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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Yes, those 2 have to be there too. I was thinking Keri too, since her first album was released in the 00s still.

    And I did say *most* girls @2014, I know there have been Kelis and Ciara rates, but I think that's all as far as the acts I listed.
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  2. I'd definitely be here for the inclusion of Keri!

    Still a bop.
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  3. Here to 11 Lose Control.

    Oh wait Ashanti is here with Only U. Never mind.
  4. I actually wouldn't be opposed to having P!nk's first album singles in there too, they definitely fit the theme of the rate. And at least she'd do better than what she did in that other rate hehe
  5. NOT with Nelly going “all of it depends on the way you shaking your anus” you don’t.

    (That song so needs a Nelly-free version.)

    Anyway, that album is from 2010 and so doesn’t qualify.
  6. This, on the other hand is definitely a 10

    Yes, even with the "I hope your vagina tight" lyric. Keri, queen of extra features.
  7. Meh at no one linking a Ciara number yet (whether she qualifies or not) - here's a killer!

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  8. Why is Lil’ Wayne always like this, though? The man has zero chill.
  9. That's actually from 2010, but practically all of Ciara's singles from the 00s are also amazing anyway

  10. A solo Spice rate will probably follow the regular group one, again I'm finding it difficult to narrow down what should be included?
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  11. Havana feat. Young Thug is the winner of the Camila Cabello section of the Fifth Harmony rate and it's now all finished.

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  12. @RainOnFire Ive finished the Charts Rate. Green Light claims another victory. New Rules finished 2nd, Anywhere 3rd.
  13. Not Rita getting blocked from #1 yet again.
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  14. And she wasn't even #1 during mid week rate this time.
  15. If the same song wins multiple rates does that mean one of the #2s get to be entered in the winner's rate?
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  16. That's my understanding. So for @ohnostalgia 's charts rates, it would be Dua Lipa's "New Rules" entering the winner's rate, not Lorde's "Green Light" since that's already won two rates so far (but will be entering the winner's rate due to its first win in @Laura Vanderbooben 's Big Pop Girls 2017 rate).

    It seems most fair to go with the chronological first win, so if heavy favorite "New Rules" wins @Petty Mayonnaise 's 2017 #1s rate, then that rate's runner-up would enter the winner's rate (so no loophole by which Rita Ora's Anywhere, bronze medalist from @ohnostalgia 's rate, would qualify as both its gold and silver medalists had won other rates...sorry!).

    It seems like this is the most recent version of @Sprockrooster 's list of winner's rate songs? Though I'm not sure if it's been updated to include all winners since the last rate/all eligible runner-ups.
  17. But the likely runner-up in the 2017 #1s rate is Havana, which already won the Camila Cabello rate...


    So then, what would make the winners rate? The charts rate #3 (Anywhere), the 2017 #1s rate #3 (TBA) or the Camila rate #2 (Something's Gotta Give)?

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  18. If we go by the first winner (or runner-up to an existing winner) chronologically (by the date the rate concludes and the winner is announced, not the date the rate starts), it's simple:

    - Havana enters the winner's rate as the winner of @GhettoPrincess 's Camila Cabello solo section rate (winner revealed on 2/23/18).
    - New Rules enters the winner's rate as the runner-up of @ohnostalgia 's charts rate (winner revealed on 2/23/18)
    - Whatever the highest ranking song is - that isn't already a winner's rate entrant - in @Petty Mayonnaise 's rate enters the winner's rate, be it the #1, #2, or #3 placing song.
  19. Poor "New Rules". Always a bridesmaid never a bride.
  20. I suppose that makes sense. Poor Rita can't catch a break.
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