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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. There are two weeks left to vote in my 1998 Ladies of R&B rate, which features the 1998 albums by Brandy, Monica, Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill.

    Please come and vote!

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  2. Don't swap your rate for it though! It has such a great song list and is bound to be so much fun it'd be a shame to give up on it.
  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I'd love to rate I'm Not Dead, a killer with little filler kind of album!
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  4. I've been thinking about it a lot and this is the (pretty much) final list for the Swedish Pop Girls rate. I was toying with adding the Scandi for the likes of Bergen, Sigrid, etc but I think we can have a really strong and consistent rate like the last one with some really fantastic recent albums out of Sweden:

    '71 Charger
    Jupiter Drive
    Hate the Way I Love You
    I Go Ego
    Heart On Hold
    Love Me America

    Tove Lo

    disco tits
    shivering gold
    dont ask dont tell
    9th of october
    bad days
    hey you got drugs?

    Tove Styrke

    Say My Name
    On The Low
    Changed My Mind
    I Lied
    On A Level
    Liability (Lorde Cover)


    Black Lies
    You Only Say You Love Me in the Dark
    Someone New
    Don't Need To
    I Got You
    Love You Like I Should



    Stay Off My Mind
    In the Mood
    Russian Soul
    This Vibe

    Kate Boy

    True Colours

    Lykke Li

    deep end
    hard rain


    Lost Song

    Maja Francis
    I'm Not a Disco
    Saved By the Summer
    Cry Baby

    Marlene, Ji Nilsson

    I'm pretty happy but I know I've probably missed some! Please tell me now what you think as I start to finalise. Keep in mind I've tried to keep it to fairly recent releases. It's 67 songs which means I think we can add a few more. I kind of want to add the Marlene EP for being SO GOOD, but that was released in June so........ up to y'all.

    Just waiting for Tove Styrke's albumEP to drop before we start.
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  5. No Jenny Wilson?
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  6. ionnalee has that kind of experimental, dark, electronic album position filled and LO'HI/Rapin* are... well I don't think they're very good, and they'd just burn out straight away. Maybe one from the album? I wasn't going to bring in ionalee initially but the impact is kind of undeniable.

    Plus the last rate was Heal / Kiddo / Queen of the Clouds / Veritas (and I would have added Kate Boy's One too). These five albums make sense to me as the sequel.
  7. Wait? What? Do you know the meaning behind those songs?? I'm triggered.

    No biggie though. I just think of her when talking Quality Swedish Female Artists and she just released an album so...

    The rest of the rate looks flawless and exciting!
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  8. I just mean... they're very experimental and not easy to listen to. I don't want to include songs (especially if they mean a lot) that will probably just not translate to many other people and leave at like... #60.

    If y'all feel like these will be good inclusions, let me know

    It's going to be a great rate!
  9. @Sprockrooster, in the end, if someone puts any 00s female pop-rock in front of me I'm probably going to listen to it and score it, so I'll be there no matter what.
  10. I would actually vote in this. Give me a chance to vote in a @Mina rate.
  11. So it looks like the Avicii discography rate will be happening #soon. In order to encourage as much participation as possible, my plan is to include all of Avicii's major hits + widespread releases and leave out the majority of the more obscure, pre-mainstream-success tracks as possible. I'd like the final song list to be under 50 songs.

    Here's my provisional list. If I've left off your favorites/the songs that would induce you to participate, let me know.

    Pre-2013 Hits (4 tracks)
    1. Seek Bromance (2010)
    2. Fade Into Darkness (2011)
    3. Levels (2011)
    4. Silhouettes (2012)

    True (2013) (15 tracks)
    1. Wake Me Up lyric video | official video
    2. You Make Me lyric video | official video
    3. Hey Brother lyric video | official video
    4. Addicted to You lyric video | official video
    5. Dear Boy
    6. Liar Liar
    7. Shame on Me
    8. Lay Me Down
    9. Hope There’s Someone
    10. Heart Upon My Sleeve album version (instrumental only) | vocal edit
    11. Always on the Run (bonus)
    12. Long Road to Hell (bonus)
    13. All You Need is Love (bonus)

    The Days/The Nights EP (2014) (2 tracks)
    1. The Days lyric video
    2. The Nights lyric video | official video

