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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I absolutely adore Under My Skin and I feel like that is my favourite album by her. But to be honest I do not feel like she has a big magnum opus that eclipses others. I think I would rank The Best Damn Thing third personally, after Goodbye Lullaby. However I feel like the Best Damn Things is her biggest era and it does host my favourite songs by her. I tried to have all the artist represented by their biggest era, but maybe we should go for her highest average then in that rate. Let me check those averages without bonus tracks cause I think they bring the average up for TBDT and down for UMS.
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  2. If it’s biggest era then it’s by far Let Go.
  3. I'd rather rate TBDT, it feels more in line with the other albums in that rate. Let Go wouldn't really fit that well, being the only debut and also having been released well before any of the others.
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  4. This just feels like you and Mina coming in with your opinion on the album and not really a valid argument. It carries about as much weight as me saying her self-titled is clearly her worst album. Like most albums, it has a few tracks that aren't rated that highly, but what's new? Otherwise it has a handful of songs more universally known than I'd argue Under My Skin has. Someone voting in this rate who isn't a huge Avril fan, what are they going to know besides My Happy Ending and maybe Don't Tell Me? So I'd argue Under My Skin is going to be treated more unfairly when TBDT which has When You're Gone, Hot, Girlfriend, and Keep Holding On that most pop fans will know even if they aren't big Avril fans.

    It's true though that if we're going on commercial success alone (which I don't think we are here), it's Let Go hands down...no argument there.
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  5. I'd suggest Under My Skin just because it's actually from the same year as Breakaway and Anastacia, so the rate would be a great snapshot of female pop-rock from that moment in time. It would seem weird to ignore an album that was actually released two months after Anastacia and six months before Breakaway.

    (Pink didn't release an album in 2004 but it would make sense to include either 2003's Try This or 2006's I'm Not Dead if you really want to include her. Otherwise you could boot her in favour of another 2004 pop-rock album like Alanis Morissette's So-Called Chaos.)
  6. I agree with @BEST FICTION and @londonrain. I'd be a lot more inclined to rate if it were Under My Skin. Also, I would be willing to rate Ashlee's Autobiography in its entirety, which was also released in 2004.
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  7. But a lot of the extras in the rate aren't from 2004 so this stipulation really isn't important anyways.
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  9. Let's not act like her first two albums are good either.
  10. [​IMG]

    They're classics.
  11. I like all her albums.
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  12. That's why the idea I PMed @Sprockrooster with might suit everyone. Let's see what he thinks.
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  13. At least put in Marlene's Miss You a Little! And poor Seinabo Sey.

    You're missing the Miss Li album from last year, as well!

    Can you put in Party Voice just for the kii.
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  14. I had Miss Li down with ‘The Day I Die’ buuuut the above extra selections are all 2018 releases (pretty much, I think ‘True Colours’ is the only exception?) and Loreen/Lo/Styrke we’re always the main three.
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  15. ok but add in party voice so it could snatch the win
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  16. DONE.

    Y’all only have to ask for the extras (as long as they’re 2018).
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  17. Whatever. The fact remains that TBDT is her "big pop" album/era, same as the other albums selected for the rate, so it makes the most sense for the rate. I'm sure there are people who would prefer Try This or My December, etc, but they wouldn't fit as well. I think @Sprockrooster made the perfect choices.
  18. I'm Not Dead isn't P!nk's "big pop era". Funhouse was bigger in every single way. Nothing against Sprockrooster, I just think if we're not being consistent with why the albums are being chosen, then why are we settling for The Best Damn Thing when there's no set guideline for why an album is chosen. Under My Skin has way more of a chance to survive in the rate than The Best Damn Thing which is an easy first out.
  19. This is such a weird argument. The people participating are much more likely to know Don't Tell Me, My Happy Ending, Nobody's Home & Fall To Pieces over ANY song from The Best Damn Thing besides Girlfriend. On top of that, it's a Pop/Rock Girls rate, so if people don't know Avril's album, what chance do they have with Anastacia or P!nk's which weren't nearly as successful as Under My Skin.
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