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Rate Me If You Can: SNSD Singles Rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. I'm not including singles as we just did it but do you want me to include TTS and all solo album tracks?
  2. Oh wow, shame on me for forgetting the subunit.

    But yes please, since TTS have better album tracks than they do singles.
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  3. Brilliant winner! This was great fun, thank you @Alouder98 for your super hosting skills!
    I am ready for "Karma Butterfly" to take its rightful place at the top of the pile
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  4. If we are doing mega rate , I'm here for Karma Butterfly and Tiffany's EP .
  5. @Shockbox, I suggest that we do all of the Girls' Generation and TTS album tracks - Korean, Japanese, etc. Just please don't include the solos please. Also if we include the solos, it would clash with @Alouder98's planned solo GG rate. That's just my two cents though. Either way I'm excited.
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  6. I've added in solo's but if the majority would rather they were removed, I'll remove them.

  7. No there is no problem hon. I'll be happy If @Shockbox do solos alongside others.
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  8. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ are we having like 15 SNSD rates now?
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  9. You know what, I actually really enjoy the Japanese version &, along with Paparazzi, it's been the biggest grower out of this discography for me. Fantastic rate @Alouder98, you did GG proud. Can't wait for the next one

    And I wasn't the final rate villain hurrah!
  10. Just the one. I'm running the master rate.

    I will take all of these scores and include them in a master list at the end of my vote.
  11. No.

    No no no no no no!

    You are all wrong.
  12. And the villain wins, yes.

    Seriously, though, Genie is a masterpiece and is rightfully #1. This has been an incredible rate, thank you @Alouder98 for hosting it!
  13. I followed this from afar and I'm very happy I opened up to them. They have a stellar discography. A bit too cutesy in places, but they have fantastic songs.
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  15. Omg though, it was an amazing rate!
  16. @Remorque Are you enjoying this? kii.

    Well I just read two of my write-ups and GOD my grammar was really awful (It still is). I'm embarrassed to read the rest n n n.
  17. Hehe, sorry! I will use spoiler alert for that when I get home. (I wanted to do this 8 months ago, but I forgot).

    I added some performance to the posts and changed the annoying size of the write-ups a few days ago. Overall I wish I'd done this rate completely different but that was only two months after my joining to PJ so I kinda forgave my self.
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