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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Country music? Kii.

    Easy first eliminations though!
  2. Oh my god, hi.

    Yes. But if I had to pick one? I bet you could guess what it is!
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  3. Hmmm, there's a few candidates though even from the Ultimate Top 20 if I remember correctly, so it would depend on if you vote with any strategy. You know what my 11 would be.
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  4. I'd completely understand if you want to keep it U.S.-only but if you wanted to add UK than Ellie Campbell and Billie Piper would certainly get no arguments from anyone, I'd imagine.
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  5. Yeah I was thinking something similar. Even if it's an extras section with Billie, Ellie, Vitamin C, Martine. Or pre-reveals we could honor our fav late 90's pop flop princesses.
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  6. I need the chance to stan for "Day or Night" in a rate and I'll beg for "The Itch" to be included until I'm blue in the face even if its a long shot.
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  7. I think the US one is perfect already. Somebody do a separate European one for Billie and Ellie and you can throw in Samantha Mumba and whatever this Martine album is.
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  8. Actually this could work too. I just wanted more more more. hehe
  9. Also, I'm pretty sure if we didn't include Samantha then @Robsolete would suffocate us with our own pillows as we slept.
  10. (And call the Euro one a turn-of-the-century rate, before somebody goes, "But 2000 though!")
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  11. I guess now would be a good time to announce that after Selena, I plan to do the Vanessa Carlton rate, and then after that I've got something planned for the Disney and Nickelodeon pop queens for a compilation rate. So please no one else steal it. Thanks! xx
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  12. You would be correct!
  13. A CHVRCHES thread just got posted for a potential album in 2018, so we should totally have a rate for them if they're looking at three albums by the time it starts. @Animalia?
  14. Okay but La Mumba's Gotta Tell You, Walk of Life, Oops, and Ellie Campbell would be an iconique 2000's Pop Girl Battle. Extras could include Can't Fight The Moonlight, I Wanna Be With You, Ashley Ballard's opus Hottie, Absolutely Everybody, Debelah's Dance With Me, and a few others. It was an amazing year for girl pop.

    An argument could be made to include Louise's Elbow Beach but 85% would bomb out first, with 2 Faced maybe clinging on until the Top 20.
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  15. I believe @GhettoPrincess is planning that alongside Ashlee after she finishes Fifth Harmony.
  16. I might do. I'm still undecided on what to do for my next one but it is definitely on the top of my ideas for now.
  17. Oh I forgot about a Simpson sisters rate, yes. I honestly never even got into Jessica's music at all, so I'd be open to finding out what she has for me.
  18. I don't think I'll be signing up for another music rate for a hot minute after this one dddd. I appreciate the thought though, and I'll definitely participate if someone picks it up!
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  19. The only Iggy release on the horizon is her getting released from her contract.
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  20. A Jessica VS Ashlee rate would be epic. That Outta My Head/A Public Affair top 2.
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