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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. RESULTS have started on the Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate!​

  2. Are these amendments still happening, @RainOnFire?

    Let us know if there's anything we can do to help.
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  3. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Thank you for the heads-up @Mina! I thought I had done it, my bad. It's been updated now!
  4. @RainOnFire - if wanting to do a Part 2 to a rate - does it go back to the end of the rate queue or can it start as soon as the first one ends?
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  5. Thank you @RainOnFire! Are we keeping track of the backup hosts anywhere?
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  6. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    I'm currently sorting it all out, and I'll update the main page once it's done.
    It can start once you're done Part 1.
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  7. Are you planning a part 2 to your current girl group debut rate, @berserkboi?
  8. Yes, I want to do like a 'signature' song one for the poor bands who are not represented the best way with these songs and see how they fare!

    No repeats of songs from round one and I might get people to nominate their favourite. Whichever gets the highest nomination for each act will be the song chosen!
  9. I've had the second part of my Janet rate on hold as I believe she'll release new material later this year, is it a cheek to ask if I may open the Spice Girls one instead?
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  10. So the exact same list of groups, but a different song by each, unless they were a one hit wonder and don't have any other acts to choose from? Or expanding the list to include more girl groups that weren't in the current rate and picking an iconic song for each?

    Either way, I'm not sure that it's a straightforward part 2 like many multipart rates here where the entire scope of the rate is planned in advance and divided upfront because it's too many (well over 100 or so) songs to score at once.
  11. I love that idea, I'd thought of suggesting something like that even but guess I didn't have to!
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  12. Yes, the exact list of groups for the sake of consistency. Most were not 1 hit wonders, but if they were - maybe their other most well known song? Otherwise, they don't get included at all....
  13. I know a lot of the acts this time around were new to many people and don't really have PJ fanbases, so maybe instead of having people rate another song of theirs, you could pick some old and new favorite acts from the current rate and include more than one song per act?

    In any case, this seems like more of a spin-off than a true part 2 the way you're describing it, so maybe @RainOnFire can clarify whether you can start this after your current rate or whether this needs to go back in the queue.
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  14. Justice for Kusha Las Payas.
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  15. I feel like you and I might be the only high scorers for that one...
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  16. Spin-off would be all different girls. It's the same list of artists but with another song. Sounds like a part 2 to me.
  17. Semantically, sure, but depending on what @RainOnFire says, it might be different enough to warrant a separate wait in the rate queue. Basically, we have to wait 8-12 months between the time we propose doing a rate and when we're given the go-ahead to start it, and the number of new rates allowed to start per month depends on how many are currently running. Usually the scope of a rate is stated upfront, and if it's a large enough undertaking (i.e. a complete discography rate for an act that's released 10+ albums like what @Ray is doing for the Pet Shop Boys, every Billboard #1 airplay hit of the '90s which @Ironheade is currently running, the three-parter @GhettoPrincess recently finished consisting of Fifth Harmony's discography, the current members' solo projects, and former member Camila's discography, etc.) the host will state in advance that it'll be split up into two or more parts. A lot of rates do spawn really cool and interesting ideas for follow-up rates by the host or participants - for instance, I think the '90s rate has spawned several future rate ideas - a '90s one hit wonders rate which @Ironheade will hopefully put in the queue after his current rate finishes, and a British pop girls of 2000 rate concept which has garnered a lot of interest but no one has signed up to run yet. And @ufint and the rest of us enjoyed his PJ Favorites rate idea so much that he's signed up to host another iteration of it once it comes up in the queue. But generally these ideas that weren't part of the original rate concept have to wait in the queue with everyone else, for the sake of fairness to everyone.
  18. .........if y'all are interested in what the k-pop subforum has going on.

    The Girl Group Gaon #1s rate is accepting votes.
  19. This erasure of @iheartpoptarts and I's 90s Eurodance rate theaux.
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