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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Does anybody have any methods for breaking ties? I know some people go by the amount of 10 and 11s but are there other methods? And does anybody use them to break regular ties, or are ties broken just in the case of the winner? I've only seen ties broken for the winning song.
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  2. I broke a tie on my rate with who received the lowest score out of two entries with the same amount of 10s...
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  3. In my Born This Way / Teenage Dream / Warrior versus rate, I included "controversy" scores, which were basically the standard deviations of each of the songs.

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  4. These are both really good ideas. Thanks.
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  5. 3 days left to vote in the Grimes Rate! The voter pool is small enough at the moment that every vote makes a big difference!
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  6. I'm probably the only person who doesn't believe in breaking ties as a host. I personally just feel like if a pool of voters came to the same conclusion score-wise, I might as well leave two songs at the same scoring average and not penalize or give bonus points to one song for one reason or another. Besides, one song being ranked higher will be great for one set of voters and not so great for the other. So why favor one set of voters over the other?
  7. Yeah, those are good arguments for not breaking ties. I didn't break them in my last rate and probably won't in my current rate, but I definitely would break a tie in the event that there's a tie for #1.
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  8. I've requested a 1 week extension for my Atomic Kitten rate as I'll be out of the country on the original closing date. If you've been thinking about taking part, do it!
  9. 3-Sound of the Underground
    1-Be My Baby

    Please and thank you.
  10. Votes are due for my 1998 Ladies of R&B rate tonight at 23:59 Pacific time. Please come and vote!
  11. This is it guys!

    The runner up and their decade recap is tomorrow and the winner post and decade recap on Saturday so the


    is actually a shortly! LOL​
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  12. Ray


    Gosh, I WOULD break a tie at #1. But other than that, I just don't. Exactly, if all the people ended up with the same average, then the same average it is.

    (Also I kind of like watching my poor voters wrestling in mud over which of the two songs at #47 is better.)
  13. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    scream at all of List A being delayed.
  14. The Tay rate was always supposed to be a summer one, not our fault everyone ahead of us delayed!
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  15. Technical question: I want my leaderboard links to take you right to the elimination post rather than simply taking you to the page that it's on. How do you do that?
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  16. Copy the link address of the number at the bottom of your elimination post and once you have the words on your leaderboard post, highlight it and click on the link box, paste the link address there and it should work :)
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