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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Nah, I went over their songs a few times and made what I thought would be the best choices for this rate. I will allow voters to send me honorable mentions with their votes and be sure to post them with reveals, or they can post their personal favorites and do a small writeup with it as is kind of 'traditional' with big compilation rates like this.
  2. Even though I hold nothing personal against that poster, I feel like this one would make a strong case to only host a rate in the future with a co-host. Just to be sure.
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  3. I suspect it was pure inexperience in this case, but announcing a rate with over 360 songs in it and a 3-week deadline to send in scores was a big red flag that they had bitten off more than they could chew. Even if they had revealed two songs a day, that would have been six months on reveals alone. Perhaps there should be an official limit on how many songs can be in a rate.

    I feel for the people who actually sat down and rated all the songs. I wanted to participate but just couldn't do so many songs in such a short time.
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  4. There was no way I was going through that many NOW! albums and scoring every song I knew. If someone ever wanted to do the NOW! albums they would have to just ask people to send in their Top 10 Eurovision style for each album and reveal the rankings based on what songs got the most points. This would actually be fairly easy for someone to handle.
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  5. Cosign on both of these points.

    I almost feel like we should go farther in cases where people start a rate and then abandon in midway through without even acknowledging why they're not updating it while still posting elsewhere on the forum, and ban them from signing up for hosting rates in the future (if not indefinitely, then for a period of a year or something). It's different in cases where the original host is forthcoming that they're too busy/overcommitted and asks for help from @RainOnFire or other posters in completing the rate, or when the original host disappears from the forum entirely (poor @D.F.P.). But in cases where the original host is still actively posting elsewhere on the forum, it's inexcusable.

    (I think for the most part, these people have realized that they shouldn't sign up for future rates and haven't done so, but I can think of at least one case where this hasn't happened.)
  6. 360 songs for one rate?!

  7. I think @Spiral has said they'll continue it in January but not given an exact date so they should probably think about that going forward.
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  8. You're flawless.
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  9. You helped. ;)
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  10. I'm clearing a large amount Sunday and then it'll be a top 150 countdown kind of thing, to make up for the delay. Certainly bit off more than I could chew. Sorry for the delays and inconveniences to everyone.
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  11. I'm on board for Hazey's mega-rate, (I know the majority of the songs already...oops)

    Kii at Victoria Justice in an Ari-free zone.
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  12. Okay but I think we ALL know that it would be a crime to host this rate and exclude the absolutely iconic "Best Friend's Brother"

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  13. Is there a Grimes rate (I don't see one on the completed rates list)? If not, I would love to run one after her new album comes out this year.
  14. Yeah, I don't see a Grimes rate on the completed rates list and her new album will probably be out by the time I get to the top of the queue, so can you sign me up for Grimes @RainOnFire?
  15. I honestly didn't think anybody would call for that particular song, but I decided against it and All I Want Is Everything and have her best represented. Sorry!
  16. The Natalia Kills Rate has been resuscitated! It's time for part deux, and if any one of you guys wanna join in you have until Sunday January 14th 9 AM CET to give me your scores and commentaries. We desperately need more people to join in, and it's only 20+ songs to rate - so give it a go!

    Here's the link to the songs still in the running.

  17. So here's an idea that got floated in my current 90's rate thread: a rate for 90's one-hit wonders. Love that idea, personally. I wouldn't take it on right now myself (I've still got to finish the 1990-94 half of my current rate and do the 1995-99 half, after all), but I'm wondering if there's anybody else out there who'd be winning to run such a thing?
  18. Ready to 11 the 4 Non Blondes (I actually have a working list of one hit wonders at home; not only 90's songs).
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  19. Can you sign me up for a CHVRCHES rate @RainOnFire? I might end up changing my mind if they don't release a 3rd album by the time it comes around but this is the idea I wanna do the most currently.
  20. Ray


    Interestingly (?) when Younger Younger 28s failed to set the charts on fire they became a wedding band called One-Hit Wonders, playing covers of one-hit wonders' hits.

    Wish I could find footage of them somewhere, but searching for "one hit wonders" surprisingly didn't return the results I wanted.
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