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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Said like a true MKS demon.
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  2. "It has all the trappings of an iconic rate."
    - @soratami

    "Can someone tell me why we are doing [this]?"
    - @DJHazey

    213BABB7-9D63-411B-9778-22819EB2E6A1.jpeg Ready for liftoff 30 April 2018

    (For the record, @DJHazey wasn't being shady at all, but it made me chuckle to pretend like that was the case.)
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  3. Very much looking forward to that one!
  4. I am planning to be queued for opening in a month or so with the zeroes female poprock rate. I am still a bit on the fence about some parts, but I feel like settled on the main girls. But feel free to comment on this too!
    • Anastacia's self-titled will be part of this added with one extra track 'Everything Burns'. There were two extra tracks for the main girls, but that feels a bit much, so I cut the second one. For Anastacia 'Pieces of A Dream' was cut. Everything Burns always felt like part of the era as it was released quite soon after the final single from the Anastacia-era. She stills performs this one a lot so that validates that.
    • Avril Lavigne's The Best Damn Thing is her biggest chart success and is therefore added. Also recently her thread proved it is hard to pinpoint a strong favourite album by her biggest fans as they are all good in their own way. Added to this will be a personal fave and big rate success in the rate @DJHazey hosted: 'I Will Be'.
    • Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway is the clear opus here, while she definitely has many other strong albums too. I will add Sober as it always proves to be a force to be reckoned with in rates. A true crowdpleaser and I am interested to find out how it stands in this rate.
    • P!nk's 'I'm Not Dead' is a true opus (in my opinion perhaps?) and she shall not be underrated in my rate, so she will fully be represented and added with the dark rock anthem 'Last To Know'.

    This makes 54 tracks.

    I am on the fence about including Evanescence's 'Fallen'. As an artist they will fall out of place by not being a solo female poprock star, but I would love to rate this album and I do not see it getting easily combined with other albums in a rate. I am aware there might be upcoming rate by this band by @Lost Boy, but I am not sure if that is really planned after his now queued Swedish Pop Queens rate? What do you all think of including this?

    From the extra girls that were already discusses I am on the fence about some of them; they all had three first, but I have cut them too a bit:
    • Michelle Branch is added to the queue by @RUNAWAY. It feels a bit weird to rate her biggest successes first in this rate (Everywhere, All You Wanted, Goodbye To You) and have a rate by this woman following. So I am leaving her out.
    • Ana Johnsson has two tracks left now being 'Coz I Can' and 'We Are' (my fave and her biggest hit). I have cut 'Don't Cry For Pain'.
    • Ashlee Simpson will still be represented by 'Boyfriend', 'LaLa' and 'Little Miss Obsessive'. Since @GhettoPrincess is (perhaps no longer) doing the Simpson rate I can add 'Pieces of Me' too?
    • Marion Ravn will be represented by 'Heads Will Roll', 'Break You' and 'Here I Am'. Is this still right?
    • Vanessa Amorosi will still be represented by 'Kiss Your Mama' and 'Perfect. Perhaps also 'Start It'?
    • Melanie C has been added (cause I forgot about her ddd) with the poprock anthems 'Goin' Down' and 'Next Best Superstar'
    • I suddenly thought about to add Christina Aguilera's Fighter as it is a massive piece of poprock and perhaps essential to this rate?
    If it goes as stated above it would make 66-69 tracks (excluding Evanescence). Thoughts?

    Also, is there anyone interested in being my back up host? Hit me up via PM please.
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  5. Fallen doesn’t fit in at all.
  6. If you are actually doing an Evanescence rate after the Swedish Pop Girls it isn't necessary at all! But sonically it is very different, but three songs have the involvement of Ben Moody ddd.
  7. On Avril, be sure to also add bonus track 'Alone', if you're adding 'I Will Be'.

    I'm happy with the Marion choices.
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  8. Since you're skipping Avril's true magnum opus (Under My Skin), I'd like to put a plug in for including maybe 1-2 of its best songs, so that my 0s for The Worst Damn Thing are balanced out by some 10s? My Happy Ending and Fall to Pieces would be my two suggestions.

    While Evanescence's entire album would probably be too discordant, I'd be fine with giving them a nod by including 1-2 of their best songs from that era - maybe Bring Me to Life and My Immortal?

