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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Honestly I couldnot care less about the MTV unplugged, but being the sole voter for the 71 tracks plus the pre-laundry service Spanish singles I hope I can persuade some of you. Now tell me, arenot these amazing?

    Honestly, I couldnot bother about the other Spanish songs too much either (so maybe only add those two hehe). Those two are solid 10s and Ojos Asi an 11-contender. Ojos Asi was also a big hit (multiple top 20's) in some Western European countries (but not UK). Isnot it weird to leave it out then? You are not knowing what you are missing out on UK/US-folk! She was already a known name in those countries before Whenever. For me it feels weird to have them not being a part of it. Both songs embedded are the only ones to be cross-Atlantic hits from her pre-Laundry Service era so maybe that justifies adding them?

    Obviously I stand for democratics and will go along with the majority! I just had to do this. Can't blame a girl for trying!
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  2. Ojos Asi would be included though.
    Ojos Así was released in English as "Eyes Like Yours" on Laundry Service, so it would be considered the same entry.
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  3. Oh my God. Do I want to hear the English version? I am a bit afraid I guess.
  4. It's not bad by any stretch, but her Spanish material is pretty well always going to outclass the English. Like how French Celine is always better than English Celine.
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  5. I just listened and the verses are really a mess. But the chorus is still quite amazing and I love they left the middle-8 in Hindi(?). This English version will do the song in the rate no good.
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  6. I think it's Arabic. It's definitely not Hindi.
  7. I put a question mark, cause I didnot know. But that part rocks nonetheless.
  8. Oh, I gathered as much - sorry, I was clarifying, not criticising, I promise! I think the theme is meant to be Middle Eastern rather than Indian.

    Ojos Asi is the first song I ever heard by her. She did it live at some awards ceremony and knocked my socks off.
  9. Yeah, the English version of Ojos Asi would definitely be included in the rate. But I agree with Sprockrooster that the Spanish version is much better. Gosh I remember getting my life to that song when I was like 15, and teaching my friends how to shake their hips like her... those were the times

    I think that discussing whether the Spanish or English version of her songs are better will be a constant during the rate, and I think I will try to include that somehow in the reveal. For me there are songs like She Wolf, which were written in English first, that sound better than their Spanish counterparts.
  10. I know you werenot critising, but I just wanted to be clear anyway. Ojos Asi was such a massive hit in the Netherlands and the video for Ciego Sordomuda was played so much on TV. I think it is my fave video from her.

    Do not be surprised if I will be trying to persuade people to listen to Ojos Asi instead of Eyes Like Yours. But Ojos Asi is also pure nostalgia for me and I have no idea how that song works on fresh ears. I might start preparing for an early exit. Aside from that I do not think I know much songs from both sides. Only Intuition comes to mind.
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  11. After reading one of the posts from @Sprockrooster (who is a bae!), I thought what about including full English albums and any Spanish single from any era that has charted outside Latin America (including latin billboard charts) and Spain. I did some research and this would mean that we have now an excuse to include "Tu" (peaking 81 in Billboard Hot 100), "Ciega Sordomuda" (No. 1 in Rumania) and "Ojos Así" (charting everywhere in Europe). Although we do lose two features "Te lo Agradezco Pero No" and "Mi Verdad", but I am not losing sleep over those. This way it feels less arbitrary, which is good for my mental health, and the number of songs stays in a healthy 72!

    Surprisingly all of her Spanish singles since her crossover to the English market have charted somewhere in the world! global superstar indeed!
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  12. Oh, wow thanks. I am not saying charts should be ruling for which songs to be rated, but it in this case it should be. It didnot sit right with me that her pre-Laundry Spanish singles that were hits were excluded, but the post ones (that werenot hits) would be included. So thank you!

    And bless Romania!!! Though I am highly surprised Ciega Sordomuda didnot chart in the Netherlands. It was so much on the music channels (we had multiple back then). Especially on The Box it was highly in demand. I might go on search what happened there with that specific single for the Netherlands. Will bring that in the commentary.
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  13. Would there be a demand for a Sufjan rate? Minus 100 Christmas songs obv.

    Noticed he seemed to get a fair amount of fans (or at least coming out of the woodwork) with Carrie & Lowell, and the good @Number repping him with the av.

    This is not me signing up for it, by the way!
  14. I'm ready for Enjoy Your Rabbit to punch out the lessers.

    I'd be game, of course. I've spent my morning lamenting and listening to Adz and Seven Swans. From a quick count, there's 135 songs from A Sun Came to Carrie & Lowell, including All Delighted People and The Avalanche.
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  15. Ray


    Ooh. Send photo.
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  16. I'd be so here for this. Like, so unbelievably here for it. Give me any excuse to give Predatory Wasp of the Palisades the 11 it deserves.
  17. I think whoever ran it would have to be very selective. The forum seems to not be here for Christmas songs, so that's two boxsets and a mixtape there. Same for instrumentals, so there's two more albums. Then there's the Avalanche, which is all extras. They'd have to decide on whether or not to include things that were not technically albums, so All Delighted People is up in the balance (as well as the aforementioned Christmas music). And there's what to do with all the alternate versions- for example, the four different versions of Chicago officially released. Enjoy Your Rabbit basically has a full alternate album. Plus, just in writing it up there's discrepancies- a lot of the titles are different on the vinyl of Illinois compared to the CD. I have Chicago in my iTunes as "Go! CHICAGO! Go! Yeah!" because that's how it is on the vinyl.
    In short, this rate could have anywhere from six, to twenty-two bodies of work. It'd have to be navigated pretty carefully.
    That said, I do love his work, and I echo @Petty Mayonnaise on Predatory Wasp of the Palisades' 11. A rate by him would certainly be fun- I just wish it wasn't so messy to navigate.
  18. Rebel Heart demo teas. I'd recommend it be similar with a lot of rates, score whichever version you prefer.

    Off the top of my head I think it'd be sensible to rate:

    A Sun Came!
    Enjoy Your Rabbit
    Seven Swans
    The Avalanche
    The BQE
    All Delighted People
    The Age of Adz
    Carrie & Lowell
    Extras (officially released, e.g. Are The Blood, Exploding Whale, etc)

    I'd even argue to only include albums that feature ""singer Sufjan"", getting rid of Rabbit and BQE (and maybe we get rid of A Sun Came! too...)
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  19. I'll peer pressure @joe_alouder to participate.
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  20. I'd do my best to participate in the Sufjan rate.Someone needs to stan for Age of Adz.
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