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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Ok, we all know @RJF is a nasty, venomous hag but it's actually quite unfair (and untrue) to suggest his lustrous history of rate work is somehow characterised by toxicity. The Madonna rates were truly celebratory - ambitious, informative, respectful, involving - and really, I feel, helped solidify M's reputation as it for a new generation of popjustice gays. That's the opposite of toxic. Put some respect on that ravaged old whore's name (@RJF, not Madonna).
  2. Would there be any interest in a Lillix discography rate? They're one of my favorite '00s acts, spanning genres from pop/rock to electropop to indie pop, and I know that there are other Lillix fans lurking around (after they did decently well in the last PJ00s round). They've released 3 excellent albums, but overall their discography is quite short (36-37 songs total...which, while smaller than the vast majority of discography rates here, is quite small, but would honestly be about all I could commit to in solo hosting a discography rate):

    Falling Uphill (2003)

    1. Tomorrow
    2. Quicksand
    3. It's About Time
    4. Dirty Sunshine
    5. Sick
    6. Invisible
    7. 24/7
    8. Because
    9. Promises
    10. Fork in the Road
    11. Lost and Confused
    12. What I Like About You
    13. Blind

    Inside the Hollow (2006)

    1. Blackout
    2. Little Things
    3. Every Girl
    4. Sweet Temptation (Hollow)
    5. Doughnut
    6. Wishing Well
    7. Just Like You
    8. Got Off Easy
    9. Turpentine
    10. Tempo Change
    11. Poor Little Girl
    12. Stay
    13. The Meaning
    14. Get Away

    Tigerlily (2010)

    1. Dreamland
    2. Believer
    3. Nowhere to Run
    4. Say No More
    5. Through the Night
    6. Dance Alone
    7. 7 Days
    8. Back Up Girl
    9. This Is Goodbye

    1. Ready (cover of Fefe Dobson's Everything)

    Let me know if you're interested. This would be niche and I wouldn't be expecting a ton of participants, but if there's not much interest upfront, there probably isn't much point in doing this.
  3. As you know, I'd be in. (Arriving in tow with not only my love for them, but their 2011 Polaris Music Prize longlist nominee Louise Burns. Underrated queens!)
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  4. Absolutely here for the Lillix rate! Louise was always my favorite member and I HAMMERED their first album so much the cd literally cracked.
  5. I'd be up for it as well! I was alreading meaning to check their albums, so doing it as part of a rate would be even better.
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  6. The Madonna rate remains probably the best rate(s) to happen on this forum. The fact that Part III has been nuked (again) by the image host @RJF used... the internet remains homophobic.

    Edit: Still readable via archive.org if y'all were interested.
  7. I think people also need to understand (I almost said 'accept' but like they don't technically actually have to) the risk that, when you run a rate, your opinion could largely vary from those whose scores you're tallying together.

    As much as hosting a rate is a task showing the host's creativity, it's also actually centered around the voters as much as it is a product of the host. At one point, someone needs to ask if they'd have more fulfillment just making themselves a personal best-of ranking of songs instead of hosting a rate of others' opinions.

    I've hosted rates where I was the lowest voter for both Top 2 songs. And that's fine. If I wanted my opinion to be the main one reflected in a rate, I'd run a blog instead. A rate reflects a group consensus and the consensus just differed from my own views, but my job as host was to organize and present the consensus.

    The harm in adding a bunch of stipulations to scoring criteria, and doing so with a bit of hostility, is that you end up inadvertently just putting some people off from voting, which ironically lowers the total voters and actually makes each individual vote carry more weight, something that could have been avoided all along by just working to get lots of people to participate.

    But like some people are also just content having fewer voters if they still feel their vision for their rate hasn't been compromised and that's 100% valid and their right and none of what I said really means anything in the long run. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  9. Does she do that anymore?

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  10. I’m opening PJ Chart Rate on Tuesday instead. My attempts at graphic making on an iPad were .... poor.
  11. Anyone else interested? I would want at least ten people expressing interest upfront before I'd sign up for this.
  12. I would definitely vote.
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  13. It's About Time is a bop, so I'd feel inclined to take part in hope for some more discoveries!
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  14. I was wondering if maybe hosts could try putting rate winners in spoiler tags here? I don't know if it happens to anyone else or if it's just me, but there have been a few times I've found out the winners of rates I'm still catching up on in this thread, which is pretty anticlimatic.
  15. I'm interested.
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  16. I forgot to mention that the No Doubt discography rate will be delayed until further notice. I want it all to be perfect before the start (artoworks, song info etc.) and that requires more free time than I have now.
    Plus, the P!nk rate is on the way, and I will most likely going to spend quite some time scoring and commenting her songs.
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  17. [​IMG]

    the Hurts rate opens
    Monday, May 20​
  18. Just jumping in this thread for a few seconds to ask... for a good/reliabke/free site to host images. I'm working on something for a couple of rates and I don't like to "upload" an image like a newbie dddd. Apologies if this was asked before, I didn't find anything.
  19. https://postimages.org/
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  20. www.imgbb.com is great.
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