    Other suggestions for artists to feature with 1-2 songs:
    - Bonnie McKee, from her 2004 debut album (suggested tracks: Trouble, Somebody) - because no one seems up for that Bonnie McKee discography/songwriting rate I keep suggesting *sob*
    - Liz Phair, from her 2003 self-titled album (suggested tracks: Why Can't I?, Extraordinary)
    - Lindsay Lohan (suggested tracks: First, Over) - some overlap with @DJHazey 's current rate though
    - The Veronicas, from their debut album, if you're going to expand to not just solo females (suggested tracks: 4Ever, Everything I'm Not) - some overlap with @berserkboi 's current rate with 4Ever
    - Fefe Dobson, from her 2003 debut album (suggested tracks: so many amazing choices. My favorites are Take Me Away and Everything)
    - Paramore (if you decide to include Evanescence), from their first few albums (suggested tracks: Pressure, Misery Business, CrushCrushCrush) - since @alanmr 's Paramore rate is delayed
  9. Yeah feel free to add Pieces of Me too if you want @Sprockrooster.
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  10. Is Out Of My Head too pop?
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  11. You must must must include This Is Who I Am! Iconic pop rock bop and also her first #1.
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  12. @Sprockrooster I almost think a 00s pop-rock girls singles rate would be better since we seem to be adding so many extras and I can help with a list if you'd like, where you could make a few exceptions like "I Will Be" for instance.
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  13. I'd prefer not, actually. There are a lot of gems in the albums @Sprockrooster has chosen that are more than worth listening to; for instance, my all-time favorite Pink song is an album track from I'm Not Dead.
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  14. I wouldn't include Fighter @Sprockrooster. Xtina has a much bigger following in this forum and it'd probably end up overshadowing the other girls a bit.
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  15. It is just beginning to feel random to have like three full albums and 45 artists with three singles is all.
  16. I tend to agree. Xtina's music overall isn't pop/rock, though Fighter is the closest she gets to that.

    4 complete albums from 4 major names together totalling about 54 songs + ~5-10 other artists represented by 1-2 songs apiece, for a total of around ~75 songs, seems pretty comparable to many other multi-artist rates around here.

    It's ultimately up to you, @Sprockrooster, since it's your vision and your rate, but the way you've currently designed the song list, you're choosing 4 big acts - Kelly, Pink, Avril, and Anastacia, from the golden age of female-driven pop/rock as the anchors of the rate to draw people in based on name recognition, with an extras section of more peripheral/niche acts that help enrich the genre but don't overtake the focus.
  17. On an unrelated note, as many of you probably already know and have been discussing, Swedish producer Avicii passed away today at age 28. It doesn't seem as if his music has ever been rated here. Would anyone be interested in an Avicii discography rate featuring his songs as well as selected prominent collaborations/remixes he put together? I know the combination of EDM influences + male vocals in many of his self-released songs may put people off, but he achieved a lot of mainstream success, and personally, I've found so much of his music inspiring over the years.

    I'd consider swapping my current rate in the queue for this one if that means it would switch into List A and be eligible to start in the next month or so (given that all of List A is currently delayed so this would presumably move to the top), but if not, and someone else wants to adopt this idea, go for it.
  18. I am answering to the suggestions below, but if you still have them keep them coming!

    I actually agree on Under My Skin being her opus, but it feels weird to put a niche favourite, which not all Avril fans agree on against those all blockbuster selling albums, where she personally has The Best Damn Thing. 'I Will Be' is a massive personal favourite, so it might feel weird to add a bonus track to this, but seeing it did well in DJHazeys rate there is some validity there (all other bonus tracks are excluded).

    I just want the whole album to rate as it is one of my alltime favourites and it comes up in (rate) discussions quite often. But Evanescence is out as it really would be an odd one out.

    Since The Veronicas had their rate and Lindsay Lohan was just rated for her most prolific songs (and seeing how she did there doesn't help) are probably not added. Paramore is also out because of Evanescence going.

    Leaving Bonnie, Liz and Fefe and I am definitely open for that. Especially if they are unlikely to be rated (that is how Vanessa Amorosi, Ana Johnsson and Marion Raven got in).

    Pieces of Me will be added, but I feel like Out of My Head is too much pop and perhaps more urban than rock. I absolutely adore the song, but adding this would feel like validating adding Never Be The Same Again for Melanie C and the rate would become less poprocky.
    I didn't include it at first because I felt like it is too poppy, but it has a bit more rock elements than Out of My Head, so let me add it as some of our main girls also have clear poppy songs.

    It actually started as a singles rate from the zeroes, but I do feel like having big albums there is definitely helping some of the girls out and makes it interesting, especially because of their status of albums.
    It is out, because it would open up way too many other songs (Britney's I Love Rock & Roll for instance). '

    Main Girls:
    Anastacia's Anastacia + Everything Burns (13 tracks)
    Avril's The Best Damn Thing + I Will Be (making it 26 tracks)
    Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway + Sober (making it 39 tracks)
    P!nk's I Am Not Dead + Last To Know (making it 53 tracks)

    Ana Johnsson We Are + Cuz I Can (2 tracks)
    Ashlee Simpson Pieces Of Me + LaLa + Boyfriend + Little Miss Obsessive (making it 6 tracks)
    Marion Raven Here I Am + Break You + Heads Will Roll (making it 9 tracks)
    Melanie C Goin' Down + Next Best Superstar (making it 11 tracks)
    Vanessa Amorosi This Is Who I Am + Kiss Your Mama + Perfect (making it 14 tracks)

    I do not know these ladies quite well, so I am going for @Mina's suggestions:
    Bonnie McKee Trouble + Somebody (2 tracks)
    Fefe Dobson Take Me Away + Everything (making it 4 tracks)
    Liz Phair Why Can't I + Extraordinary (making it 6 tracks)

    A grand total of 73 tracks
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  19. Sounds like a great idea. I don’t know his full discography but would be willing to give it a listen for a rate!
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  20. That sounds like a lovely tribute, and a great rate.
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