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Rate on Corners. The Corrs Rate. Results: Go on... Go on!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, May 21, 2018.


Whomst is the best Corr?

  1. Andrea

  2. Caroline

  3. Jim

  4. Sharon

  1. Still no eliminations that made me feel bad so yay. As for the single, I had a decent opinion a few pages back and forgot. The singles from the first four albums are safe for me.
  2. I heard Breathless in the mall today, so I'm taking that as a good sign.

    A good sign of what, I don't know, but a good sign.
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  3. 94. Season of Our Love - 6.29
    Jupiter Calling

    Lowest score: 4.5 (@phily693)
    Highest score: 7 x 3 (@Verandi, @soratami, @londonrain)​

    More nonsense off Jupiter Calling. Quelle surprise.

    "This is trying to be sultry I think, and it’s not working." - @phily693

  4. 93. Little Wing - 6.30
    Talk on Corners

    Lowest score: 2 (@phily693)
    Highest score: 8 x 2 (@soratami, @Filippa)​

    The first proper album track from Släy on Corners to go, and it's the cover, of course. Deservedly so. It was originally by Jimi "Overrated" Hendrix; The Corrs' version was produced not by David Foster or Oliver Leiber, but rather by the band's manager, John "Not That John Hughes" Hughes. They later recorded it on Unplugged, then again with Ronnie "Didn't We Already Eliminate You" Wood for the Live in Dublin special.

    I gave it a 5, which was awfully generous.

    Speaking of awfully generous, @Filippa explains ha 8: "I love the song, I love Andrea’s voice and I love the violins. That’s how I like a cover." @phily693, meanwhile, explains ha 2.5: "So, so, so boring."

  5. [​IMG]
    Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, starring Amanda Seyfried, in theatres now.

    92./24. Heart Like a Wheel - 6.36

    Lowest score: 3 (@phily693)
    Highest score: 9.5 (@berserkboi)​

    Sadly not a cover of the amazing Human League song (though I don't think The Corrs would do that one well tibb), this is instead a cover of a Kate & Anna McGarrigle song. It's very boring. For some reason I also gave it a 5 when in all honesty it merited a 0. It was a double-A-side with Old Town (which wasn't included as a single to save my sanity), which in contrast was a 10.

    @Filippa (4) calls it "A bit boring," while @phily693 (3) goes further (of course), saying, "Boring, oh so very boring. Also why does she pronounce “wheel” like Stewie from Family Guy saying 'Cool Whip'?" @berserkboi (9.5), meanwhile, says it's "gorgeous."

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  7. I always associate the "hw" pronunciation with Tenzin from The Legend of Korra, personally.
  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I would tag some Jimi Hendrix fans to react to this, but this is forum dot popjustice dot com and the three people who actually properly love Jimi are probably in Comeback Corner not caring at all about anything to do with the Corrs, so...
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  9. Correction: Jimi "Overrated and Irrelevant" Hendrix.
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  10. Sorry this rate's been dormant for the past couple of days. I've been distracted.

  11. Okay, let's knock some shit out. And I do mean shit.

    91. All in a Day - 6.39
    In Blue

    Lowest score: 4 (@Filippa)
    Highest score: 9 (@Untitled)​

    This is probably my least favorite song off In Blue, though Rain comes close. It sounds like a B-side, and not a good one at that.

    Jim (of course) revealed on the DVD Audio: "We did a demo of that backstage at a concert in France even before Talk on Corners. It's very difficult to write on the road because it's so intense." (Tell that to Geri Halliwell.) "You're usually working an 18-hour day. So it was quite unusual." See? A song so boring half the DVD commentary isn't even about it.

    You, of course, had some commentary about it, though not much. @Filippa (4) simply returns to the old chestnut "A bit boring." @phily693 (6), meanwhile, says, "Easy listening. Nice. Just nice. The guitar chords are lovely I guess." That "I guess" is doing a lot of work there.

  12. 88. I Know My Love - 6.43
    Talk on Corners extras (from the Chieftains album Tears of Stone)

    Lowest score: 5 x 2 (@phily693, @Untitled)
    Highest score: 8 (@Verandi)​

    Now, I have had it in for The Chieftains since I was a kid and they did a genuinely unlistenable rendition of "Winnie the Pooh" for a "real singers (and Kathie Lee Gifford) sing Pooh songs" CD. Well, actually I had it on tape. Mostly I liked Kathie Lee's "Kanga-Roo Hop" and Tyler Collins' "Eeyore's Lullaby." Looking at the tracklist now, I frankly struggle to see how I could have enjoyed anything else on it. Maureen McGovern, for fuck's sake.

    ANYWAY. Like "The Lousiest Day," this was another single that I saved you lot (and myself) from by virtue of its being a collab off the other act's album. Unlike "The Worthlessest Day," it somehow made its way onto the Dreams comp, which I can only assume was because The Chieftains are Irish so The Corrs adore them like they do Bono. At least Bono's a philanthropist. What have The Chieftains done for us lately?

    "It’s okay but would be better with some cleaning up," @phily693 (5) grouses. If by "cleaning up" you mean removing The Chieftains, I'm all for it!

    @Filippa (7) exclaims, "What a lovely song!" Okay.

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  13. 88. Chasing Shadows - 6.43
    Jupiter Calling

    Lowest score: 3 (@londonrain)
    Highest score: 9 (@Verandi)​

    "This is quite experimental for them, or maybe it’s just not what I would expect from them." Let's hear it for @phily693 (5.5) for providing commentary for every Jupiter Calling song when even I'm not bothering.

    Tomorrow, we wrap up the tie with an elimination I am not pleased about.
  14. Jupiter Calling’s biggest problem is that it’s so unlike them or their sound. Maybe they were trying to appeal more to that older BBC Radio 2 listener? Although I think it sounds as if they tried to write material that Andrea’s recently diminished voice could handle live. A shame really as it’s fucking terribly boring.
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  15. *Clears throat* Ahem. kii
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  16. Shit, I left your commentary out of my spreadsheet.

    Let's catch up:
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  17. Ahah don't worry. There's a spoiler for Harmony there.
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  18. God damn it.
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  19. WAIT



    I always fuck up something, but this rate is really my pièce de résistance.
  20. Oh no, no, nooo!

    I love your rate, I love the chaos you bring along, really I do!

    But don't let me zero the Corrs. This cover is so, so, so bad that I can't listen to it. So let us forget that they ever tried it and let's celebrate the one and only Agnetha (ABBA):

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