scorer for this ''I'm. So. Fast. The beat thuds hard in this and i'm all here for it until the chorus which is a bit of primary school auto-tuned mess. May as well have been an electro-pop version of Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round, although with those latex taxi-driver dominatrix outfits i'm not sure it'd be entirely appropriate. The middle 8 and dance break stopped me rating it below average but I think this was something Flashback and Abracadabra did a thousand times better''.

    roux ''Up there with the best of catchy, cute and completely bonkers dance-pop tracks from 2009-2012. Also one of the earliest examples of SNSD's Japanese material being better than most of their Korean output''. ajmkv described the song as ''Pretty good''.

    And finally the highest scorer and the only 11 giver to this , Salami ''This is the one. The best song by a Korean group ever. Everything about it is perfect, including the choreography and the video. I love how they all get a line in the chorus, I love the tinny drums throughout. It's a really stupid concept for a song but it works so well. The first time I saw this video I just watched everything of theirs I could and I was hooked''.

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  14. Is the extra .25 there to make the 5 seem less offensive, @Squashua?
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  15. I thought I'd given this a 10 but I guess I just wasn't feeling the song anymore.
  16. What can I say, I'm a charitable Keeper of the Peace...

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  17. Just listened a few times to their early singles , I find out we were a bit cruel to Girls Generation and Baby Baby. Specially the later one, it was the third song out.
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  18. Psstt, it's not too late to tinker with the scores... Girls Generation in particular deserved better.
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  19. Girls' Generation was well and truly robbed.
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  20. Well. I wouldn't mind so much but there's some crap still in. At least Mr Taxi went top 5, better than I expected!
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