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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I stick to what I said.
  2. Yas, drama two months before voting opens. I love it.
  3. What about Ashlee Simpson?
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  4. Not in theme. All artists involved were affiliated with Disney/Nick. I forgot to mention that there but figured it was obvious from that list.
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  5. Oh fair enough, it's just that Ashlee and Lindsay kinda felt like rivals at the time so it's a shame to have one and not the other.
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  6. I feel like Hilary and Lindsay were probably the biggest rivals back in the day!

    And Team Lindsay all the way.
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  7. I was just about to say Lindsay already has her big rival.
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  8. Well, Hilary, Lindsay and Ashlee were kind of the trinity in 2004. But Lindsay and Ashlee shared a more pop-rockier, slightly angsty sound and look while Hilary was more pure pop.
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  9. Also...Team Hilary all the way
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  10. Say what?!

    This typo is what you deserve for tanking a certain favorite of mine in the Alicia Keys rate.
  11. They did dominate 2014. I mean, Hilary released All About You, and the other 2... well... nope, got nothing.
  12. Lindsay is her own rival. Hillary's rival was her veneer person.

    Would Anneliese van der Pol's Over It from the Stuck in the Suburbs soundtrack be included?
    Another DCOM rarity I love is Jordan Pruitt's Outside Looking In.
  13. I'll look into it, I'm still working out the songlist. It will be close to 100 songs when finished. Never listened to Jordan before actually, so let me see if her music fits in with everything else and I'm not sure about Anneliese but we'll see.
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  14. In fact, this is what I have so far but I'm in the process of seeing what/if needs to be added for Raven (I really don't know her music at all) and I'm still trying to decide on a Dove solo song, see if Sabrina has anything that will not stick out like a sore thumb in this rate, etc. I'm also trimming down some others, though the 'Big Pop Girls of Disney' should have most of their singles...though I capped it at 10 songs. Ariana just has her first song because it was before she broke away from Nickelodeon and her later material would just dominate the rate unnecessarily. (In case anyone was prepared to question it)

    Disney/Nickelodeon Queens Rate

    Selena Gomez

    Falling Down
    Round & Round
    A Year Without Rain
    Who Says
    Love You Like a Love Song
    Hit the Lights
    Come & Get It
    Slow Down

    Demi Lovato

    Get Back
    La La Land
    Don't Forget
    Here We Go Again
    Remember December
    Give Your Heart a Break
    Heart Attack
    Made in the USA
    Neon Lights
    Really Don't Care

    Hilary Duff

    Why Not
    So Yesterday
    Come Clean
    Our Lips Are Sealed
    Wake Up
    With Love
    All About You

    Aly & AJ

    Chemicals React
    On the Ride
    Potential Breakup Song
    Like Whoa

    Ashley Tisdale

    Be Good to Me
    He Said She Said
    No Like That
    It's Alright, It's OK
    Crank It Up
    Acting Out

    Vanessa Hudgens

    Come Back to Me
    Say OK
    Let's Dance

    Lindsay Lohan

    Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)

    Bella Thorne

    Call It Whatever
    Watch Me (promo) (w/ Zendaya)
    Fashion Is My Kryptonite (w/ Zendaya)

    Bridgit Mendler

    Ready or Not

    Sofia Carson

    Love Is the Name
    Chillin Like a Villain (w/ Dove Cameron)

    Lucy Hale

    Run This Town
    Make You Believe
    Bless Myself

    China Anne McClain

    Calling All the Monsters
    What's My Name

    Olivia Holt

    Had Me @ Hello

    Dove Cameron



    Victoria Justice

    Freak the Freak Out
    Beggin' On Your Knees

    Emily Osment

    All the Way Up
    You Are the Only One
    Let's Be Friends

    Miley Cyrus

    See You Again
    Start All Over
    7 Things
    Fly on the Wall
    Party in the U.S.A.
    Can't Be Tamed
    Who Own My Heart
    We Can't Stop
    Wrecking Ball

    Bea Miller

    Young Blood
    Fire n Gold

    Coco Jones

    Holla at the DJ

    Elle Winter

    Day Away

    Miranda Cosgrove

    About You Now
    Kissin U
    Dancing Crazy

    Ariana Grande

    Put Your Hearts Up
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  15. That rate is going to be great. And good of you to include an Ariana song, that'll force all of her stans to vote, just to give it an 11.
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  16. I hope this is sarcasm, because I was here for the Ariana discography rate and I was the only 10 if I remember correctly. They all despise that song, but it fits in so well with all the other bubblegum teen-pop there is.
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  17. Oh so much that. I'm actually listening to it for the first time now. It's cute but that sample is a bit too much.
  18. The whole song is flawless.

    Much like my girl groups rate there will probably be a lot of songs people don't know, but they should still vote with an open mind because anyone who did that flop groups rate can tell you that they made a ton of discoveries from songs they probably would have never listened to otherwise. It'll be a bop paradise.
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  19. I'll be there to ensure Dancing Crazy gets the top 10 placement it deserves


    Also, looking at that list, it's so obvious what song will end up in last place...
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  20. I'm not sure what the "obvious last place" song is, but Dancing Crazy should be in the Top 10 for sure. I'd ask @Jeffo to vote but then I'd have to tell them "no you can't just send an 11 in for Dancing Crazy and vote for nothing else".
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