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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Oh hi guys! I'm so excited!
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  2. I vote the rate takes a hiatus ddd. we can just rerate Ari.
  3. Yeah Ari's re-rate is definitely the Big Pop Girls rate of 2018, I agree.
  4. RJF


    I actually don't see me doing another rate teebs. I'll maybe rethink closer to the time, but I fully support @Laura Vanderbooben continuing to carry the torch if her arms are big enough.
  5. Did you just imply I'm not buff
  6. Anywho yes I'll do some year-end thing but we'll have to take stock closer to it what exactly it would qualify under. Rerating Ariana after just one new album feels a bit pointless, but let's see what the second half of the year has to offer hm girls?
  7. RJF


    I mean I retained consciousness the last time you choked me, so.
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  8. We'll play Dead Petz next time so we can both work ourselves into the appropriate level of rage.
  9. I wanted to have a quippy comeback but there were

  10. I know you both have your reasons for not including them, but I am very sad that the original, the amazing, 'Show Me Love' by Robin S isn't included in the rate. Particularly given it's become a dance music classic, remixed by every major DJ since its release.

    Same for '100% Pure Love' by Crystal Waters, and to a lesser extent, 'Finally' by CeCe Peniston, though I understand that they're a bit more housey than Eurodance.
  11. I think we need ourselves another rate!! Very much here for a rate of the hits of those artists you mentioned and perhaps others such as:
    Ultra Naté
    Bizarre Inc.
    Funky Green Dogs
    Kristine W
    The Tamperer
    Billie Ray Martin
    C&C Music Factory
    M People
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  12. Also we’ll be ranking the Thunderpuss remix of Sexual, right? Because the original is kind of trash...
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  13. Is this your feeling about all songs that have received a Thunderpuss remix?
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  14. Despite what the evidence might indicate, not necessarily! And in fact I would argue that some songs were not helped by Barry & Chris.
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  15. I'm pretty sure we'll allow people to vote on whichever version of any song that they'd like. It's eurodance, so we all know many songs will have multiple mixes out there so policing what mix someone adores doesn't sound very fun. I've always enjoyed whichever version of Sexual is played for the video which I'm assuming is the original, so I'm startled you consider it 'trash'.
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  16. Any time I have seen the video, it has been the remix. I think I have inherited some of Amber’s negative feelings towards her own music over the years. The original was produced by the Bermans and she had a very contemptuous relationship with them. Trash! I forgot about the whole rate whatever one you like part though.
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  17. One, Two, Three, Four
    Tell me that you love me more
    One, two, three...


    ...Days left until the Feist Discography Rate opens!
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  18. [​IMG]

    JUNE 4TH.

    I tried.
  19. My body is ready but my brain says PJ00s & UK #2s first!!
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  20. for the win
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