    Stories (2015) (14 tracks)
    1. Waiting for Love lyric video | official video
    2. Talk to Myself lyric video
    3. Touch Me lyric video
    4. Ten More Days lyric video
    5. For a Better Day official video
    6. Broken Arrows lyric video | official video
    7. True Believer lyric video
    8. City Lights lyric video
    9. Pure Grinding official video
    10. Sunset Jesus lyric video
    11. Can’t Catch Me lyric video
    12. Somewhere in Stockholm lyric video
    13. Trouble lyric video
    14. Gonna Love Ya lyric video

    Avici (01) EP (2017) (6 tracks)
    1. Friend of Mine ft. Vargas & Lagola lyric video | official video
    2. Lonely Together ft. Rita Ora lyric video | official video
    3. You Be Love ft. Billy Raffoul lyric video | official video
    4. Without You ft. Sandro Cavazza lyric video
    5. What Would I Change It To ft. AlunaGeorge lyric video
    6. Sandro Cavazza - So Much Better (Avicii remix)

    Select Collaborations (6 tracks)
    1. w/ Nadia Ali - Rapture (Avicii New Generation Remix) (2010)
    2. w/ Armin van Buuren ft. Laura V - Drowning (Avicii Remix) (2011)
    3. w/ Leona Lewis - Collide (2011)
    4. w/ Nicky Romero - I Could Be the One (2012) | acoustic version
    5. w/ Benny & Bjorn - We Write the Story - Official Anthem of Eurovision 2013
    6. w/ Madonna - Rebel Heart (demo)

    Extras (1 track)
    1. Feeling Good (2015) official video

    Spotify playlist
    Does not include:
    Heart Upon My Sleeve vocal edit (the instrumental version is on the Spotify playlist)
    Always on the Run
    Long Road to Hell
    We Write the Story

    Rebel Heart (demo)

    Total thus far: 46 tracks
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  12. I can see my potential 11 on the list so we are all good! Should Good Feeling with Florida (if I somehow missed it from the list) be included? It would most certainly get a high score from me?
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  13. Avicii's involvement with that song was sampling it in Levels, so it will definitely be represented!
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  14. I feel like you're really setting Avril up to fail here. I think it was much better before with Under My Skin as her representation, obviously it's down to you and I'll participate because I like most of those albums, but The Best Damn Thing is not a good album and will be first out.
  15. Yeah, I actually feel the same way. But Avril would again be the odd one out as it is not represented by her blockbuster selling album. @DJHazey do you happen to have the album averages from your Avril rate? Maybe that can tell us something?
  16. Here's the rate thread. It seems a lot of the album recaps were in the form of images that are no longer available due to the hosting site being flaky. Anyway, I've pulled the main tracklistings for both albums and listed the songs by their placings:

    The Best Damn Thing
    #66 I Don't Have To Try 5.773
    #64 One Of Those Girls 6.091
    #62 The Best Damn Thing 6.288
    #61 Everything Back But You 6.318
    #50 Contagious 6.636
    #44 I Can Do Better 6.970
    #22 Innocence 7.818
    #19 Runaway 8.152
    #14 Keep Holding On 8.333
    #12 Girlfriend 8.364
    #11 Hot 8.424
    #7 When You're Gone 8.621

    Under My Skin
    #55 Freak Out 6.455
    #47 Who Knows 6.864
    #43 He Wasn't 7.000
    #37 Forgotten 7.167
    #35 How Does it Feel 7.242
    #30 Slipped Away 7.394
    #23 Together 7.667
    #15 Take Me Away 8.258
    #13 Fall To Pieces 8.348
    #9 Don't Tell Me 8.485
    #8 Nobody's Home 8.530
    #3 My Happy Ending 9.273
  17. 33 voters decided:

    Under My Skin - 7.548
    The Best Damn Thing - 7.399
    Avril Lavigne - 7.296
    Goodbye Lullaby - 7.179
    Let Go - 7.132
  18. Also that shows none of her albums are objectively 'not good' and using that to describe any of her albums makes me cringe. She's a very consistent artist.
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  19. The Best Damn Thing is not good.
  20. What is the deciding factor for these albums? Cause @Sprockrooster is going between their best album (I’m Not Dead) and their best selling (Anastacia, Breakaway). But then where does The Best Damn Thing fit in? It’s not her best and it’s definitely not her best selling either.

    Either way, like I said, it’s down to your personal decision, I love 3/4 of the albums but it just feels very unfair to Avril to have her worst album representing her when it’s not defining for her in any way like the other girl’s albums.
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